The Hook Sex Position – What It Is and How To Do It

Okay, so what is “The Hook” place? How do you do it? Why would you do it? What is even occurring in this article???? Let us tranquil down and figure this out alongside one another.

How do you do it?

“The Hook placement is a remix on the underrated vintage that is missionary. The partner that will be receiving the dick or dildo lays on their back again and places their legs above the shoulders of the inserting partner,” patiently clarifies Goody Howard, resident sexologist for Royal.

Wait around….just isn’t that just truly missionary?

Yeah, kinda. But a absolutely-worth-it enhanced variation. (And, hey now, what is actually so terrible about missionary?) “Missionary-type positions are typically forgotten and even built exciting of when it comes to making an attempt out new things in the bedroom, but they are good for so many causes!” says Rachel Worthington, writer and researcher at, speaking some truth. “Versatility, accessibility, and sensation near and connected to your companion are all explanations to enjoy them, and The Hook is no exception.”

What’s in it for you?

It feels So. Very. Deep. “Putting your legs more than your partner’s shoulders autocratically produces actually deep penetration. “It will make the penis/dildo come to feel thicker and provides a delectable fuller emotion to the receiving husband or wife. There is additional clitoral stimulation if the getting companion has a vulva,” states Howard.Additionally, it is really quite easy. “Laying on your back again is easier than remaining on major for most girls and this placement can be added soothing for these women of all ages who get insecure about carrying out,” states Nicole Moore, a enjoy and relationship coach. “Without the tension of becoming on prime, numerous gals who might commonly betoo in their heads are capable to loosen up and enable go, likely further into their bodies and equipped to expertise extra pleasure.”

What may well not do the job for you and how can you repair that @#$#?

“From my perspective, The Hook is instead heteronormative, focusing on the enjoyment of the penis holder,” states Cay Crow, MA, a accredited sexual intercourse therapist and skilled for woman and LGBTQ+ helpful Orchard Toys. If you are not heading to have an orgasm not make any difference how significantly someone grinds in/in opposition to you (I feel you, sister), you are going to want to make some tweaks. “The Hook is not perfect for clitoral stimulation,” states Crow. “Wearing a palms-totally free vibrator could support.” She also notes that, like like alone, it comes with a perhaps of queefs.

How to make it Excess great:

Continue to keep it tight

“Try squeezing your thighs jointly (or even crossing your ankles behind his head) when your lover is inside you to build heightened sensations for equally of you. It will make you feel ‘tighter’ and much more pleasurable for them, although also providing a higher sense of fullness and further penetration for you,” suggests Worthington.

Elevate by yourself

“For even further link the particular person on the base can elevate their hips a little or rest their hips on a pillow for greatest penetration,” suggests Tatyana Dyachenko, sexual intercourse therapist and partnership skilled for Peaches and Screams.

Add kegels.

“Squeezing these muscle tissues provides a tightening sensation to the penis although supplying exquisite enjoyment in the vaginal canal,” states Carli Jo Cabrera, a sensuality coach. “If you’re feeling genuinely superior, attempt matching your breath to the squeezes. Inhaling on the squeeze, exhaling on launch. Inviting your lover to sync their breath to yours makes a further, additional connected working experience.”

If you are in, here’s how, in addition some versions.


The Typical Hook

The receiver will get in missionary then hooks their legs over the penetrator’s shoulders. Voila, you’re undertaking it! You can have a single leg on each individual facet of their neck, both of those legs on a person side or just set your toes on their chest if you’re not obtaining a versatile day.


Drive It

“If it feels as well deep, or you do not like the feeling of the cock hitting your cervix, question your partner to prevent shifting and YOU travel the thrusting movement and how fast/challenging/deep it is,” states specialist Mags Baker, who will help persons of all genders and partnership designs following divorce.


Hook ‘n’ CAT

“Try combining the Hook and Coital Alignment System (CAT),” claims Worthington. “The CAT is a edition of missionary intercourse where the one performing the penetrating on prime moves their pelvis up/ahead to grind in opposition to the clitoris and vulva. So, alternatively than trying to shut your legs a lot more, take a crack from thrusting and open up them up to allow for your associate obtain to your clit. You can even now continue to keep your legs in the air to get that deeper penetration, but this system may consequence in some amazing blended orgasms, way too.”

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Fundy Footpath Hike in NB – A Complete Guide

The Fundy Footpath is a rigorous multi-day hike along the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. Highlights include pretty, mixed forests, stunning headland views from atop 100-metre sea cliffs and some exceptional beachfront campsites over the 64 kilometres you travel from the Fundy National Park Visitor Centre to the Big Salmon River Visitor Centre on the Fundy Trail. Most people don’t usually hike the full 64 km, preferring to bite off the distance as a day outing or a one night overnight. However, there are many that do what I did, and start in Fundy National Park on the Goose River Trail and hike approximately 54 km over four days to end at the suspension bridge over the Big Salmon River. 

Don’t expect to see many people on this hike. The main reason lies with the difficulty – and the reality that there are long stretches of less than interesting forest to get to the good stuff. I knew the Fundy Footpath had a reputation for being a tough one, but what really surprised me was just how bloody steep the ups and downs were. One misplaced foot too, and you could take a terrible tumble. You do end up climbing and descending over 6,000 feet of vertical.

Described in this post is everything you need to know to hike the Fundy Footpath including the location of the best campsites. This is one trail where you don’t have to book a thing – just show up – unless you need to organize a shuttle.

Me at the start of my solo 4-day 54 km Fundy Footpath hike

This post includes some affiliate links. If you make a qualifying purchase through one of these links, I will receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

Starting the Fundy Footpath

Assuming you want the full multi-day experience, you can start the Fundy Footpath at several locations (links take you to Google maps) – the Big Salmon River Visitor Centre at the western end of the trail near the suspension bridge, the Fundy National Park Visitor Centre near Alma at the eastern end of the trail or at the trailhead for Goose River, located a few minutes’ drive past the covered bridge in the national park.

