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How to start your own blog

web hostingHow to start your own blog


The process to start your own blog is quite easy and will not take you more than 20 minutes! After this process, your blog will be online and ready to accept your articles. Choose a web hosting package from, the best web hosting company in Greece.

The steps you need to take to create your blog are very simple.


You will first need a domain name


Do you already have your own domain name? Then proceed to step 2! The domain name is what the visitor will type in order to visit your website. One domain for example is – if you type it from anywhere on earth, you will enter our website!

So for your own blog, you will need a domain name. The best and most trusted company for domain name registration is Papaki. You can find a detailed presentation of Papaki services here or register your domain directly at MyIP.

To secure your domain you can use any word you want or a combination of them, as long as the domain is free. Many bloggers use their name as a domain name while others find a “brand” that they use for both the blog and their domain.

If you want to create a Greek blog, targeting the Greek public, then it is better to register a .gr domain. But if you are targeting a foreign audience with foreign language content, then you may prefer the global .com extension.


Register your domain name and move on to the next step!


Choosing a web hosting company


The web hosting company is the one that “keeps” your files online and available 24 hours a day. On its servers will be all your files for the blog such as texts, images, databases, etc.

As you understand choosing a web hosting provider is crucial as it should be a professional company with reliable servers and impeccable technical support.

Choosing a bad provider will literally ruin your blog and all your work. Imagine having 10 minutes or more of downtime every day – unfortunately this is something that happens in many small hosting companies.

There are hundreds of web hosting companies to choose from for our website and blog. But our proposal is the company MyIP with which we cooperate for over 150 websites that we host there.

We have not encountered any technical problems with the servers and for any help we needed in the hosting package, they responded immediately.


Top host also offers some important benefits for a new blogger starting now such as:


  • Free automatic WordPress installation through the control panel, with 1 click
  • 24-hour technical support
  • Very fast servers in Greece
  • 90 day money back guarantee


MyIP quality web hosting services cost from just € 4 / month – very low cost. Buy your own hosting package now and go to step 3 to create the blog!


Creating and setting up a blog


After you have purchased the web hosting package from MyIP, then we are ready to configure the domain and then install WordPress!

In the initial email of MyIP, you will receive 2 (usually) name servers of the format You must enter these 2 name servers in the domain you registered in either Papaki or MyIP. Inside the admin panel there is the corresponding option.


Note: If you buy domain + hosting from MyIP at the same time, then you do not need to make any settings in the domain – everything is done automatically!


WordPress installation is very easy through MyIP’s panel. Once connected to the control panel, you will find the corresponding button for the application (it will state Application or Installation).

There you will find a plethora of cms and other scripts, ready to install with one click. Locate WordPress and install it at the root of your domain (i.e in not in a sub-folder of the style etc)

Once you have completed the installation, you can log in to the administrator which is at You will immediately be in front of the admin panel where from there you can make all the settings on your blog such as changing the template, creating articles, creating pages, etc.


Change template and create articles


Before you start writing your first articles, it is a good idea to look for a template that you like. A nice template wins visitors while on the contrary a poorly designed layout can make the visitor close your website immediately.


Log in to the admin panel


Go to Appearance -> Themes… There you can search for a template or see the most popular ones. With a click you can perform the corresponding installation. Once you have completed the change in appearance, you can write your first article by going to Posts -> Add new

Beyond that, WordPress has infinite possibilities that you should slowly explore on your own. There are plugins where these are small extra programs that help you in functions of your website.

You can also see the detailed guide for creating a blog to answer more questions and of course write us in the comments any questions you have about building your blog.


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The Most Effective Brand-new Attributes in iPhone iOS 13

The Most Effective Brand-new Attributes in iPhone iOS 13


Apple launched iPhone iOS 13 on September 19, 2019. It comes with a new dark mode, improvements in stock apps, better personal privacy controls, and also a lot more. Head to Setups > General > Software application Update to get it.

Another upgrade came also. iOS 13.1 consists of additional software features and has been released on September 24. Take care of your iPhone with an iPhone case (θήκες iPhone) that suits you best.

A Note Regarding iPhone 13 and iPad OS 13 Launch

For the very first time, Apple is splitting the iOS launch into two. iOS 13 for iPhone as well as iPad OS 13 for iPad. We’ve already discussed how iPad OS 13 will practically transform iPad into a real computer system. So in this short article, we’ll concentrate simply on the apple iPhone certain attributes. iPad OS 13 will not get here up until September 24.

Apple is set to release iPhone 13 to the apple iPhone 6s as well as higher. To examine if the upgrade is readily available on your iPhone, most likely to Settings > General > Software Update.

Dark Mode

This is the large one. The one you’ll push that upgrade button for. iOS 13 brings a system-wide dark mode that flips the manuscript– white message on a black background.

It uses a true black motif, indicating that the background in several apps is pitch black. On iPhones with OLED displays (apple iPhone X, XS, and XS Max), this looks remarkably beautiful because the black pixels do not light up. This additionally might assist in saving a smidgen of battery life.

