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10 Reasons Why Women Watch Porn

10 Reasons Why Women Watch Porn

Social media is without a doubt one of the main concerns of most men and women around the world. The fast pace of our technology has made us rigorously follow the trends that are being imposed, with the example of being finger-marketed if we do not upload photos at regular intervals across different social media.

So all men and women know that social media is addictive. However, you’ve been wondering what the users are doing and what’s the most interesting thing about them? Men usually visit adult sites (athens escorts) or watch YouPorn from their smartphones mostly, believing that women do not know or they would not approve.

Men VS women

You may think that men see more porn than women, but a survey showed exactly the opposite.

Though until recently porn was mainly men’s sports, another research that has garnered information from Porn Hub and XHamster (one of the most popular porn sites) reveals that women watching porn movies have risen sharply in 2018.

At a global level

  • Saudi Arabia (11%)
  • South Africa (23%)

However, China saw a 28% decrease in female users and 17% in Australia.

The survey also notes that one in three women admits to seeing porn once a week from her cell phone.

We will give you 10 Reasons Why Women Watch Porn

  • Out of curiosity

Like cats and we are weird. Whatever we do to see it is far from doing it. For many women watching porn is like watching reality on TV. She just has more of the porn.

  • For obvious reasons

You may think men and women are from a different planet, but in part of masturbation we are not too long. Besides, why is not that porn… To be “made” when you are alone. Did you think it is your only privilege? Just because we are more imaginative than visual stimuli, we see them as an incentive for new fantasies.

  • For educational purposes

We may not have all the skills of the pornstar, but that does not mean that we can not have sex like this when the occasion demands. So we steal any strange motion to impress you on any special occasion. What did you think? Are we out of our minds?

  • We also make comparisons

The fact that we are competitive does not mean anything. And because many of you have not learned to love what Mother Nature has given us, you see other women that you may like and compare them to us. Do not think you’re the only. We also compare you with the men we see. That’s life.

  • “We look from the keyhole”

You men are more lucky in the eye issue. Wherever you look around, women show off their qualifications. While we; Only on the beach can we go to admire any man. And if we can not? Blush to have porn. Many men, no blouse, nice body, rich qualifications. Do not get disappointed. We will get back to you again.

  • To spend our time

Like every dvd you put it and you look. It does not have ads to break your nerves. And if there is nothing on TV? And if you’re bored to go to the video club? It is also a solution…

  • It is Yours

Maybe your girl suddenly discovers your hidden collection of porn. Do you have the impression that she will not sit down to see it? It is time to learn what you prefer! Keep in mind that a woman can understand a lot about a man from his prostitution collection. This, of course, is a big talk, it comes to my next revelations.

  • Let’s get into the climate

Only you think you have the privilege of seeing porn for your pleasure? So it’s time to tell you that we are doing it too. Before we meet or when we are home and waiting for you, it is that we want you to find us ready. And we really enjoy it even more when we see each other together. Just for the blood to flow.

  • Hidden Fantasies

Many women do not feel comfortable with their fantasies. Even if they are simple things, they are ashamed to ask for their partner. While with porn? It’s a simple way to visualize their fantasies. And the best without fearing that someone can judge them.

  • Men’s qualifications

Do not be impressed. We are strangers. We do not have what you have. We can not understand them. While porn is like seeing a show full of masculine qualities! Dare to say that your is bigger!

Who takes the lead?

It is common sense to be believed that men visit more Adult websites. However, according to a recent research, analysts concluded that women either felt embarrassed about their interest in porn films and preferred to say that they were totally indifferent or unconscious of their excitement. The second version is of interest. Some women can isolate their body messages when the whole situation is not “as it should”…

This particular study had another parameter measuring the truth. Both men and women had a device called a plethysmograph, and measured the flow of blood.

When blood moves to the genital area due to stimulation, it is recorded, and can give us an accurate picture of what is happening to us. Indeed, many women (athens escort)who said they felt indifference or disgust in front of this material, proved to have reached significant levels of physiological stimulation.

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