Described will be the route I took as I hiked it solo from east to west. Although I didn’t start at the Fundy National Park Visitor Centre, I did do the hike to the Squaw’s Cap Look-off in 2013. In total, there are only 4 of the 64 km I haven’t hiked. 

I wouldn’t recommend this hike if you’ve never camped or done a backpacking trip before. You might get in over your head and swear off backpacking forever. Be sure to leave a copy of your itinerary with a trusted friend or family member.

Squaw's Cap Look-off
Squaw’s Cap Look-off

Shuttles and guided hikes for the Fundy Footpath

I was fortunate to have someone drop me off and pick me up, so I didn’t need a shuttle. 

Go Fundy Tours offers a hiker shuttle from the Point Wolfe Campground to the Interpretive Centre on the Fundy Trail Parkway. It’s a two-hour trip and dogs are welcome. Visit their website for more information.

Adair’s Wilderness Lodge also offers a shuttle service. 

If it’s a guided hike you’re after, check out the four and five day trips offered by Red Rock Adventure. A guided hike would be ideal for solo hikers or anyone who hasn’t done a lot of backpacking and worries about navigation. They include a stay at Martin Head – a pretty area that as far as I could see has been taken over by the ATV crowd on the weekend. If you to go on your own, be aware of tides and plan to be there on a weekday. 

Looking out to Martin Head
Looking out to Martin Head
There are roads into Martin Head but some look like this
There are roads into Martin Head but some look like this

Nearby towns

There are three towns close to the Fundy Trail – Alma, the Village of St. Martins and Sussex. All three towns offer overnight accommodation. The other option is to stay at Adairs Wilderness Lodge and take their shuttle the next morning.

Another option is to stay 30 minutes from Alma at Broadleaf Ranch – a glamping spot with cool accommodation options including a lighthouse, a covered bridge and a chuck wagon. I loved my covered bridge-themed accommodation that included a back deck featuring great views of the Bay of Fundy.

In Alma you might like Alma Shore Lane Suites & Cottages or the Captain’s Inn.

In St. Martins check out the Beach Street Inn or Salmon River B&B

A good bet in Sussex is the Amsterdam Inn & Suites.

One of the glamping options at Broadleaf Ranch
One of the glamping options at Broadleaf Ranch

Navigation on the trail

Years ago, I had considered including the Fundy Footpath in my book Discover Canada: 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures. But I didn’t after speaking with someone from New Brunswick who said the trail was poorly marked.

I am happy to report that the trail is exceptionally well-marked in 2021. If you can follow a white blaze through the woods, then in theory you almost don’t need a map. I say almost, as there are a few places where it’s tricky. Those places are primarily around river or stream crossings where a map does make sense of where the trail is headed. In addition, a map, shows the location of campsites which is extremely helpful.

You will find kilometre signs almost every kilometre. There were perhaps three or four kilometres over four days where I didn’t see a sign. It isn’t until you’re about halfway into the hike, that you run into new kilometre signs. They match up with the map provided in the Fundy Footpath Hiker’s Guide Book so I much preferred them.

The old-style kilometre markers
The old-style kilometre markers
You can't miss the new-style kilometre markers that match up with the map
You can’t miss the new-style kilometre markers that match up with the map

Goose River section

On the section to Goose River via the Goose River Trail in Fundy National Park, the hiking is straight-forward, well-signed and in fantastic condition. However, you won’t find white blazes in the park. They aren’t used until you’re on the far side of the Goose River on the Fundy Footpath proper and out of the park. 

What is somewhat confusing is the fact that the Goose River Trail is part of the Fundy Footpath – though it’s a more recent addition. 

Excellent signage on the Goose River Trail in Fundy National Park
Excellent signage on the Goose River Trail in Fundy National Park
On the Goose River trail section of the Fundy Footpath you can bike almost all the way to Goose River
On the Goose River trail section of the Fundy Footpath you can bike almost all the way to Goose River
The trail is marked by white blazes once you're out of Fundy National Park
The trail is marked by white blazes once you’re out of Fundy National Park

Sections of the trail that can be a navigation challenge

My first navigation challenge was within 5 minutes of crossing Goose River. I saw the white blazes in the trees and started following them as I started climbing. At this point, I wondered what I’d got myself into as the trail was very steep and not in anywhere near the same shape as what I had enjoyed all morning in Fundy National Park.

After about 10 minutes, while following a trail, I noticed I’d lost the white blazes. Oh, oh I thought. Is this what the rest of the hike is going to be like? Fortunately, it was not. 

I made the mistake of following a trail without looking for blazes. Once you’ve been on the Fundy Footpath for a few hours, you know to expect the blazes at frequent intervals (you should actually be able to see one either behind or in front of you at all times) – and if you lose them, you need to back up to find them again.

That’s exactly what I did. I reversed direction, going downhill – and then I met another hiker (one of the few I saw in four days). He had an old hiking app which showed that the trail that we were on would meet the main trail in short order. So, I turned around again and followed him for about 10 minutes to reach the main trail and breathed a sign of relief.

Signage indicating you're leaving Fundy National Park
Signage indicating you’re leaving Fundy National Park; that’s the Goose River ahead – much narrower and less flow than I expected

There are a few other spots on the Fundy Footpath where I’d recommend paying attention and pulling out the map or your hiking app.

Goose Creek navigation

Goose Creek is massive. Once you arrive at the creek, the white blazes disappear until you get to the other side. Don’t forget to time your crossing with the help of tide charts.

I crossed four creeklets in my water shoes to get to an opening in the trees, that could be seen directly across from the trail you arrive on. Despite signage that suggests the Fundy Footpath takes off into the woods on the far side, don’t do it. Instead follow a trail through the grasses immediately adjacent to the woods to a point where you’re almost at the Bay of Fundy. If you look at the photo below, you ultimately end up at the far-right hand corner where the tidal flats meet the woods. You will see signage and there is the option to go to the beach. Some of the walking once you’ve crossed to the other side is wet thanks to ATV usage.

