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Fixing Leaks Saves Water and Money

Fixing Leaks Saves Water and Money offers homeowners tips for spotting evidence of hidden water leaks during spring chores.

The arrival of spring brings an increase in outdoor activity – including yard chores, deck and outdoor furniture clean up, and swimming pool prep – that can drive water usage and utility bills up.

While this increased seasonal cost is just another reality of home ownership, costs driven by water leaks should not be. From both an environmental and an economic point of view, homeowners should identify and address water leaks quickly.

“Many homeowners are quick to react to the usual source of water leaks, like faulty toilets and drippy faucets,” says a professional plumber (ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ). “But other, less obvious leaks can also send substantial amounts of water and cash down the drain.

Hidden sources of leaks

Spring is a great time to check for these hidden sources of leaks, to help conserve both a precious resource and your hard-earned cash in this difficult economy.”

For example, if the indicator on your water meter is moving when you know there has been no water usage inside the house, a professional plumber would suggest checking the hose bibs around your yard to make certain the flow of water to the hose is shutting off completely when the hose is not in use.

If these connections are tight, and the meter s indicator is still moving, you may have a pressurized leak underground between the meter and your home.

Or, you could have a slab leak or a leak in your irrigation system. Check your home’s foundation for cracks, uneven growth of vegetation or earth shifts, and walk your yard looking for spongy or even wet areas.

Obvious leak sources

If your inspection doesn’t turn up an obvious leak source, you’ll need to call in a leak plumber who can employ electronic leak detection technology to locate and fix the leak at its source.

When water leaks show up, another utility bill shows a sudden increase. For example, an extraordinarily high gas bill, when there is no smell of gas in the home, could indicate a problem with your water heater!

You may have a faulty thermostat, or, if your water heater seems to be running constantly, you may have water leak in the hot water line from the heater. Warm spots on your floor (your dog or cat may have taken to sleeping there) can also be an indication of a pressurized leak under your home.

Homeowners with swimming pools face additional possible sources of water leaks that can be very costly over the course of a swimming season. Pool owners should use the spring season to prep their pool for summer fun by clearing the pool of leaves and other debris and checking the filtration system.

Then, once the pool owner has filled the pool up to the middle of the skimmer opening and tested the water for safety, he or she should be alert for signs of water leakage.

If the water level in the pool drops by 1/8 inch or more in a 24-hour period, if algae growth begins soon after a chemical treatment or if the pool s automatic filler is running continuously, chances are the pool is leaking. Check for loose or missing tiles, cracks in the pool deck, cracks and gaps in the pool shell, and standing water, soggy spots or uneven grass growth around the pool.

Get professional help

Specially-trained experts like plumbers (υδραυλικοί Αθήνα) employ quality equipment to detect hidden pipe leaks behind walls and underground before they require major home repairs.

Plumbers provide the most non-invasive leak detection available, using proprietary methods and technology. 24 hours technicians have found more than five million leaks in residential and commercial buildings, saving customers millions of dollars and supporting the company s ongoing commitment to resource protection.

Call today to schedule your assessment and get started on the path to a cleaner, healthier home.


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How To Recover From Water Damage

How To Recover From Water Damage

No matter whether it is from a rain flood or a leaking pipe, water damage can be a single of the most devastating house disasters a house owner will experience. Water-damaged possessions are usually unsalvageable, cleaning up the mess can be again-breaking, and the menace of mildew advancement can linger for weeks. But with fast action and you can make your water damage restoration as painless as achievable by acquiring off on the appropriate foot.

Place Electrical Safety Initial

Every time you’re dealing with drinking water damage around shops or wiring, your first issue need to be electrical basic safety. The safety measures you consider should be proportionate to the extent of the harm. If you have a small leak impacting a small spot, you should shut off the circuit breakers that energy all wiring and outlets close to the leak.

Multi-area damage from a major pipe crack will necessitate shutting down the total circuit panel. If you’re recovering from a widespread flooding occasion and have standing water in your residence, you will want to have your utility company completely eliminate the electrical meter prior to wading into flooded places.

If you cannot safely and securely accessibility your electrical panel or have any question about the electrical basic safety of drinking water destroyed locations of your property, get in touch with your electrical utility or a licensed electrician ahead of continuing.

End the Circulation

If the water is coming from your household plumbing, the injury could be getting even worse by the 2nd. Which is why it is critical to know precisely in which your home’s principal drinking water shut-off valve is, and to make confident you’re ready to flip it.

In many homes, the valve is in the basement, near to exactly where the primary drinking water source enters the residence. If you are not positive exactly where this is, verify exterior your house for the spot of the water meter, as the main drinking water provide leads inside from there.

In other residences, the shut-off valve might be outdoors the property, beneath a water meter grate. These valves will typically need to have to be turned with a particular long-dealt with instrument referred to as a water important. If you do not have one, choose 1 up at your local components keep.

The shut-off valve can also be sticky if it has not been turned in many many years. If this is the case with yours, now is a good time to give it a consider and grease the threads with lubricant if essential. When you want to change this valve in a hurry, you won’t want to be preventing with it.

Protect Your Property

Once you have eliminated the risk of electrical shock and the movement of drinking water, your next transfer ought to be to call your property owners insurance policies firm to report the injury. In many circumstances, property owners insurance policy will go over damage from a burst pipe but not from a all-natural flood.

Flood insurance coverage is normally sold individually, frequently from diverse carriers. If you are not positive what your insurance coverage addresses, search into it now just before you have a water hurt incident.

When you should have more time, you would need a good electrician (Hlektrologoi) to check the wiring to prevent any risks to contact any bare wires.

You should also program to just take photos of all the water damage in your residence before beginning cleanup. Failure to do so could result in contested promises that may price you hundreds or thousands of bucks.

Get in touch with the Insurance Company

If you’re prepared to set in plenty of challenging work and do a extensive work, you can execute most of your water damage recovery responsibilities by oneself. But since of the nature of this operate and the mould chance connected with missteps, many property owners will retain the services of a water harm remediation company to aid.

You may be able to get a team in your home on the very same working day as the incident if you have a plumbing leak. But when you are recovering from a prevalent flood, drinking water remediation companies book up swiftly.

Dry Out Everything

That is a good deal of operate to do before you even start working with the drinking water, but it is finally time to begin drying out.

Take away any standing water with an electric powered pump or a dry shop vac. Take all drinking water broken products out of the property and form them into salvageable and unsalvageable piles. Carpeting, carpet padding, paper goods, foodstuff goods and a lot of electronics will be a overall reduction.

Beneficial upholstered furniture and rugs may possibly possibly be saved, but will need prompt consideration from remediation specialists.

Open up all windows in damaged regions and use enthusiasts to blow damp air outside the house. If you have water trapped in the gaps inside of your wall, punch holes in the drywall to enable it to escape. All water-broken drywall will require to be replaced in any case.


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