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Cleaning of a pumping station

Pumping stations are the places where sewage and rainwater are collected. From there they are transported by pipes and pumps to their destination.

Usually these spaces are located in basements or warehouses. These locations belong to apartment buildings and other buildings.

Sewage and rainwater, which can contain various large objects, accumulate at the bottom and create a layer of solid waste. These can clog pipes, damage pumps and allow the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

So the cleaning of the pumping station in an apartment building and a detached house is necessary in order not to create problems and to be able to operate properly and safely.

Our company Αποφράξεις Αναγνώστου Κορωπί has all the necessary know-how and experience. These are used for cleaning your pumping station, at a very low cost. We undertake the cleaning of all pumping stations no matter how difficult it is in Athens and Attica.

We make use of latest technologies suction pumps. With these we are pumping all the dirty water from the pumping station area. Then the walls are cleaned with a strong pressure machine. It is often necessary to use a blocking machine to unclog pipe plugs, always at affordable prices.

Finally, our tank trucks safely transport all wastewater to their treatment area.

The cleaning of pumping stations is often associated with the service of pumping water – sewage and disinfection of the space, which contributes particularly to the hygiene of the space.

The sewage transport tanks we have serve pumping stations in apartment buildings, detached houses, factories, hospitals, companies, shops, shopping malls and other businesses.

Parts in a pumping station and how it works

The whole pumping station system consists of the following elements:

  • Pump
  • Water collector
  • Filter
  • Pipes
  • Automation

The pump can be simple or submersible. Also, the water can be collected from a well, river or lake or a rainwater collector (rare).

What are the advantages of using a pumping station in a building?

If properly maintained, then the advantages of using a pump stand, among others:

  • Water autonomy of a building.
  • Providing constant water pressure.
  • Long service life of household appliances that use water, such as washing machines, etc.

Usually the filter is full, as it is loaded with salts and sand. Notice that at first they are not visible to the naked eye. However during use the accumulation blocks the inlet of the pump.

As a result it will not have the correct performance according to specifications. That is when you will call us to proceed with the cleaning of the pumping station with our experienced in this field staff.

Maintenance and cleaning of all types of pump station

We should clean and maintain the pumping station. This steps are vital and care should be taken. If it is not cleaned or maintained properly, serious problems are created in its operation while at the same time its lifespan is significantly reduced.

How is a pumping station cleaned?

If we want to clean properly our pumping station, the evacuation – pumping of the sewage and solid waste that exists in the area is carried out first.

Then, using high pressure presses (water jet), we thoroughly and effectively clean any residue left leaving the pumping station clean in every way.

We also undertake the maintenance of your pump and if necessary its replacement.

Water pumping

During the winter, but sometimes during the summer months, rainfall is very strong. The basements of homes, factories and warehouses are flooded with mud and water. To remove them requires the drastic intervention of a serious water pumping company.

We have the equipment and know-how that enable us to intervene immediately and effectively, removing water and mud in a very short time.

Our equipment includes powerful pumps that suck water at high speed and inject it into our tankers. These have different sizes so that they can move anywhere.

Water pumping due to floods is an emergency and thus takes place almost immediately as it precedes the rest of our services.

Cleaning by water jet

High pressure water jetting is installed in blockage vehicles.These are capable of dissolving any type of material that causes blockage in a well. Generally in clogged pipes of your sewer.

In case of incorrect use, the power of water pressure machines can damage your sewer and even flood.

Therefore the use of the pressure should be done ONLY by specialized, well-trained and experienced obstruction technicians. Also, the use should not be made in the main sewer pipe. It should be limited to auxiliary sewer pipes, external siphons or gutters of the building or house.

Grease trap cleaning

The fat collector must be placed in any professional space that drains a lot of oils or fats into the drain. Its role is to collect and store fats and sediments so that they do not enter the sewer system.

In case they enter, they block the sewerage.They also pollute the water and are responsible for many problems in the biological treatment. It consists of two chambers. The first where the sediments are collected. The second where the lighter fats are collected.

