It is important to update your WordPress website to avoid hackers and keep your page secure. Many WordPress users, however, are afraid that their website settings and themes will go back to default when they update. The following tips and techniques should ease your mind while updating your website.

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1. Back up all files before updating

Just to be safe in case something goes wrong in the process, have a database backup for all files used for your WordPress website. This ensures that you have website settings to fall back on.

2. Only edit the theme and plugin files, not core files

The core files provided by WordPress are the ones that keep your website up and running. Do not alter these files, but work with the theme files and plugin files. Since the theme and plugins are what determine the way your website looks and feels, they are more malleable than the core files.

3. You can update automatically or manually

Tips and Techniques for WordPress Updates

Depending on your preference, you can do the WordPress update automatically or manually. Automatic update is done by clicking on the auto-update link on your website’s admin dashboard. Manual update is done by downloading the WordPress auto-update plugin, then clicking on it to use the step-by-step process.

4. Disable all plugins before updating, and reactivate them after the update is done

You need to disable the active plugins on your WordPress website to have the update run smoothly. The only exception is the Maintenance Mode plugin, which allows for your website’s maintenance and upgrading. Once the update is complete, go back to your dashboard and activate your plugins on the “Recently Active” section, and your website will be good to go.

5. Take your time while updating WordPress

The main concern about doing a WordPress update is more to do with making a mistake and losing your website altogether than getting hack attacks if you do not update. Remember that many websites have been updated and still remained in good condition, so take your time and update your site.