Update of Cadastral Registrations – Property Survey

Update of Cadastral Registrations – Property Survey


The treatment for updating the cadastral registrations consists of the adhering to 4 phases:

  • Citizens file an application (home survey) for the entry of a registrable act; the Cadastral Office gathers the application.
  • Legitimacy inspection– the Head of the Cadastral Office decides whether the registrable deed will be entered or not.
  • The registrable action is gone into.
  • A Cadastral Sheet (CS) is issued for the archive and the old sheets are substituted in the Cadastral Book (CB). The alphabetical index of recipients is updated; the action and supporting documents are filed away.

Submitting an application for the entry of a registrable act


In order to go into a registrable action on the Cadastral Sheets, it is necessary to submit an application to the Cadastral Office under whose competence the property referred to in the registrable action comes.

The application can likewise be sent by article or messenger, offered there is prior communication with the Head of the Cadastral Workplace and he/she has agreed to this.

In case the registrable action includes greater than one home, after that, provided that all buildings come under the competence of a single Cadastral Office, the application is submitted to this Cadastral Workplace just. If the properties come under the proficiency of more than one Cadastral Office, then you need to submit various applications to every of the co-official Cadastral Offices, to ensure that every Cadastral Workplace proceeds with signing up the residential property/- ies coming under their own competence.

If a building comes under the skills of greater than one Cadastral Workplace, then you require to submit different applications to every of the co-official Cadastral Offices; every Cadastral Office wages signing up the same home, keeping in mind that part of it comes under the competence of a various Cadastral Office.

The Head of among the co-official Cadastral Offices or whoever has a legal right can seek the issuance of a choice by Ministry of Atmosphere & Power judgment that the overall of a property will come under the skills of one single Cadastral Workplace out of the multiple ones it formerly came under.

The following are kept in mind pertaining to the filing of the application:


1. The complying with records need to be filed together with the application:

The registrable action whose entrance on the cadastral sheets is petitioned,

  • A recap of the registrable action (HEMCO BODY Decision No 411/02/3.4.2007, Federal government Gazette 1077/ Β΄/ 2.7.2007).
  • Papers proving the legalization of the person authorizing the application (write-up 14 of legislation 2664/1998).
  • A qualified extract of the cadastral representation (or a duplicate of this, given that the accredited one is maintained with the notary when it involves agreements).

2. If the action whose entry is petitioned is a real property lawful transaction, after that it is compulsory, on fine of invalidity (nullity), to affix to it a qualified extract of the cadastral representation. In this case, it is an essential to have actually previously looked for the issuance of a cadastral diagram remove.

3. If the application for the access of an act is submitted by a proxy, legal delegate or representative of a legal entity, after that the records verifying the legalization of the individual filing the application demand to be attached to the application.

4. On filing the application and also sustaining files to the Cadastral Workplace, a formal check for the efficiency of the submitted data and also the relevant capability of the Cadastral Workplace is carried out.

5. After that, the costs as well as civil liberties which require to be paid for the access of the act are computed. If the pertinent charges can not be paid, then the application is returned.

6. Applications are signed up in the Journal on the very same day. Their enrolment remains in sequential order of declaring. Every surveying application is phoned number according to its filing sequence as well as also reviews the day when it was gotten by the Cadastral Workplace. This day is also kept in mind in the Journal as well as the fees coupon.

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