Villages and Historical Sites you Must Visit in Santorini

Villages and Historical Sites you Must Visit in Santorini

Everybody wants to visit Santorini for its famous white and blue houses, wander in the stunning slim alleys and admire the wonderful views of the caldera. However, there are various other ideal towns to check out in Santorini as well as the historical sites. Booking a customised Santorini tour will give you the opportunity to see more places more organised without troubling about the means of transport and how to get there.

Throughout your journey to Santorini, you will definitely go to Fira as well as Oia. But do not miss out on the island’s other villages and historical sites!

Villages in Santorini with unique beauty

  • Pyrgos is Santorini’s greatest village. It’s a regular Cycladic village, with a traditional style as well as remarkable views of the island.
  • Megalochori, with its picturesque slim streets.
  • Messaria, in the middle of the island and also the vineyards.
  • Emporio, where you will certainly find the Goulas middle ages castle at the village’s entry. There are likewise several little churches.

Ancient Thera and Akrotiri- Historical sites in Santorini

The Ancient Thera is an additional historical site in Santorini. “Thera” is the old name of Santorini. In The Center Ages, the island was then called “Santa Irini” by the Venetians which lastly came to be “Santorini”.

Situated on Mesa Vouno Hill, Thera was founded in the 9th century B.C. During your visit, you will admire numerous remnants from the Hellenic, Roman and Byzantine periods. Take a stroll and also find the remains of the holy places, the agora, the theatre and the gymnasium.

The historical excavations are still on going in Akrotiri. Great deals of remains are possibly still obscure! In Akrotiri, wood footbridges allow you to stroll in the city. There, you will definitely appreciate the old structures, the streets as well as numerous porcelains.

Unlike Pompeii, the city of Akrotiri was unoccupied when the eruption took place, as no human remains or crucial things were found on the excavations.

You will certainly likewise enjoy a good sight of the environment.

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