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10 Colors to paint your living room!

10 Colors to paint your living room!

If a man’s house is his castle, then the living room is the great hall. Painting the right colours is a major thing. It is the room where we can gather with our own people and sit together, having a coffee, and discussing everything that concerns us.

It is the main room we see when we enter the house after a long day. Therefore, it can have a big impact on our psychology, whether we realize it or not. Isn’t it worth a little more attention and care?

The decoration, but also the colors that we will choose, for our living room is definitely a complicated matter, and an opinion above is never unnecessary.

In fact, if you are interested in following the fashion trends, the decoration should take up a lot of your free time, right? And because buying new furniture every time the fashion trend changes is not in the best interest, the simplest solution is a change in the color of the walls. So if you are wondering, “what color should I paint the living room?”, It’s time to discover some very interesting trends.

Living Room Colors: 10 modern & timeless ideas for painting your space!

1. White painting

It is timeless, simple and elegant. It is always in fashion for beautiful lounges with style and signifies the classic. White symbolizes cleanliness, purity and honesty. Also, the white color on the walls is very important because it tends to highlight the surrounding space and make it look bigger. This means that even if your living room is not too big, you can easily make it look more spacious.

This property is also offered by other light shades, such as ocher, mint color, even light gray and beige. So if your exact question is “what color should I paint my living room to look bigger and brighter?”, Now you know.

2. Yellow painting

According to the principles of color therapy, the color yellow stimulates our self-esteem and helps fight phobias. It symbolizes joy and creativity, even wealth. It can stimulate a good mood and most importantly, illuminate the space.

It is not necessary to choose a strong shade of course, because a soft shade of yellow can create a wonderful atmosphere of calm in the living room. Indeed, an intense shade of yellow can be tiring, while with a softer shade you will not face such problems. You can also combine it very nicely with orange, painting the walls with the two colors alternately. The result will be happy, lively and special!

3. Beige painting

And since we are talking about discreet colors, let’s not forget this color, which gives moderation and stability. Beige is a color that expresses a friendly mood and reliability. Combine it with brown elements in the space, to create a unique living room in earth tones. Do not be afraid if it will be in fashion and time, because its value is timeless.

You can choose a light shade, to evenly illuminate the space and make it look bigger. Even if your furniture does not have earthy shades, you will hardly find that they do not match harmoniously with the beige. So, if your question is “what color should I paint my living room to match all my furniture?”, You have the answer.

4. Gray painting

The king of industrial style. It is a distinctive color, which depending on the shade you choose, can be highlighted or disappeared. What do we mean? That you can choose a light shade of gray, to illuminate the space more harmoniously and to highlight the look of the furniture.

On the other hand, choosing a darker shade of gray, your walls will not go unnoticed and will be a piece inextricably linked to the decoration of your living room. So you should not be afraid of it, or consider it boring, because it combines harmoniously with most colors and offers different results, depending on the shade you choose.

5. Light blue painting

If you are an anxious type and need calm and relaxation when you get home, blue is an excellent choice for you. The blue helps to concentrate the thought, relaxes and stabilizes the mood. This is why it is often preferred as a color for office walls.

If, of course, you feel you need its properties, why not take advantage of it to paint your living room? A wall painted in light shades of green, such as lime, can have similar effects. Especially if the furniture in your living room has shades of white, gray, beige and brown, these colors can highlight the space, without creating “noise” and discord.

6. Petrol painting

This particular color has made a name for itself in recent years and has won over loyal fans. Petrol is a special combination of blue and green, which if you use it properly in the living room, you will want to try it in other rooms of the house!

Petrol, although soothing on the face, is a dark color that can darken the space, if used extensively. Its main advantage is that it matches a wide range of colors and furniture and can have many combinations.

Try petrol with beige on the walls of the living room for harmony in the space or petrol with ocher for a more modern result. Do not forget to think of the so-called dusty pink as a candidate partner of petrol, if you want to have a romantic and chic image in your living room.

7. Green painting

According to feng shui it is the color of renewal and growth and should not be missing from your living room. Its shades are really endless and can suit any space. From mint or olive green to cypress, choose the right shade depending on the brightness and size of your living room.

In addition, combine it with earthy shades to definitely have a warm and bright living room.

8. Orange painting

If your living room needs a sense of joy and warmth, then orange is the choice for you. It has antidepressant properties and expresses friendship, trust and optimism. As a warm color, it offers light and warmth to the room, while at the same time giving a sense of vitality to family members.

Especially if your furniture has dark shades, you will love the brightness that your living room will gain with orange color on the walls. As already mentioned, the combination of orange with light yellow can also offer brightness at the same time with the feeling of joy in the space, breaking the monotony.

9. Purple painting

The purple color expresses balance and calm. Especially in light shades, such as violet, it highlights the elegance of the space and the spirituality in the character of the people who live in the house. It is ideal for you, if your furniture has light shades, such as white, beige, light yellow, light green. However, it will be difficult to combine with dark elements of the space, because it can limit the brightness of the space.

Choosing a lighter, or darker shade of purple, will bring completely different results for the aesthetics of your living room, so you should carefully consider your alternatives. So, if you are wondering “what color should I paint my living room to be really special?”, Purple is a choice you should consider to paint the living room.

10. Coffee painting

Brown is a color that indicates stability and warmth. As a basic earthy color, it highlights comfort, the emphasis on friendship and trust. These are the main reasons why it is worth giving it a place in your living room. If you are afraid that a dark brown color on your walls can reduce the brightness of the space, you can only turn to a balanced combination of brown with other colors.

Indicatively, you can paint the walls of the living room brown with gray, with beige, with white. As you can see, the meaning is that the space needs a brighter color to ensure balance.

In addition to your living room, you are looking for the answer to the question “What color should I paint my room?”. Read the article we prepared and discover 10 fantastic ideas to transform it!

Painting the living room

Still wondering what color to paint your living room, depending on its individual needs? The solution you are looking for is in the hands of an experienced and reliable professional who can give you advice.

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