The first view you get on arrival at Goose Creek
The first view you get on arrival at Goose Creek
Looking up Goose Creek, in the opposite direction of the Bay of Fundy
Looking up Goose Creek, in the opposite direction to the Bay of Fundy
This is the trail you follow once you reach the far side of Goose Creek going west
This is the trail you follow once you reach the far side of Goose Creek going west

Martin Head area

If you follow the white blazes, you won’t lose the trail in the Martin Head area. However, do expect to cross numerous ATV tracks. If you’re there on a weekend expect lots of noise and music.

If you’re interested in camping in the Martin Head area, you’ll have to pay close attention to the tides and the route you take in on the roads from the Fundy Footpath. I didn’t bother checking out the area so I can’t comment on how easy or difficult it is to navigate. If it’s a weekend, be aware that you will be camping with lots of partying ATVers.

Wolf Brook navigation

When you arrive at the Wolf Brook Campground, it seems counterintuitive – at least to me, that you head inland via the brook. If you’re hiking west, turn right at the campground and look up the brook. You’ll see an open area in the trees a couple of hundred metres away. That’s your destination. 

But to get there you must scramble over a slippery outcrop or put your water shoes on and wade. I scrambled – and slid down on my rear to the trail going east. From then on it was a snap to reach the second tenting location – which I might add is less desirable unless it’s raining. Cross the brook – which can sometimes be deep – and pick up the blazes again.

Wolf Brook campsite
Wolf Brook campsite
The campsite on Wolf Brook you're heading for
The campsite is in the open trees in the distance; the innocuous looking outcrop that is so slippery is immediately on the right

Little Salmon River Navigation

At the Little Salmon River, it’s not immediately obvious where you go but if you look in the first photo you can see a white sign in the trees. That’s your first marker. Then continue along the grassy shoreline to pick up the trail heading up into the trees. This area is one of the busier ones as there is a parking lot at McCumber Brook Road along the Fundy Trail that provides good access to the footpath. 

Cross the Little Salmon River heading for the white blaze that can be seen in the trees
Cross the Little Salmon River heading for the white blaze that can be seen in the trees
Follow the trail along the river to a point where you see the blazes again
Follow the trail along the river to a point where you see the blazes again – it’s obvious and well tracked

Seely Beach navigation

Seely Beach is one long beach. When you arrive on it heading west, turn right and follow it to reach trees with blazes. It’s about 5 minutes from the location pictured below. It too is one of the busier spots so there will likely be people around to point you in the right direction.

Follow Seely Beach until you see blazes
Descend to Seely Beach on a ladder, turn right and follow it to reach blazes, about 10 minutes down

My 4-day solo hiking experience

Day one: Goose River Trailhead in Fundy National Park to Rose Brook Campground – Approximately 14 km and 6 hours with breaks

The Goose River section of the Fundy Footpath offers lovely walking, especially in the morning with all the sunbeams. It’s rated as difficult by the national park – perhaps because of its length, but I found the hiking on it to be quick and easy. The crossing of Goose River – which is tidal – needs to be taken into consideration. It was a non-event and I was across it in seconds.

From there the trail steepened and the next 2.5 km or so were tough, especially the steep descent to Rose Brook. 

I met a couple of fellows at Rose Brook and ended up sharing the next two campsites with them. They were locals doing it to celebrate a 40th birthday but both said, “once was enough.” A big thank you goes out to them for hanging my food with theirs every night.

Moody walking on the Goose River Trail in Fundy National Park
Moody walking on the Goose River Trail in Fundy National Park
Sunbeams made for beautiful hiking
Sunbeams made for beautiful hiking
Spiderwebs by the dozens were all backlit
Spiderwebs by the dozens were all backlit
This is what Goose River looked like when I reached it
This is what Goose River looked like when I reached it
Lovely mossy sections on route to Rose Brook
Lovely mossy sections on route to Rose Brook

Day 2: Rose Brook to Telegraph Brook – Approximately 14 km – 6.5 hours with breaks

This was an interesting day of hiking that started off steeply – a running theme every day. Within a few kilometres you reach the Cougar’s Lair – an area of cliffs and crevasses that can hold ice in the spring for a long time. Brandy Brook makes for a nice lunch stop. It’s got several decent campsites too though it’s more closed-in than I like. From there, you can do an optional hike to Tweedle-Dee Tweedle-Dum Falls, 10 minutes away.

After lunch I enjoyed pretty views of Martin Head as I was often quite close to the cliff edge. (Be careful!!) After getting through the Martin Head area and the maze of ATV trails, it was a pleasure to reach the Quiddy River. Good camping here.

The afternoon offered less interesting hiking through some alders and along old roads. The descent to Telegraph Brook is extremely steep. The rocky beach has room for about 4 tents along with one near the falls but it’s noisy. It was my favourite campsite of all.

Some of the cliffside views I enjoyed
Some of the cliffside views I enjoyed
A water crossing to get to the Quiddy River Campsite
A water crossing to get to the Quiddy River Campsite
The Quiddy River campsite is quite lovely
The Quiddy River campsite is quite lovely
A fabulous swimming hole at Telegraph Brook
A fabulous swimming hole at Telegraph Brook
I loved the beach at Telegraph Brook
I loved the beach and my campsite at Telegraph Brook

Day 3: Telegraph Brook to Cradle Brook – 14 km – approximately 6 hours

This felt like a long hard day to me. Originally, I had planned to go on to Seely Beach but in the end I am so happy I opted to camp at Cradle Brook. It is another wonderful campsite overlooking the Bay of Fundy.

It didn’t take long to get to Wolfe Brook. From there it got interesting. After crossing the brook (which can be a challenge after a big rain) pass by the base of a small waterfall. Then descend to Brothers Brook, cross the bridge and be prepared for some of the roughest hiking on the trail via the giant steps shown below. Contour around Round Hill and then descend steeply to the Little Salmon River. The trail for the descent is in great shape. After crossing the river, the climb up on the other side was far less onerous than the map suggested. This is one of the few areas where you run into regular day hikers who are accessing the trail from the Fundy Parkway.

