The Hook Sex Position – What It Is and How To Do It

Okay, so what is “The Hook” place? How do you do it? Why would you do it? What is even occurring in this article???? Let us tranquil down and figure this out alongside one another.

How do you do it?

“The Hook placement is a remix on the underrated vintage that is missionary. The partner that will be receiving the dick or dildo lays on their back again and places their legs above the shoulders of the inserting partner,” patiently clarifies Goody Howard, resident sexologist for Royal.

Wait around….just isn’t that just truly missionary?

Yeah, kinda. But a absolutely-worth-it enhanced variation. (And, hey now, what is actually so terrible about missionary?) “Missionary-type positions are typically forgotten and even built exciting of when it comes to making an attempt out new things in the bedroom, but they are good for so many causes!” says Rachel Worthington, writer and researcher at, speaking some truth. “Versatility, accessibility, and sensation near and connected to your companion are all explanations to enjoy them, and The Hook is no exception.”

What’s in it for you?

It feels So. Very. Deep. “Putting your legs more than your partner’s shoulders autocratically produces actually deep penetration. “It will make the penis/dildo come to feel thicker and provides a delectable fuller emotion to the receiving husband or wife. There is additional clitoral stimulation if the getting companion has a vulva,” states Howard.Additionally, it is really quite easy. “Laying on your back again is easier than remaining on major for most girls and this placement can be added soothing for these women of all ages who get insecure about carrying out,” states Nicole Moore, a enjoy and relationship coach. “Without the tension of becoming on prime, numerous gals who might commonly betoo in their heads are capable to loosen up and enable go, likely further into their bodies and equipped to expertise extra pleasure.”

What may well not do the job for you and how can you repair that @#$#?

“From my perspective, The Hook is instead heteronormative, focusing on the enjoyment of the penis holder,” states Cay Crow, MA, a accredited sexual intercourse therapist and skilled for woman and LGBTQ+ helpful Orchard Toys. If you are not heading to have an orgasm not make any difference how significantly someone grinds in/in opposition to you (I feel you, sister), you are going to want to make some tweaks. “The Hook is not perfect for clitoral stimulation,” states Crow. “Wearing a palms-totally free vibrator could support.” She also notes that, like like alone, it comes with a perhaps of queefs.

How to make it Excess great:

Continue to keep it tight

“Try squeezing your thighs jointly (or even crossing your ankles behind his head) when your lover is inside you to build heightened sensations for equally of you. It will make you feel ‘tighter’ and much more pleasurable for them, although also providing a higher sense of fullness and further penetration for you,” suggests Worthington.

Elevate by yourself

“For even further link the particular person on the base can elevate their hips a little or rest their hips on a pillow for greatest penetration,” suggests Tatyana Dyachenko, sexual intercourse therapist and partnership skilled for Peaches and Screams.

Add kegels.

“Squeezing these muscle tissues provides a tightening sensation to the penis although supplying exquisite enjoyment in the vaginal canal,” states Carli Jo Cabrera, a sensuality coach. “If you’re feeling genuinely superior, attempt matching your breath to the squeezes. Inhaling on the squeeze, exhaling on launch. Inviting your lover to sync their breath to yours makes a further, additional connected working experience.”

If you are in, here’s how, in addition some versions.


The Typical Hook

The receiver will get in missionary then hooks their legs over the penetrator’s shoulders. Voila, you’re undertaking it! You can have a single leg on each individual facet of their neck, both of those legs on a person side or just set your toes on their chest if you’re not obtaining a versatile day.


Drive It

“If it feels as well deep, or you do not like the feeling of the cock hitting your cervix, question your partner to prevent shifting and YOU travel the thrusting movement and how fast/challenging/deep it is,” states specialist Mags Baker, who will help persons of all genders and partnership designs following divorce.


Hook ‘n’ CAT

“Try combining the Hook and Coital Alignment System (CAT),” claims Worthington. “The CAT is a edition of missionary intercourse where the one performing the penetrating on prime moves their pelvis up/ahead to grind in opposition to the clitoris and vulva. So, alternatively than trying to shut your legs a lot more, take a crack from thrusting and open up them up to allow for your associate obtain to your clit. You can even now continue to keep your legs in the air to get that deeper penetration, but this system may consequence in some amazing blended orgasms, way too.”

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