To allow the dark mode, go to the Control Center, faucet as well as hang on the Brightness slider, and after that touch on the “Dark Mode” button.
Dark Mode toggle in Control Facility shown on an iPhone running iPhone 13

You can also establish a schedule by going to Settings > Show as well as Brightness > Arrange. You can enable dark mode based on when your local sunset happens or a personalized schedule.

Much like macOS Mojave, the dark mode button reaches applications and internet sites (in Safari). If the application or site sustains it, they’ll immediately change between the light and dark look.

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New Photos Tab

Apple is making it much easier to browse through your picture collection by organizing them down right into years, months, and also days. When you open the Photos application in iPhone 13, you’ll see a brand-new “Images” tab in the bottom toolbar. Faucet on it as well as you’ll see 4 sections: Years, Months, Days, and All Images.

Apple intelligently picks the best pictures from your library. You’ll locate autoplaying video clips as well as Live Photos as you scroll via. The good news is, screenshots as well as downloaded and install photos do not make it in this attribute.

The Year section shows your finest image from the given day throughout all years in the past, making it a less complex alternative to Time-hop.

New Image and Video Editor

When you most likely to the Edit food selection while viewing a photo or video, you’ll find a new editor. The revamped picture editor includes an extra straightforward Instagram-style user interface. Listed below the image, you’ll see a carousel of modifying devices. Select a tool and afterwards use the slider to establish the intensity.

iOS 13 additionally includes some brand-new editing tools for changing Vibrancy, White Balance, Sharpen, Interpretation, Sound Reduction, and also Vignette. Even more, Apple now permits apple iPhone owners to set the intensity for filters.

Video editing sight for changing aspect ratio in Photos application in iOS 13

In the brand-new video editor, you can quickly transform the facet ratio, crop, or turn a video. The video editor likewise has its very own collection of change devices which allows you boost the exposure and apply filters to your video clip.

All edits for pictures and videos are currently non-destructive. You can go back to the initial media at any kind of offered time.

Download Documents in Safari

You can now download documents utilizing Safari. When you stumble upon a download web link, tap on it to disclose a pop-up asking if you wish to download and install the documents. Faucet on the “Download and install” button to expose a brand-new Downloads icon in the toolbar. From here, you can monitor, control, and open all downloads.

By default, downloaded and install documents go to the Downloads folder in your iCloud Drive. You can change to the neighbourhood storage space on your apple iPhone by most likely to Setups > Safari > Downloads and selecting “On My iPhone”.

Tighter Location and Bluetooth Access Controls

Some rogue apps have actually been using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi data as a workaround for tracking your iPhone’s area. In iOS 13, you can currently disable Bluetooth accessibility for apps you don’t count on. This has nothing to do with utilizing Bluetooth gadgets for audio playback. Some applications (like Google applications) require Bluetooth access for attaching to devices like Chrome cast.

iPhone 13 also overhauls the Place Providers function in a big way. An app can no more get access to consistent history area monitoring promptly after it’s mounted. When you first see the pop-up for area accessibility, the “Always Allow” button will not be readily available.

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4 Indications that your TV demands to be repaired

4 Indications that your TV demands to be repaired

Television technology has made big advancements in the past few years. This has actually permitted Televisions to continue to be one of the most popular resources of details as well as amusement. Contact a specialist ilektrologoi-athina for guidance.

Nonetheless, as with all innovation, occasionally your Television Set require a bit of Tender Loving Care. If you start thinking something’s wrong, and start noticing imperfections on your attractive 50-inch display, your TV may be in demand of repair work. These little problems can rapidly become unbelievably disruptive.

Dead pixels

Few points are as repulsive as a dead pixel in the middle of your display. Whether these dots are black or green, the truth is they’re unbelievably bothersome. Before leaping to the worst verdict, nevertheless, you could wish to see to it that it’s without a doubt a dead pixel, not a stuck one.

The difference is that stuck pixels normally happen due to a problem with a transistor. They typically have various colours as well as are usually just merely out of place. If it is a dead pixel, after that the TV ought to be sent out for repairs. However the problem is a challenging one to deal with.

Colour distortion

If the colours on your display show up misshaped, then your Television may be malfunctioning. Commonly this concern tends to take place progressively, implying that you might not notice any kind of distinction initially. This is because of the usual factor that one colour has a tendency to deteriorate at once, consequently no evident modifications occur overnight.

Indicators to look out for include colours being manipulated towards other colours. Phantom colours are likewise an issue; if there are smears of bright colours in areas that should be entirely white, you can be pretty certain that there is an issue.

Bars as well as lines

If your display begins to display bars and also lines, typically this suggests that there is a problem with a port. This can happen when something magnetic has been put near the TV, and in turn might tinker the image rather significantly. Also potentially de-magnetising the screen. The lines or bars commonly run flat. So this issue could actually be very easy to spot, particularly if it happens unexpectedly.

Unclear screen

One more typical issue is when the image presented on the screen seems blurry. The smaller sized details often tend to come to be shed. Also the quality of the image displays improperly, extremely quickly taking your delightful motion picture experience to among pain as well as stress.

At times, it can be challenging to tell if your TV is malfunctioning, or if the trouble with the image exists within the program itself. However, there are hints that you can keep an eye out for to help detect your improperly television, quickly!

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