Finish with a steep descent to Cradle Brook! 

Pretty view out from Wolf Creek
Pretty view out from Wolf Creek
One of the few bridges you cross
One of the few bridges you cross over Rapidy Brook
Rapidy Brook is a pretty place for a break
Rapidy Brook is a pretty place for a break
Quite the trail building
Dave and Tim’s Pass – stone stairs and a stone slab bridge and the one place I took my pack off as the rock wall pushed me out to far for my comfort. It wasn’t a place to slip.
One of the rougher sections of trail
One of the rougher sections of trail
The view from my tent at Cradle Brook
The view from my tent at Cradle Brook

Day 4: Cradle Brook to the Big Salmon River Visitor Centre – 12 km – approximately 5 hours

I figured the last day would be a snap. It was not. It started with steep ladders and continued off and on with steep , sometimes poorly maintained ladders until I reached Seely Beach. I had expected far gentler hiking on this section of the trail. Once at the beach I also figured it would be easy going. Again, it was not. 

The vertical I climbed on the last day wasn’t as severe as on the other days but there was still plenty of it. And it was wet and muddy – a far cry from the sunshine on the other three days. Just after Seely Beach reach the Dragon’s Tooth – a cool looking mossy-covered balancing rock.

Before you reach Long Beach, you climb through a section of grasses and wildflowers. Long Beach would normally be a lovely spot to explore – or at least to enjoy a lunch. But by the time I got there I was just ready to wrap up the hike. I found the next few kilometres less interesting but that was probably on account of the dreary day. What a treat it was to see the bridge and then walk across the Big Salmon River suspension bridge. I felt I had earned a lobster roll and ice cream cone for finishing!

So many stairs
So many stairs
Still smiling on the last day of hiking
Still smiling on the last day of hiking
Heavily used campsite in the woods at Seely Beach Brook
Heavily used campsite in the woods at Seely Beach Brook
The Dragon's Tooth - a balancing rock
The Dragon’s Tooth – a balancing rock
You can smell the end of the hike
You can taste the end of the hike
Crossing the Big Salmon River Suspension Bridge
Crossing the Big Salmon River Suspension Bridge

Best – worst camping spots on the Fundy Footpath

The following are a brief description of the various campsites with my favourites being Rose Brook, Telegraph Brook, and Cradle Brook. I don’t like campsites, like Jim Brook, that are dark and wet or ones that see a lot of people like Seely Beach.

There is a large creek running through the Rose Brook campsite, so the water supply is excellent. The beach camping is lovely and there is room for lots of people.

The next closest campsite is Jim Brook. There is only room for a few tents – and in hindsight I’m so glad I didn’t try and push on to this one. 

Large rocky beach for camping at Rose Brook
Large rocky beach for camping at Rose Brook
Inconsiderate campers pitching their hammocks 7 feet from my tent
Inconsiderate campers pitching their hammocks 7 feet from my tent but normally this would be a great spot
Pretty backdrop at dusk at Rose Brook
Pretty backdrop at dusk at Rose Brook
The small, clean but dark Jim Brook campsite
The small, clean but dark Jim Brook campsite

Goose Creek reportedly has a large campsite with good views. Brandy Brook as mentioned is in a lovely location in the woods so you wouldn’t go wrong with this one – though probably no more than three to four tents could comfortably fit here. Martin Head would be too busy for my liking though on a quiet day I’m sure there’s some gorgeous camping to be had. 

At Telegraph Brook there ended up being four sets of tents set up – and no one was on top of anyone. It has the added benefit of a swimming hole.

This is the view my two male friends enjoyed from their tent
This is the view my two male friends enjoyed from their tent
Loved all the rock colours and textures at Telegraph Brook
Loved all the rock colours and textures at Telegraph Brook

Wolf Brook would be fine if you weren’t in the trees. There are lots of campsites. 

Brothers Brook is reportedly okay for hammocks but not tents.

Little Salmon River has lots of campsites. It’s pretty though I prefer to be right on the Bay of Fundy.

The view when you arrive at Little Salmon River
The view when you arrive at Little Salmon River

Cradle Brook offers great beach camping.

The beach at Cradle Brook
The beach at Cradle Brook

Seely Beach would be fantastic on a sunny day when you didn’t need shelter, but I found the wooded campsites to be dark and heavily used. 

Heavily used campsite at Seely Beach in the woods
Heavily used campsite at Seely Beach in the woods
Camping at Seely Beach could be wonderful on a sunny day
Camping at Seely Beach could be wonderful on a sunny day

Important things to do before you go

Apart from ensuring your hiking boots are broken in and you’re in the physical shape to do the trail, be sure to pick up a copy of the 2021 edition of the Fundy Footpath Hiker’s Guide Book. It’s small and portable but unfortunately full of errors – both spelling and factual. But if you can overlook that, it’s still useful. It comes with a tide chart and the map – which also has errors e.g., the location of Rose Brook in kilometres in relation to Goose River and the elevation maps aren’t entirely accurate, especially heading west out of Little Salmon River.

Set your compass declination to 18° west.

Print out a copy of the tide charts – to plan your crossing of Goose River and Goose Creek. You will need to cross within about three hours on either side of low tide.

With a copy of the guidebook, you will get a sense of what’s coming up along the trail. I would pull it out at lunch time to see if there was anything of note ahead. But for navigation purposes, following the white blazes (they conform to the Appalachian Trail System blazes) and being aware of the navigation challenges noted above is all you really need to do on the trail. Note that a change of direction is marked by double white blazes and side trails by yellow blazes.

A section of the map that comes with the Fundy Footpath guide book
A section of the map that comes with the Fundy Footpath guide book

What to take on the hike

Always carry the 10 hiking essentials.

Be sure to take lightweight hiking poles

A water filter or treatment system is a necessity. So is high calorie food – so pack plenty of energy bars.