Proper cleaning of the grease trap is necessary at regular intervals to avoid bad odors, blockages and overflows. Our company has been active in the field of blockages for years and has a specialization in the cleaning of fat collectors or as they are sometimes mentioned, fat traps or fat separators.

Sewer cleaning

The proper operation of a sewer depends to a large extent on its proper maintenance and regular cleaning. If these conditions are not met, the chance of blockage and damage is much higher.

In addition, a sewer that is not properly cleaned can become a source of infection and a source of parasites, rodents, etc.

Our company undertakes the cleaning and maintenance of sewers, sewer pipes and networks. This cleaning can be done after emptying the septic tank, or, preferably, at regular intervals.

For sewer cleaning we use powerful pumps that suck the sewage. Then we supply water with high pressure that dissolves all the dirt, mud and anything else that has accumulated in the pipes.

We make use of our special tank vehicles. We transport these aspirated materials  into places where they are processed.

Disinfection of sewers with environmentally friendly products and maintenance of sewers complete the cleaning work.

This work results in a crystal clear sewer, without a trace of contamination.It should works perfectly and the operating time is greatly extended.

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10 Colors to paint your living room!

10 Colors to paint your living room!

If a man’s house is his castle, then the living room is the great hall. Painting the right colours is a major thing. It is the room where we can gather with our own people and sit together, having a coffee, and discussing everything that concerns us.

It is the main room we see when we enter the house after a long day. Therefore, it can have a big impact on our psychology, whether we realize it or not. Isn’t it worth a little more attention and care?

The decoration, but also the colors that we will choose, for our living room is definitely a complicated matter, and an opinion above is never unnecessary.

In fact, if you are interested in following the fashion trends, the decoration should take up a lot of your free time, right? And because buying new furniture every time the fashion trend changes is not in the best interest, the simplest solution is a change in the color of the walls. So if you are wondering, “what color should I paint the living room?”, It’s time to discover some very interesting trends.

Living Room Colors: 10 modern & timeless ideas for painting your space!

1. White painting

It is timeless, simple and elegant. It is always in fashion for beautiful lounges with style and signifies the classic. White symbolizes cleanliness, purity and honesty. Also, the white color on the walls is very important because it tends to highlight the surrounding space and make it look bigger. This means that even if your living room is not too big, you can easily make it look more spacious.

This property is also offered by other light shades, such as ocher, mint color, even light gray and beige. So if your exact question is “what color should I paint my living room to look bigger and brighter?”, Now you know.

2. Yellow painting

According to the principles of color therapy, the color yellow stimulates our self-esteem and helps fight phobias. It symbolizes joy and creativity, even wealth. It can stimulate a good mood and most importantly, illuminate the space.

It is not necessary to choose a strong shade of course, because a soft shade of yellow can create a wonderful atmosphere of calm in the living room. Indeed, an intense shade of yellow can be tiring, while with a softer shade you will not face such problems. You can also combine it very nicely with orange, painting the walls with the two colors alternately. The result will be happy, lively and special!

3. Beige painting

And since we are talking about discreet colors, let’s not forget this color, which gives moderation and stability. Beige is a color that expresses a friendly mood and reliability. Combine it with brown elements in the space, to create a unique living room in earth tones. Do not be afraid if it will be in fashion and time, because its value is timeless.

You can choose a light shade, to evenly illuminate the space and make it look bigger. Even if your furniture does not have earthy shades, you will hardly find that they do not match harmoniously with the beige. So, if your question is “what color should I paint my living room to match all my furniture?”, You have the answer.

4. Gray painting

The king of industrial style. It is a distinctive color, which depending on the shade you choose, can be highlighted or disappeared. What do we mean? That you can choose a light shade of gray, to illuminate the space more harmoniously and to highlight the look of the furniture.

On the other hand, choosing a darker shade of gray, your walls will not go unnoticed and will be a piece inextricably linked to the decoration of your living room. So you should not be afraid of it, or consider it boring, because it combines harmoniously with most colors and offers different results, depending on the shade you choose.

