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How to look taller

As we are well aware that nature did not endow us with two-meter legs, it is not very easy to shop for clothes – γυναικεία ρούχα –  and combine them with each other when you are short. Most of the clothes on the market look like they are made for women over 1.75 m. Not to mention that we feel almost “doomed” to wear heels (even slippers are “forbidden” to be completely flat).

And yet, the point is not to accept the situation and inflate the hair a little more (proven, creping gives height) but to adopt those stylistic tricks that will make us look well-dressed and somewhat taller, but above all will give us the confidence we need to stand on our own two feet! Even if it is 1.63m!

Emphasize your waist

Belts, waist jackets and dresses that fit at the waist are your secret weapons. By emphasizing your waist, you help your image to gain more harmony and balance. Ideally, follow the rule of 2/3, that is, make sure that the clothes you wear do not “cut” your body in two but narrow so that the bottom represents 2/3 of the silhouette and the top 1/3 ( practically, put a belt not above the pelvis, but below the chest). See how Vanessa Hudgens (height 1.55m) uses transparency to apply the 2/3 rule:

The best styling tips for short women

Prefer high-waisted pants and skirts

It is obvious that a high waist piece immediately makes the legs look taller. Prefer high-waisted lines whether it is a skirt or pants, shorts, shorts or leggings.

Wear a mini

The longer the legs are exposed, the higher they look. If the super mini does not fit your style or everyday life, you can choose a length up to just above or just below the knee. Avoid skirts that reach to the middle of the calf. Also, if you want to wear something maxi, it is good to have a large enough slit, such as the dress chosen by Reese Witherspoon (1.57m high).

Find the perfect pair of jeans

This year you are very lucky because the flaired jeans with light bell are in fashion again and make the legs look taller, while it is perfectly combined with high heels. Choose either one in this line or a bootcut and leave the boyfriends and generally those in the bulky line for those occasions when you prefer to feel comfortable rather than look taller.

Say yes to monochrome

An outfit in a single color gives the impression of a longer silhouette. The same effect but in a more playful style are given by the ton-sur-ton sets.

Avoid exaggerations in layering

The many clothes worn on top of each other tend to “cut” points from the height – and we do not want that, right? You can let a T-shirt look under a sweatshirt or a cardigan, but it is best not to you overdo it with the levels.

Combine the oversized pieces with fitted ones

Who said you can not wear something oversized if you are short? Certainly not us! You just have to combine it with a piece in a fitted line (eg skinny jeans or a pencil skirt when it comes to a wide sweater or an oversized cardigan), if you do not want to look like a tiny rapper.

Invest in a long coat

It is the key piece that Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez choose for their appearances (all three under 1.64m). Gives a single image to the silhouette that makes it look taller, while increasing the elegance points of an outfit. And because being short has its advantages, you have more options since you can choose a midi that will be long enough on you.

Do not discard the flats completely

Yes, heels are sure to make you look taller. But you do not have to suffer over 12 pounds all day. Try kitten heels for a chic look that will not “lower” you but also the completely flat, when you want to be comfortable. The secret to putting on shoes without heels and not looking too short? Pair them with crop pants or turn the lapel on your jeans to look a little ankle, like Zoe Kravitz (height 1.57m).

Find a good seamstress

Let’s face it: the world (in general, and fashion in particular) is unfair and you will hardly find clothes cut and sewn for your body type out there – although there are many brands that have lines designed for petite women.

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