I took bear spray as a precaution but didn’t so much as see bear scat. At least be bear aware. I thought I had read beforehand that there were bear boxes, but I never saw one. So take a carabiner or two, a length of rope, and a waterproof bag to store your food. You’ll have to hang it every night.

I think a tent is a far preferable choice to a camping hammock for this hike, especially after my experience with the most inconsiderate campers of all time.

Take a camping stove

Reportedly bug repellent is a necessity but apart from biting flies one night, I didn’t ever see many bugs. That’s the beauty of going in late August.

Good rain gear and a rain hat is a necessity. So is a backpack rain cover. Clothing should be quick dry. Take something warm and windproof for its cool in the mornings by mid-August. I love the Patagonia down sweater.

Take a cellphone battery charger if you want to talk to people every night. All the campsites I stayed at had good cell signals, probably bounced over from Nova Scotia.

Take an extra day’s supply of food should you get caught in a storm.

Never camp this close to someone without asking their permission!!
Never camp this close to someone without asking their permission!!

A big thank you to all the volunteers that have developed and maintained the Fundy Footpath over the years. I was in awe at what a great job people have done blazing the trail.

Further reading on long distance hikes in Canada

A giant thank you to Tourism New Brunswick for making this trip happen and to Neil Hodge for the pick up and drop off.

Click on the photo to bookmark to your Pinterest boards.

Everything you need to know to hike the Fundy Footpath in New Brunswick - overlooking the Bay of Fundy

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Dating a Sagittarius Woman, Personality Traits & Characteristics

Astrology can aid us realize much more about ourselves and the persons we enjoy/day/hopelessly crush on—no make a difference their gender. For more deets on Sagittarius compatibility, check out out our guideline to dating a Sagittarius male and our gender-neutral guide to courting a Sagittarius.

So you want to day a Sagittarius? Enable me get started by declaring, very good luck. Just when you consider you know a Sagittarius lady, you understand that she’s dwelling in a fully different earth. You may have imagined just one matter, but find she’s observing issues from one more POV.

Understand that Sagittarius ladies are extremely knowledgeable. From a youthful age, they’ve been uncovered to realities that some folks couldn’t visualize. This will make them exceptionally empathic and understanding. A Sagittarius girl values getting capable to fully grasp different views and ideas—it will help her improve her understanding of the globe all-around her. In simple fact, she is worldly and craves variation. The strategy of being trapped in a certain position for the relaxation of her existence feels like hell on earth to her. If you might be relationship a Sag, make sure your passport is valid and you have a very good suitcase!

This centaurian lady (yep, Sagittarius is represented by a centaur archer) needs to see a world past her own. Getting a particular pursuits in international lovers and unique meals, it is when she diverges from her typical-shmegular life that she certainly feels alive. Really don’t keep her back or anticipate for her to keep in 1 place for far too long—it won’t function.

The finest way to demonstrate a Sagittarius lady that you like her is by using her on adventures. She wants to go on road outings, spontaneous flights, and the occasional boat vacation. Her mutable character would make her easy-going and adaptable to alter. As extended as she understands what’s likely on, she’ll be video game for almost everything.

This information is imported from embed-identify. You may be in a position to obtain the same articles in a further structure, or you may be ready to uncover extra data, at their internet web-site.

The Sagittarius principles

Birthday: November 22-December 22

Type: Mutable hearth indication

Keyword phrases: Adventurous, blunt, truthful, humorous, spontaneous

Adore anthem: “Second Existence” by Omar S feat. John FM

Famous Sagittarius women: Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Chrissy Teigen, Tyra Banking institutions, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Janelle Monáe, Zoë Kravitz

Best matches for a Sagittarius female

Sagittarius is such a curious soul that anyone with powerful Sag placements is probably to be open to a multitude of likely astrological partners. A lot more than everything, they want an individual who’s eager to go on adventures with them. The entire world is their home, and extra than nearly anything, they want to know that their lover is an individual they can usually transform to.

For this purpose, companions with Aries and Most cancers placements are an ideal match for the archer female. Aries electricity will be eager to examine and take on everyday living along with a Sag, and Most cancers vitality will normally deliver them with a supply of comfortable serenity.

Sexual intercourse with a Sagittarius girl

Ineffable! Intercourse with a Sagittarius is spectacular and spontaneous. Sagittarius ladies prosper on enthusiasm and want to approach creating adore with intention. A experienced Sagittarius is truthful and will permit you know the big difference amongst teasing, sport, and like-creating. When a Sagittarius is teasing, do not assume for them to be totally invested in you. Their intention is to entice and enjoy. A Sagittarius who is getting sexual intercourse for activity is specifically what it appears like—it’s fun, and enjoyment only. When a Sagittarius is earning like, it is their intention to bend to your every require and wish. A Sagittarius who is invested in earning enjoy will be immersed in the moment, the scene, and their person.

All about Sagittarius

It is pretty humorous how Gemini receives the standing for remaining two-confronted, when Sagittarius is standing proper there. I’m joking—kinda. Sagittarius strength prides alone on becoming straightforward and uncomplicated, and they want the rest of the world would perform alone in the same way. Sagittarius females are led by the pursuit of real truth, to a fault. In a quest for clarity in a baffling planet, from time to time Sagittarius operates the possibility of miscommunication. Whilst they have great intentions, this joyful-go-fortunate zodiac signal can be at times be careless with their terms. Consider not to be too harm if she tells it like it is!

The Most Sagittarius-y Sagittarius T-Shirt

It normally takes Sagittarius a large amount of time to reach their total maturity. Every Sagittarius provides with them a loaded plethora of encounters. Their narratives aren’t effortlessly summarized or put into a a single-moment elevator pitch, and their wisdom is hugely dependent on how much they are able to working experience. FYI, Sagittarius is ruled by the earth Jupiter. Jupiter represents abundance, superior fortune, and information. When Sagittarius leaves their ease and comfort zone, they are capable to see what they can take care of. Never be amazed if she suggests an unconventional date or couples’ excursion!