5. Light blue painting

If you are an anxious type and need calm and relaxation when you get home, blue is an excellent choice for you. The blue helps to concentrate the thought, relaxes and stabilizes the mood. This is why it is often preferred as a color for office walls.

If, of course, you feel you need its properties, why not take advantage of it to paint your living room? A wall painted in light shades of green, such as lime, can have similar effects. Especially if the furniture in your living room has shades of white, gray, beige and brown, these colors can highlight the space, without creating “noise” and discord.

6. Petrol painting

This particular color has made a name for itself in recent years and has won over loyal fans. Petrol is a special combination of blue and green, which if you use it properly in the living room, you will want to try it in other rooms of the house!

Petrol, although soothing on the face, is a dark color that can darken the space, if used extensively. Its main advantage is that it matches a wide range of colors and furniture and can have many combinations.

Try petrol with beige on the walls of the living room for harmony in the space or petrol with ocher for a more modern result. Do not forget to think of the so-called dusty pink as a candidate partner of petrol, if you want to have a romantic and chic image in your living room.

7. Green painting

According to feng shui it is the color of renewal and growth and should not be missing from your living room. Its shades are really endless and can suit any space. From mint or olive green to cypress, choose the right shade depending on the brightness and size of your living room.

In addition, combine it with earthy shades to definitely have a warm and bright living room.

8. Orange painting

If your living room needs a sense of joy and warmth, then orange is the choice for you. It has antidepressant properties and expresses friendship, trust and optimism. As a warm color, it offers light and warmth to the room, while at the same time giving a sense of vitality to family members.

Especially if your furniture has dark shades, you will love the brightness that your living room will gain with orange color on the walls. As already mentioned, the combination of orange with light yellow can also offer brightness at the same time with the feeling of joy in the space, breaking the monotony.

9. Purple painting

The purple color expresses balance and calm. Especially in light shades, such as violet, it highlights the elegance of the space and the spirituality in the character of the people who live in the house. It is ideal for you, if your furniture has light shades, such as white, beige, light yellow, light green. However, it will be difficult to combine with dark elements of the space, because it can limit the brightness of the space.

Choosing a lighter, or darker shade of purple, will bring completely different results for the aesthetics of your living room, so you should carefully consider your alternatives. So, if you are wondering “what color should I paint my living room to be really special?”, Purple is a choice you should consider to paint the living room.

10. Coffee painting

Brown is a color that indicates stability and warmth. As a basic earthy color, it highlights comfort, the emphasis on friendship and trust. These are the main reasons why it is worth giving it a place in your living room. If you are afraid that a dark brown color on your walls can reduce the brightness of the space, you can only turn to a balanced combination of brown with other colors.

Indicatively, you can paint the walls of the living room brown with gray, with beige, with white. As you can see, the meaning is that the space needs a brighter color to ensure balance.

In addition to your living room, you are looking for the answer to the question “What color should I paint my room?”. Read the article we prepared and discover 10 fantastic ideas to transform it!

Painting the living room

Still wondering what color to paint your living room, depending on its individual needs? The solution you are looking for is in the hands of an experienced and reliable professional who can give you advice.

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11 Tips for bathroom renovation

11 Tips for bathroom renovation

There are 2 reasons why someone decides to move on to bathroom renovation. The first and most enjoyable is for aesthetic and the second for psychological reasons. A change in our home, in basic spaces that are used more often, such as the bathroom, renews us, because it gives new breath to our space and consequently to us.

A renovation works, after its end, as a psychotherapist as it raises our psychology and the mood to return to our home, to our nest to enjoy the change. That is why this change must be successful in every way! The second reason (and far from it) is that there is some damage or leakage, which often makes a renovation mandatory. No evil pure good, of course.

There is some basic information you need to know about the workflow of a renovation and we are here to take you through our experience 11 tips to not succeed, just to succeed!

