How to Take a Dick Pic

Good day, ladies. Allow for me to address the adult men who have accidentally, completely coincidentally, certainly randomly landed on this web page for a second:

I’m assuming you’re here due to the fact you (err, sorry, your “friend”) definitely wishes to impress a new S.O. with a tease of the bundle correct? Lovable. Seventy-6 p.c of ladies are absolutely into dick pics when ideal, so this is great news for you. But what they are not so into: unsolicited dick photos.

Let us set up some floor guidelines, to start out: I do not care if you are sexing and items are getting ~spicy~ AF, pulling your trousers down and allowing them in on how your genitals are hunting is not an icebreaker. So let us agree to maintain almost everything consensual and appropriate. Great.

Now you will see underneath, we experienced 17 ladies clarify precisely what they’re hunting for in the *perfect* dick pic really should they consent to a single. Really feel free to print this web site out at your benefit, and you can explain to “your friend” you’re welcome way too.

1. “I like when a guy’s hand has a good grip on it…if you know what I signify )” —Nico, 21

2. “I prefer video clips. Also, knock it the fuck off with the emojis.” —Taylor, 20

3. “Once I acquired a flaccid dick pic. That was unusual, so, like, you should not do that.” —Kate, 21

4. “Shut up photographs are horrifying. Stand back a lil bit.” —Sarah, 21

5. “Don’t do the issue in which you press down on your balls to make your dick pop and glance greater. We know it is not that large. Also, a minor temper lights by no means hurts (like, terrible nighttime lights in which everything appears to be yellow and you have to use flash…that’s a no-go). But a fresh new-out-of-the-shower mirror photograph is often a safe and sound guess! Like, when there is continue to steam everywhere and you have to wipe a tiny off the mirror to expose the D.” —Sophie, 26

6. “I’m a sucker for an artsy dick pic. Some may assume it’s a bit narcissistic, but using a self-timer and lying out on anything is attractive AF. I wanna appear at you like the fucking get the job done of art you are! And in my feeling, that really should be a whole-physique nude. That is due to the fact I do not see a dick and get turned on….It does practically nothing for me visually. But I believe the human body is spectacular.” —Liz, 24

7. “It’s very hot when it’s an actual overall body shot and not some reduced-excellent up-close-and-own junk shot. I love it when my boyfriend of three years sends me nude photographs in dangerous areas. Like, when he sends me a little something from work, I’m like, yesssssir.” —Megan, 24

8. “The angle is anything. I do not want it just from the leading to see the head or from the bottom to see the balls. But if it’s from the facet and he’s holding it like he’s touching himself, which is variety of very hot since you know he’s imagining of you in that minute. —Valerie, 24

9. “First of all, it doesn’t make any difference on the angle, lights, or body of your dick pic. If we didn’t inquire for a photo, do not send out it. There’s nothing even worse than staying on your cell phone and obtaining a huge, unsolicited penis picture pop up on your display screen. That currently being reported, I’m on the lookout for something effortless. Convert off the florescent lights, lie down in bed, and snap away. The last detail I want to see is a person flexing in the rest room mirror. Place your hand at the foundation of your (with any luck , tricky) penis for a better scale, and consider the image from a reduced angle to make it glimpse larger.” —Taylor, 25

10. “A image of a man touching his dick would make it appear so significantly hotter than just a lonely penis staring you in the confront. Erect is probably superior than flaccid. Trousers or boxers pulled down or absolutely trousers-a lot less is most effective, even though sometimes peeking out of boxers can be hot. It is also fantastic when it is shut but not much too near up that it is anatomical. I like staying ready to see some background.” —Rachel, 35

11. “When men send a dick pic, I really actually really don’t want to see the dick. I’m a lot more interested in viewing his abs—or his father-bod stomach—and perhaps a small of the booty. An angle that I like is a great high-previously mentioned pic where by the cellphone is looking directly down on the stomach or abs from previously mentioned. Remember to really don’t put your confront in the image or incorporate your soiled area in the history. I’d just rather see their bodies. And lastly, something else I’d like to emphasize: If you mail a picture, I am not obligated to deliver just one back!” —Maddie*, 21

12. “When it will come to dick pics, I never care if you are 3 inches or nine—accurate representation is critical. I am constantly doing work to appreciate myself and my imperfections, and if you are sensation bad about your dick size, shape, and so on., I can inform by the photo you send. Retain it natural and make absolutely sure it is shut up. Be confident in your picture, and if you have a cock ring, set that on far too! I individually discover cock rings tremendous sizzling, and knowing you are relaxed with toys is a major flip-on and tells me a large amount about a particular person.” —Sarah, 31

13. “A superior dick pic is perfectly framed. You really should be equipped to see the lower abs—or at minimum the whole pubic spot, if the dick operator is self-conscious—and some thigh. The digicam should really be out at an angle away from the dick, fairly to the side. The dick really should be in concentrate and have enough light hitting it that there is some contrast between it and its environment. The track record ought to be clean up and tasteful. I’m not specially drawn to the concept of coming to your condominium if what I see in the history is reminiscent of a college dorm. This is just own choice, but if pubes are actually bushy, from time to time they obscure the base of the penis and make your dick appear shorter. Accomplishing a tiny little bit of grooming can go a extended way. When I send pretty pics, I choose a great deal of pride in the way I display my physique. I like putting on lingerie and posing seductively, and I truly like having short videos occasionally as well as an alternative of just photos. If I ship you some substantial-quality articles, then you sending a pic of your dick hard and hanging out of your underwear in your messy bathroom is not gonna slash it.” —Janice, 21

14. “I individually like a hand in the photo for the reason that I actually like to consider that the male is actively jerking off for me in some capability. I also like mirror pictures where I can see your full overall body or pictures lying in bed from dick up (dick, upper body, shoulders, face). Never ever send out images of your gentle dick. I know that appears clear, but you have no idea how many delicate-dick pictures I have gotten. Do not awkwardly keep your dick in an uncommon way just due to the fact you’re striving to make it appear greater. And you can always request the individual you’re sexting what they want to see, and have them be distinct. Be assured and bold and just talk to, because it’ll probably help you in the long operate. This way you can emulate their fantasies and with any luck , get to strike it.” —Selena*, 20

15. “I essentially appreciate dick pictures that do not display all the things. I’m just way a lot more captivated to a photo of a clothed boner than a naked image. Like, challenging dick laid flat beneath boxer briefs and I’m donezo. Or in grey sweats or athletic shorts. Leaving one thing to the creativity is hotter than a bare dick to me.” —Dia, 26

16. “For me, a dick on its individual isn’t eye-catching. Like, definitely, unsolicited dick photos are terrible for many explanations, but a person detail I detest about them is that they’re often just some smelly-searching dick devoid of context with the flash on. And you can, like, see Fifa on the Tv in the history. They’re in no way hot. I never really feel strongly about what is a ‘good’ penis, truly. The individual it is hooked up to has a great deal to do with how significantly I’m likely to enjoy the dick, you know? So in my feeling, a great dick pic contains context. I want to see a minor little bit of the relaxation of your system. Probably you are standing in entrance of a mirror and holding your dick (with your shirt off, you should). If you shoot the pic from beneath so I can see your face, you have gotta be cautious with that one particular. If you do it badly, it can stop up seeking like Cockzilla is about to attack your head.” —Rachel, 24

17. “I’m on the lookout for an accurate picture that shows genuine dimension and girth. A minimal decrease ab muscle is usually exciting. If we know each individual other nicely, toss in some write-up-self-enjoy fun—because everybody enjoys a excellent cum shot.” —Waameeka, 27

*Title has been adjusted.

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