Of training course, Sagittarius also warrants to take pleasure in moments of peace. When this mutable fire indicator encounters also a lot lifestyle, they won’t wait to disappear. If you are fortunate, they’ll permit you know, and if you aren’t, nicely, then you’ll just have to wait for them to reappear.

Sagittarius people today are known to overextend them selves and go over and outside of for people they care about, but that is for the reason that they are ruled by the world of abundance! A sensible Sagittarius is aware that she can purpose far too considerably or as well high at occasions, and she’ll sense annoyed with herself for not paying out sufficient attention to her limitations. When she’s able to get peace of mind through some by yourself time, she’s is capable to mirror, read, and figure out her demands and feelings. Mastering to be ok with the disturbing unidentified and mending their mental condition as a result of even now mindfulness is a harmony a Sagittarius will invest their lifestyle discovering to achieve.

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Cleaning of a pumping station

Pumping stations are the places where sewage and rainwater are collected. From there they are transported by pipes and pumps to their destination.

Usually these spaces are located in basements or warehouses. These locations belong to apartment buildings and other buildings.

Sewage and rainwater, which can contain various large objects, accumulate at the bottom and create a layer of solid waste. These can clog pipes, damage pumps and allow the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

So the cleaning of the pumping station in an apartment building and a detached house is necessary in order not to create problems and to be able to operate properly and safely.

Our company Αποφράξεις Αναγνώστου Κορωπί has all the necessary know-how and experience. These are used for cleaning your pumping station, at a very low cost. We undertake the cleaning of all pumping stations no matter how difficult it is in Athens and Attica.

We make use of latest technologies suction pumps. With these we are pumping all the dirty water from the pumping station area. Then the walls are cleaned with a strong pressure machine. It is often necessary to use a blocking machine to unclog pipe plugs, always at affordable prices.

Finally, our tank trucks safely transport all wastewater to their treatment area.

The cleaning of pumping stations is often associated with the service of pumping water – sewage and disinfection of the space, which contributes particularly to the hygiene of the space.

The sewage transport tanks we have serve pumping stations in apartment buildings, detached houses, factories, hospitals, companies, shops, shopping malls and other businesses.

Parts in a pumping station and how it works

The whole pumping station system consists of the following elements:

  • Pump
  • Water collector
  • Filter
  • Pipes
  • Automation

The pump can be simple or submersible. Also, the water can be collected from a well, river or lake or a rainwater collector (rare).

What are the advantages of using a pumping station in a building?

If properly maintained, then the advantages of using a pump stand, among others:

  • Water autonomy of a building.
  • Providing constant water pressure.
  • Long service life of household appliances that use water, such as washing machines, etc.

Usually the filter is full, as it is loaded with salts and sand. Notice that at first they are not visible to the naked eye. However during use the accumulation blocks the inlet of the pump.

As a result it will not have the correct performance according to specifications. That is when you will call us to proceed with the cleaning of the pumping station with our experienced in this field staff.

Maintenance and cleaning of all types of pump station

We should clean and maintain the pumping station. This steps are vital and care should be taken. If it is not cleaned or maintained properly, serious problems are created in its operation while at the same time its lifespan is significantly reduced.

How is a pumping station cleaned?

If we want to clean properly our pumping station, the evacuation – pumping of the sewage and solid waste that exists in the area is carried out first.

Then, using high pressure presses (water jet), we thoroughly and effectively clean any residue left leaving the pumping station clean in every way.

We also undertake the maintenance of your pump and if necessary its replacement.

Water pumping

During the winter, but sometimes during the summer months, rainfall is very strong. The basements of homes, factories and warehouses are flooded with mud and water. To remove them requires the drastic intervention of a serious water pumping company.

We have the equipment and know-how that enable us to intervene immediately and effectively, removing water and mud in a very short time.

Our equipment includes powerful pumps that suck water at high speed and inject it into our tankers. These have different sizes so that they can move anywhere.

Water pumping due to floods is an emergency and thus takes place almost immediately as it precedes the rest of our services.

Cleaning by water jet

High pressure water jetting is installed in blockage vehicles.These are capable of dissolving any type of material that causes blockage in a well. Generally in clogged pipes of your sewer.

In case of incorrect use, the power of water pressure machines can damage your sewer and even flood.

Therefore the use of the pressure should be done ONLY by specialized, well-trained and experienced obstruction technicians. Also, the use should not be made in the main sewer pipe. It should be limited to auxiliary sewer pipes, external siphons or gutters of the building or house.

Grease trap cleaning

The fat collector must be placed in any professional space that drains a lot of oils or fats into the drain. Its role is to collect and store fats and sediments so that they do not enter the sewer system.

In case they enter, they block the sewerage.They also pollute the water and are responsible for many problems in the biological treatment. It consists of two chambers. The first where the sediments are collected. The second where the lighter fats are collected.

Proper cleaning of the grease trap is necessary at regular intervals to avoid bad odors, blockages and overflows. Our company has been active in the field of blockages for years and has a specialization in the cleaning of fat collectors or as they are sometimes mentioned, fat traps or fat separators.

Sewer cleaning

The proper operation of a sewer depends to a large extent on its proper maintenance and regular cleaning. If these conditions are not met, the chance of blockage and damage is much higher.

In addition, a sewer that is not properly cleaned can become a source of infection and a source of parasites, rodents, etc.

Our company undertakes the cleaning and maintenance of sewers, sewer pipes and networks. This cleaning can be done after emptying the septic tank, or, preferably, at regular intervals.

For sewer cleaning we use powerful pumps that suck the sewage. Then we supply water with high pressure that dissolves all the dirt, mud and anything else that has accumulated in the pipes.

We make use of our special tank vehicles. We transport these aspirated materials  into places where they are processed.

Disinfection of sewers with environmentally friendly products and maintenance of sewers complete the cleaning work.

This work results in a crystal clear sewer, without a trace of contamination.It should works perfectly and the operating time is greatly extended.