1. Visualize your new bathroom

You have in front of you an empty canvas, which you can paint with the most beautiful colors. This is your bathroom and you can now remodel it as you wish. Would you like a colored or earthy result? Modern tiles or vintage? Did you try pressed cement mortar? Browse decoration magazines and surf on Pinterest to immerse yourself in the style you would like your new bathroom to have. The choice will be much easier for you, as well as for the seller who will serve you, since in this way you will have given him the information he needs to direct you much more specifically and targeted.

2. Check the piping

Before the renovation, a technician should check if the water supply and sewerage pipes of your bathroom are good or need to be replaced. For example, if the installation has been done in the past with an iron pipe (it was widely used until about 1985), it most likely needs a change, because its lifespan is 25-30 years. This is a very important step, which you may not have calculated in the cost but consider changing the tiles and in a short time the pipes will puncture and you will have to start all over again.

The installation of the new tiles on the old ones, while it is done and is a solution of easy change, however, involves a risk, since in case there is any problem with the tiles or the piping in the future, everything will have to be removed.

3. Redesign the layout in your bathroom

After renovating, it would be good to think if you want to change places in the sanitary ware and the laundry or they are comfortable as they are. Many times in old bathrooms the location of the sanitary ware has not been done based on practicality or elegance and the result damages the bathroom.

For example, the basin is not nice to be placed directly opposite the door and be the first thing you see when entering the bathroom.

Also if you want to put a built-in cistern, built-in batteries or underfloor heating, you must have decided before laying the tiles.

4. Insulate the built-in shower

Lastly, the trend in bathroom design and practicality requires the replacement of the bathtub with a shower. This way you save space. But there is something you need to be very careful about. In case you do not want to install a porcelain or acrylic shower and you want to make it built, you must insulate it very well, especially if the house is on a floor.

Think that the water is very difficult to hold and at some point it will remove moisture from underneath if proper insulation / waterproofing has not been done.

5. Watch out for the tiles you buy

All the tiles may seem the same to you and you want to buy the cheapest, but their differences are huge and their quality is crucial for their durability. Many times a cheap tile will eventually cost you double, so it is wise to choose materials that do not change easily.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money, look for tiles from good factories that have been removed and so have very good offer prices and less those that are cheap from the beginning.

Avoid white and generally very light tiles on the bathroom floor because you will always be with the mop under your arms!

6. Use anti-mildew putty

Many people may not know it, but in recent years, there is a special putty on the market, which prevents the formation of mold, fungi and bacteria. Especially in the bathtub / shower area, where the putties turn black over time and you need If you clean them constantly, this grout is a savior.

Of course it is more expensive than plain putty, but you can use it only on the places that usually mold and be sure that you will not regret this decision anywhere.

7. Give light

In a renovation, it is necessary to check the electrical installations, especially if they are old but also to get extra light if it is not enough for makeup, shaving, etc. Hidden lighting also “gives” to the premises and creates zen notes, for example when you enjoy a relaxing shower gel and you do not want strong light in.

Finally, if there is no natural light in the space, it is better to choose a light color of tiles to “illuminate” the bathroom.

8. Select the smart grid

The grill that has saved every woman who faints at the sight of a cockroach! Remove your old grill with the classic holes that always remain open with one that closes. With a simple movement, open and close it whenever you want. It is also very convenient for villages and cottages that are not inhabited permanently and various (malicious) insects lurk.

9. Use plaster around the ceiling

The plaster finishes at the junction of the wall tiles with the ceiling (when there is a loft), perfect the result and camouflage the imperfections from crooked walls, which almost every house has. If you do not have a loft, the tiles stop just above the height of the door and the remaining piece is painted.

10. Protect your cabin from debris from the beginning

Technology, fortunately for us, is constantly evolving. With the new products for nanotechnology cabin glass, -which for the best possible result must be passed before using the shower-, you do not worry about the salts that settle. Use it once and it lasts from months to 10 years (depending on the product), reducing the cleaning time by up to 90%. After passing it, they do not need any cleaners. Keep your cabin just like the first day of your bathroom renovation. Ideal for hotels.

