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Cleaning of a pumping station

Pumping stations are the places where sewage and rainwater are collected. From there they are transported by pipes and pumps to their destination.

Usually these spaces are located in basements or warehouses. These locations belong to apartment buildings and other buildings.

Sewage and rainwater, which can contain various large objects, accumulate at the bottom and create a layer of solid waste. These can clog pipes, damage pumps and allow the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

So the cleaning of the pumping station in an apartment building and a detached house is necessary in order not to create problems and to be able to operate properly and safely.

Our company Αποφράξεις Αναγνώστου Κορωπί has all the necessary know-how and experience. These are used for cleaning your pumping station, at a very low cost. We undertake the cleaning of all pumping stations no matter how difficult it is in Athens and Attica.

We make use of latest technologies suction pumps. With these we are pumping all the dirty water from the pumping station area. Then the walls are cleaned with a strong pressure machine. It is often necessary to use a blocking machine to unclog pipe plugs, always at affordable prices.

Finally, our tank trucks safely transport all wastewater to their treatment area.

The cleaning of pumping stations is often associated with the service of pumping water – sewage and disinfection of the space, which contributes particularly to the hygiene of the space.

The sewage transport tanks we have serve pumping stations in apartment buildings, detached houses, factories, hospitals, companies, shops, shopping malls and other businesses.

Parts in a pumping station and how it works

The whole pumping station system consists of the following elements:

  • Pump
  • Water collector
  • Filter
  • Pipes
  • Automation

The pump can be simple or submersible. Also, the water can be collected from a well, river or lake or a rainwater collector (rare).

What are the advantages of using a pumping station in a building?

If properly maintained, then the advantages of using a pump stand, among others:

  • Water autonomy of a building.
  • Providing constant water pressure.
  • Long service life of household appliances that use water, such as washing machines, etc.

Usually the filter is full, as it is loaded with salts and sand. Notice that at first they are not visible to the naked eye. However during use the accumulation blocks the inlet of the pump.

As a result it will not have the correct performance according to specifications. That is when you will call us to proceed with the cleaning of the pumping station with our experienced in this field staff.

Maintenance and cleaning of all types of pump station

We should clean and maintain the pumping station. This steps are vital and care should be taken. If it is not cleaned or maintained properly, serious problems are created in its operation while at the same time its lifespan is significantly reduced.

How is a pumping station cleaned?

If we want to clean properly our pumping station, the evacuation – pumping of the sewage and solid waste that exists in the area is carried out first.

Then, using high pressure presses (water jet), we thoroughly and effectively clean any residue left leaving the pumping station clean in every way.

We also undertake the maintenance of your pump and if necessary its replacement.

Water pumping

During the winter, but sometimes during the summer months, rainfall is very strong. The basements of homes, factories and warehouses are flooded with mud and water. To remove them requires the drastic intervention of a serious water pumping company.

We have the equipment and know-how that enable us to intervene immediately and effectively, removing water and mud in a very short time.

Our equipment includes powerful pumps that suck water at high speed and inject it into our tankers. These have different sizes so that they can move anywhere.

Water pumping due to floods is an emergency and thus takes place almost immediately as it precedes the rest of our services.

Cleaning by water jet

High pressure water jetting is installed in blockage vehicles.These are capable of dissolving any type of material that causes blockage in a well. Generally in clogged pipes of your sewer.

In case of incorrect use, the power of water pressure machines can damage your sewer and even flood.

Therefore the use of the pressure should be done ONLY by specialized, well-trained and experienced obstruction technicians. Also, the use should not be made in the main sewer pipe. It should be limited to auxiliary sewer pipes, external siphons or gutters of the building or house.

Grease trap cleaning

The fat collector must be placed in any professional space that drains a lot of oils or fats into the drain. Its role is to collect and store fats and sediments so that they do not enter the sewer system.

In case they enter, they block the sewerage.They also pollute the water and are responsible for many problems in the biological treatment. It consists of two chambers. The first where the sediments are collected. The second where the lighter fats are collected.

Proper cleaning of the grease trap is necessary at regular intervals to avoid bad odors, blockages and overflows. Our company has been active in the field of blockages for years and has a specialization in the cleaning of fat collectors or as they are sometimes mentioned, fat traps or fat separators.

Sewer cleaning

The proper operation of a sewer depends to a large extent on its proper maintenance and regular cleaning. If these conditions are not met, the chance of blockage and damage is much higher.

In addition, a sewer that is not properly cleaned can become a source of infection and a source of parasites, rodents, etc.

Our company undertakes the cleaning and maintenance of sewers, sewer pipes and networks. This cleaning can be done after emptying the septic tank, or, preferably, at regular intervals.

For sewer cleaning we use powerful pumps that suck the sewage. Then we supply water with high pressure that dissolves all the dirt, mud and anything else that has accumulated in the pipes.

We make use of our special tank vehicles. We transport these aspirated materials  into places where they are processed.

Disinfection of sewers with environmentally friendly products and maintenance of sewers complete the cleaning work.

This work results in a crystal clear sewer, without a trace of contamination.It should works perfectly and the operating time is greatly extended.

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