See more areas Αποφραξεις Αναγνώστου serve:

Looking for a 2-week Europe itinerary? Here are 3 amazing trip ideas

Some of our links are affiliated, we will earn a commission when you buy a service or product. This will have no extra cost for you. For further info please refer to our Privacy Policy

Europe is one of the world’s best destinations for culture, sightseeing, and beach holidays. Unfortunately, there is just too much to see on a single trip. But a 2-week Europe itinerary can give a good taste of it.

There are plenty of options and places to visit in Europe in a 2-week itinerary but which choices stand out the most? Which European 2-week itinerary allows you to visit the most countries and really explore the regional makeup of the continent?

It’s difficult to choose, we know. And you probably want to see and do as much as possible, so creating a 14 days Europe itinerary seems like a daunting task. Don’t panic, we are here to help and share with you 3 of our favorite travel itineraries for Europe in 2 weeks.

We’ve gathered 3 regions, or better say 3 themes, creating unique and, in our opinion, the best 2 weeks Europe itineraries. They will allow you to experience different sides of Europe, dive into their unique history, culture, gastronomy, and natural beauty. The itineraries use the most popular cities in each region as a base, from there you can do day trips to beaches, medieval towns, and historic sites. 

Are you ready to start planning your 2 week trip to Europe?

 2-week Europe itinerary Ideas

What about adding beautiful Spain to your 2-week Europe itinerary?

Coast to coast in Iberia: Lisbon to Barcelona

Time needed: 2 week

Best time of year to visit: May

Method of transport: Road/rail or air

Iberia is one of the best spots to enjoy sun, sea, and sangria and is home to both Spain and Portugal. It is a wide and diverse area with beautiful beaches, mountains, forests, and even a small desert.

Remember if you’re a Canadian traveler visiting Spain from 2022 onwards you’ll need an ETIAS for Spain before you arrive. This will let you into the country and explore anywhere in the 26 nation Schengen area during your trip.

For this 2-week Europe itinerary, you’ll start in Barcelona, the capital of the Catalonia region and a favorite for world travelers thanks to its beaches, restaurants, and cultural activities. From there you can explore the region as there are plenty of what to do around and outside Barcelona.

After enjoying everything this incredible European city offers, you can easily make your way to the national capital of Madrid.

Madrid is a great place to see Spain away from the coasts and get a glimpse into the history and customs of the country and urban city life. It’s also a great spot for foodies who can enjoy real tapas that often come free with a drink purchase. Don’t forget to visit Toledo, the former Spanish capital that is only one hour away from Madrid.

 Discover how much does it cost to travel to Spain here! 
The iconic yellow trams from Lisbon, Portugal. The photo shows a tram passing through a tiny street uphill.
Lison iconic yellow trams! 💛

From Madrid, it’s a 10-hour overnight train to Lisbon or a shorter 1-hour flight if you’re in more of a hurry. This brings you to your final destination, the hilly but majestic capital of Portugal.

Lisbon may be the biggest city in the country but it has a much more relaxed vibe compared to many capitals. This is also a superb place to try seafood like cod, squid, and the city’s emblematic sardine. 

Discover how much does it cost to travel to Lisbon here!

It’s also chocked full of history and beautiful sights – such as the famous yellow trams, St George’s Castle and a bit further from the city center is the Belém neighborhood, worth visiting. And add to your itinerary a visit to Sintra, one of the best day trips from Lisbon. It’s the perfect endnote to an Iberian excursion.

Photo of a woman wearing a red jacket and hat in front of the colored building in Copenhagen, Denmark's capital city. A great city to add to your European trip itinerary.
Copenhagen is a must-visit in Europe.

Scandinavian cruise: Oslo to Stockholm 

Time needed: 2 week

Best time of year to visit: June-August

Method of transport: Boat and rail

A lot of people forget how interconnected Scandinavia is. Luckily for travelers, however, this relative proximity makes it simple to visit all 3 capital cities in the region in a 2-week Europe itinerary.

First up is Oslo the capital of Norway. The city is easily explored on foot with local sights like the Viking Ship Museum and plenty of options for fjord cruises to help fill your time here. Another interesting city to add to your European itinerary is Bergen, 6 hours by train from Oslo.

From here it’s an overnight boat ride down to Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital. This is currently one of the best cities for restaurants in the world, and there are also world-famous sights like the Little Mermaid, the Carlsberg Brewery, and the Nyhavn waterfront.

Photo of a frozen river in Stockholm, Sweden. The city is made of many islands and is one of the top places to visit in Scandinavia.
Stockholm is impressive and cold during winter!

On the last leg of the journey, it’s just a 5-hour ride from here to Stockholm the capital of Sweden. This archipelago is home to many great historic sights such as the Royal Palace (or Sveriges Kungahus) and City Hall (Stadshuset). And incredible museums that will fill up your days with culture, fun, and unique experiences.

It’s also well worth taking a boat tour while you are here to really take in the 14 islands that make up the municipality.

If you plan to do this 2-week European itinerary by train, we have the best guide for you. Here is our post about how to travel around Scandinavia by train, be inspired, and discover which rail pass is the best for you.

Charles Bridge and Prague Castle lighted up in the evening. Prague is known for its beautiful architecture and it's often included in many European travel itineraries.
Fairytale Prague ✨

Central Europe sightseeing: Prague to Budapest 

Time needed: 2 week

Best time of year to visit: April – June 

Method of transport: Road/rail

The Budapest-Vienna-Prague itinerary is a famous 2 week trip in Europe, but our version has one more stop and starts in Prague. Central Europe is full of ornate sights and Prague is the perfect place to start on this tour of them. 

From the statue-lined Charles Bridge and picturesque Prague Castle on the hill overlooking the beautifully preserved Old Town Square, there is a huge amount of history and culture to explore in the city.  There are also many interesting day tris from Prague, like going to the charming town of Český Krumlov, hiking at the stunning Bohemian Switzerland National Park, or going to Pilsen to try Cezch’s traditional beer.

