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As amazing as vibrators are, sometimes it can really take you out of the moment to have to keep your hands on the toy to cycle through any patterns or adjust speeds or modes. Fiddling with buttons right as you’re on the brink of orgasm probably isn’t how you want to spend the last few seconds leading up to your climax, TBH. Enter remote control vibes. These game-changers mean that you can get it on as close to hands-free as possible. Until Siri or Alexa can cycle through vibration patterns and speeds for you, these remotes (whether a separate device that comes with the toy, or an app you can download, or both) can make masturbation way easier, and introduce a whole new level of partner play should you be into some sexy teasing. Here are some of the best remote control vibrators you can get.


Thrusting Remote Controlled Vibrator

This $40 wearable toy not only heats up and has seven vibration patterns, it also has seven increasing modes of thrusting. Thrusting vibes aren’t totally new, but they do tend to be pretty pricey (the OG thrusting toys by Fun Factory cost around $170). No word on if this one is quite as reliable as Fun Factory toys, but for $40, you might as well try? At the very least, it’ll definitely vibrate. The remote looks kind of like a golf ball, and from what we can tell on the site, it doesn’t look super fancy (there’s only one power button pictured), but if you can still press that to cycle through the different modes, that’s really all it needs to do anyways. 


Wristband Remote Panty Vibrator

Cal Exotics


This remote controlled panty-vibe features a magnetic tab so you can attach it to any pair of undies (unlike many underwear vibes that only work with one specific pair, which can be annoying to work around). The cool thing about this toy is that the remote is a very discreet black wristband that looks kinda Fitbit-y, so no one will think something’s up if they see your partner fiddling with it out in public. The remote has a 32.75 foot radius of distance, and the vibe itself is waterproof, with 12 functions and patterns. 


Warming Remote Vibe



This alien-shaped toy might look pretty freaky, but all the nubbins and bulbs are there for a REASON — promise. The largest internal shaft is curved to hit all your sensitive spots, there’s a clitoral nubbin for a Rabbit-like effect, and the whole bottom has butterfly wings to surround your labia with vibration. The toy also warms up to 40°C (aka 104° Fahrenheit) for life-like feels (who wants an ice-cold vibrator inside ‘em?). There are 20 vibration patterns, and you can cycle through the one button on the remote to experience all of them. 


My Secret Charged Remote Panty

Screaming O


If you want a secret li’l ring you can press to turn a vibe on and off, this is it. This remote control panty set (you don’t HAVE to use it with the included panty, obvi) also comes with a silicone ring that you can press to control it for hands-off ease.


Mystery Vibe Crescendo App Controlled Bendable Smart Vibrator

Mystery Vibe


This bendable toy has SIX individual motors that you can customize using an app on your phone. There are 12 patterns and 16 intensities, and considering you can bend the toy to fit your body perfectly (think cock ring, couples toy during penetrative sex, etc), you won’t be bored of it for a while.


Classic Rechargeable Remote Control Dildo 8 Inch

Lifelike Lover


This 8-inch suction cup dildo comes with a 10-function remote so you can plant that sucker on a hard surface and get humpin’ hands-free. It’s also waterproof and USB rechargeable, and it can fit into a harness for use as a strap-on.


Lelo Lyla 2

This high-tech vibrator features SenseMotion, which means that just moving the remote (aka not even pressing any buttons) can control the intensity of the vibrations. Tilting the remote so it’s facing left or right increases intensity, as does moving the remote. This makes it perfect to give to your partner while they masturbate or go down on you. And of course, there are old-school controls on the remote, so you can adjust that way too.


Lelo Tiani 2

The Lelo Tiani is a super-powerful couples vibrator that’s designed to be worn like a paper clip on your vulva. Two vibrating motors mean you feel targeted clitoral stimulation and internal stimulation. You can wear it while having sex with a partner or alone. The easy-to-use remote means you can dial in to just the right vibration setting to drive you over the edge, or you can give it to your partner to tease you.


Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Egg

Fifty Shades of Grey


This discreet rechargeable vibrator features seven modes of vibration, all of which can be controlled with the ring-shaped remote. You can use it as an external bullet or insert it (hence the retrieval string) and give your partner the remote for some fun power play.


Pocket Pulse Remote

Hot Octopuss


This new toy is designed to be worn on flaccid or erect penises and is unlike any other “stroker” toy out there. There are two motors, which provide deep oscillating vibrations. The toy is also completely waterproof, and a single charge lasts up to three hours. Remember, you don’t always have to be on the receiving side of a remote controlled vibrator to have some fun.


OhMiBod blueMotion Remote Vibrator



Designed to fit discreetly inside your underwear, the OhMiBod remote vibrator is a perfect option for those who want to make everyday household chores like doing the dishes or vacuuming a little sexier. Your partner can download the app on their phone to take over the controls, and there’s also an option to set the vibrator to music.


Wearable Insertable Vibrator

Why go for a remote control that isn’t faceted and gold, TBH? This cute vibrator allows you to feel internal and external stimulation at once, with an insertable portion and a textured silicone portion for clitoral stimulation. It’s rechargeable and features seven kinds of vibration too.


Wearable Vibrator With Remote Control



If you love the idea of a wearable vibrator but are more into strictly external vibes, this is the one for you. It’s contoured to hit your clitoris juuust right and hide inconspicuously in underwear. It also has nine modes, is completely waterproof, and is rechargeable.

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