Tips for choosing your exterior paint color

Are you looking for advice on exterior painting and tips for choosing your exterior paint color for your house? You must first know the rules of your  municipality and then follow some ideas on the colors to prefer.

Here’s how to decide the color for the exterior walls of the house, practical tips to avoid making mistakes. Not everyone knows that it is not always possible to choose the color that we like best, especially if it is very bright and lively, because nowadays there are rules to be respected in almost every municipality of residence and which greatly limit the choice.

On the other hand, those who are lucky enough to live in a place like Montclair where there are no restrictions in this regard must still evaluate the colors for exterior houses that best match the high shades of the surrounding landscape.

In general, light shades such as beige, cream, and sand are used to increase the external brightness of the building, especially if it is small, while dark shades such as brown, burgundy, and green are used to suggest a containment idea.

Another factor to take into consideration, and which can help you determine which color is most suitable for your home, are the colors of windows and shutters.

If you have no intention of repainting them, in fact, it is good to choose a paint that matches well, otherwise, you risk creating a contrast that is too strong and unpleasant to the eye. A tip that should not be underestimated is to proceed with the color simulation of the exterior painting of the house.

Just paint a very small part of the facade and try to look at it from afar. This will make it much easier to see if it is to our liking.

But what is quartz painting? Many of you will have heard it before, others will completely ignore the subject, but some will be able to perfect their knowledge, while the second will be able to answer their own questions about it in this paragraph.

The quartz paint is a paint characterized by the presence of small grains of quartz in its interior, very fine grains, the thickness of which and whose consistency is more or less that of the flour.

It is also made up of synthetic resins and water, as well as these grains, which makes it a type of paint that is very easy to apply and very resistant to atmospheric agents and stresses, whether chemical or physical.

In addition to this, its composition allows this paint to be very opaque, therefore very pigmented, and to anchor well to the support, as if to become one with the latter, especially if it is a plaster made of bastard mortar. .

Another characteristic of this type of paint is that it is also suitable for imperfect surfaces, as it is a paint capable of filling the imperfections of the surface so that it appears completely homogeneous and perfectly regular.

As if that were not enough, this painting still has other very attractive characteristics, which mostly concern the functional side, after the practical and aesthetic ones to which the previous characteristics concerned.

In fact, this type of paint prevents the formation of algae, bacteria, and mold, so it is suitable for those places where there is a high level of humidity in the air. Remember, that molds are in fact enemies of health, as they carry bacteria, so it is always good to prevent them.

In addition, it washes very easily, and even when it is dirty if washed, it comes out as new, it is water-repellent and breathable, so it is suitable for any external surface, even exposed to a lot of atmospheric agents.

Advantages and disadvantages of quartz paint

But what are the advantages of quartz painting?

The advantages of this type of paint are those that derive from the characteristics described above, obviously:

– quartz paint is in fact a paint capable of resisting mold and preventing the formation of unhealthy bacteria, which could be a danger not only for the aesthetics of the house but also for the health of the people who live there;

– it is water repellent, therefore it is resistant to atmospheric agents much more than common paints, which makes it very suitable for external walls;

– it is long-lasting, which means that it does not need continuous maintenance or, in any case, additional and close costs;

– it is very easy to apply and homogenizes the surface on which it is applied, which means that everyone can use quartz paint, even when the surface on which it is applied is uneven, successfully, even if you are a beginner.

As for the disadvantages, it must be considered that this type of paint is water repellent, therefore, if used indoors, if poorly used, it could cause the formation of condensation in the presence of a fairly high humidity level, or it could be a problem if you wanted to eliminate since it is very resistant. For the rest, it is a painting that can bring numerous advantages.

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