Once you finish with Prague and region, you’ll need to take a 4-hour train to get to Vienna. However, once here, you’ll see why it is considered one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. 

The once imperial capital of the Austrian Empire is home to beautiful gardens, wide boulevards, and fantastic river walks along the Danube. There’s also plenty of reminders from its empire heyday with the Hofberg, St Stephen’s Cathedral, and Schonbrunn Palace all open to explore and admire.   

From here, it’s another short train ride of about 3 hours to Bratislava from Vienna. Bratislava isn’t too big so you’ll only need a shorter stay here, but it’s a stop you won’t want to miss. Sights like Bratislava Castle and Micheal’s gate are well worth the time. 

A couple laughing in front of the Budapest parliament, one of the most iconic buildings in Central Europe. Budapest is a destination you must add to your 2-week Europe itinerary.
Budapest is one of our favorite cities in Europe!

For the final stop in Budapest, you’ll have to take a 2-hour train from Bratislava to arrive in Hungary’s capital. This charming city is an excellent finale to the experience with breathtaking attractions that are just asking to be Instagrammed such as Hero’s Square, Buda Castle Hill funicular, and the Great Market.   

Last but not least, no matter where you stop on this 2 week Europe itinerary, try the goulash. It is amazing in each of these locations.

Practical travel tips for your European 2-week itinerary

Europe is a continent where things change quickly and no one region is the same. In the three itineraries we’ve suggested, you’ll get a different perspective of European life no matter which you choose.

To plan the ultimate European trip you need to consider a few things: season, transportation, accommodation, and what you want to see or visit. 

Plan your itineraries for Europe according to the seasons:

Depending on which season you will be traveling to Europe, 2 week itinerary can give you plenty of time to see and do a lot, especially in Summer and Spring when the days are longer. When planning your itinerary for Summer keep in mind that this is the busiest season for many European capitals. This means more tourists and higher prices. But it’s also the best time to visit beach destinations like Spain and Portugal. 

If you are planning an itinerary for Winter, you will have fewer hours of daylight to be outside and some attractions might close early or are fully closed. On the other hand, Central Europe and Scandinavia in winter are magical.

The train station in Oslo, Norway, one of the cities to visit during a 2-week trip in Europe.
Traveling for 2 weeks in Europe by train is easy and comfy.

Plan the transportation for your 2 week trip to Europe in advance

There is no surprise that flight prices are cheaper in advance, the same happens for trains across Europe. If you like to travel by train, here is a super guide to travel around Europe using the Eurail Pass (pros and cons of Eurail train travel). 

Yes, you can get a last-minute deal, but the odds are small. Planning your transportation in advance will help you keep the costs of your 2 weeks in Europe down, especially if you are coming from another continent and want to find cheap flights to Europe. Also, it will save you time, as you won’t have to worry about searching and booking anything during the trip. 

For travelers who want to spend 2 weeks around in Europe with open plans, my suggestion is to at least do some research before traveling. That way you will know the routes, possible connections, where to buy the tickets and the average prices for flights, trains, ferries, and buses. 

You will find a lot of companies and websites offering travel/transportation services in Europe on our Travel Planning page. Use it as a guide to organizing your ultimate European trip.

For day trips or to explore the destination beyond the city center, you can use the local or regional trains. Most of the European destination has a train station located in the city center and offer high-speed train services, what make easy to explore a region in a couple of days. 

Also, keep in mind that during the high seasons, Summer and Winter, everything tends to be booked in advance. Be smart and save your place by booking your transportation at least a couple of weeks before your trip to Europe.  

Man jumping on a hotel bed in Europe while the woman is lying on the bed and laughing.
Planning a good night of sleep is a must!

Book your accommodation in Europe in advance

Accommodation can be a fairly easy topic or a very complicated one. It wall depends on your style of traveling, budget, and your plans for 2 weeks traveling in Europe. 

In general, we would recommend booking your hotel or hostel in advance, especially during high seasons or in popular destinations. But if you are the type of last-minute guest, then keep in mind that you might not find the perfect option, but you will definitely find a bed to sleep in. 

We share our tips and tricks on how to find the best deals on hotels and how to book the perfect room for any trip (Europe or worldwide) in this Accommodation Guide. Read it and bookmark it for your future trips. 

Photo of the Great Market in Budapest. One of the main attractions in the city that you should add to your 2-week Europe itinerary.
One of the many places to visit in Budapest!

What to do, see and visit in Europe in 2 weeks

This is the most complicated part of planning a 2-week Europe itinerary. We shared a few tips on what to do and see in the itineraries above. However, If you want to know more about all the things to do in each city/country, click on their names and you will be direct to the travel guides. There you will find the city highlights, what to do, where to stay and eat, plus how to get around and travel budgets.

An important note: most of the attractions located in the countries we mentioned offer advanced booking, and some even have the skip the line ticket. Be smart and book all your entrance tickets in advance, and even your tours. By doing so you will save time, and avoid missing the best sights due to full capacity or restrictions.

If you are unsure which countries and major cities you want to add to your 2-week European vacation, we have tons of inspiration for you. Visit our Destination Page and you will find all European countries we have visited. Click on them to read the guides and blog posts. I can assure you, it’s pure wanderlust.

Another tip is to have a look at Eastern Europe or Baltic countries, you can create some incredible two weeks travel itinerary through those regions.

Now it’s up to you to decide your favorite way to see Europe in 2 weeks itinerary. Have you tried any of these journeys yourself or do you have any questions about one of the destinations? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.

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Two weeks in Europe, where to go? Here are 3 amazing 14 days itineraries in Europe, ideas that will take you to beaches, mountains, classic cities, and good food. The continent is so diverse and beautiful that creating 2 weeks in Europe itinerary seems like a daunting task. That's why we put together 3 route ideas plus travel tips that you can use to plan your next trip to Europe any time of the year.

Looking for a 2-week Europe itinerary? Here are 3 amazing trip ideas

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