11. Support bathroom furniture and basin

The basin is the most practical object of the bathroom and its choice should not be made only in terms of aesthetics or even worse in terms of price. There are very cheap basins on the market, but after using them you realize their problems, such as that they may not pull well with a push on the cistern or that the porcelain turns yellow very easily where water falls. These are unfortunately found after the holiday. To avoid, as much as you can, this possibility, it would be good not to go for the cheapest model but at a medium price.

As for the bathroom furniture, it is what gives character to the whole bathroom and is the protagonist. It is important to be beautiful but also practical, in terms of storage space. The trend also imposes the “hanging” furniture, which does not “tread” on the floor. Thus, there is the illusion that you are saving space and cleaning under them is much easier than floor furniture.

How long does a renovation take?

Of course for a clear answer to this question, we need to know the needs and size of your bathroom. However, in general, this type of work, in its entirety, takes about a week. Normally, these days it is not possible to use the toilet.

However, if you already live inside, what we ask from the specialized workshops we work with is that the bathroom should not be left without a basin for any day. So at the end of the day of dismantling the tiles and sanitary ware, the old basin is re-installed for your service and until the new one is installed, almost at the end of the renovation.

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What floors to choose for your house?

What floors to choose for your house?


One of the main stages-elements of a house are its floors, especially if you have wooden floors – carpentry. It has the absolute ability to highlight or destroy a space and is not corrected or changed easily and without building noise. Failure to implement the material we choose can mean a total failure of the appearance of our home.

The environment to be created must be balanced, conducive to communication and have bright spots that win the impressions, especially if our house is open plan which means that there are increased appearance requirements but also several factors to take into account in choice of material.

Tips for choosing the right floor for your house


To be sure that you have chosen the right floor, think that it should be comfortable to walk on, quiet, durable to use and easy to clean. Of particular importance is the substrate that works as a surface protection shield and the correct placement by an experienced craftsman if we are talking about wood or laminate.

In new constructions or renovations, we always photograph or videotape the pipes that pass through the floor before the fillings, just in case.

Wooden floors


The perfect choice for your house is to get wooden floors. If not at the whole house then at least st the bedrooms. They will give your house a cozy feeling and they will definitely add value to your property. They need proper care and cleaning but they definitely worth the effort and your money! Trust the best workers of Gikas Painting for the best results.

How we make samples for our space

In cottages we always have the opportunity to “escape” in the choice of material, because we may not have the high demands of everyday life. Thus we can make manual constructions with pebble paving slabs, fine coloured gravel, cement mortar with admixture of aggregates and any other more unusual, such as firebricks in the form of herringbone, but also natural materials in some places e.g. tree branch or construction timber. Even stencils (painted floors) we now see with great success, that is, painting on wooden or cement floors.

Cost is a definite factor that especially in the case of renovation makes the choice of material difficult. There are solutions that are very affordable in terms of cost but also very expensive. Market research is always required. The variety of materials is endless today and we start with the economical and easy to use porcelain tiles that have an endless range of designs and price. At the same time there are marble, granite, slate, industrial, glass slabs or tiles, artificial granite and the soft things we say such as: wood, rubber, mineral fibers, cork, carpet, vinyl. Those that are small in thickness often help in space renovations.

Colour combination on floors


It is better to:

Combine the kitchen workbench in colours at least or even better and as materials with the floor material. Gives a result of high aesthetics and gives weight to the space.

However, it is better not:

Glossy tiles or slippery floors in the kitchen for obvious reasons are not recommended or sandblast some driveways. The same goes for stairs in areas where we walk all day.

Edgings around peripherals in rooms or areas with imperfections will attract attention. Do not prefer it.

The very small dimensions or embossed tiles in the living room because the frequent joints abuse the aesthetic result. Also the porous materials in the kitchen area.

Very light or very dark colours because the traces of the shoes are very easy to see. A different type of plaster highlights the wooden floor and protects it in case of moisture. In corner spaces, prefer diagonal placement of the tiles to “mock” the result. If you also prefer floor plans, these will definitely prevent your eyes from focusing on the “wrong” walls.

Think and see the colour of the floor with the lighting of the space. Take a sample and see it on the spot at all hours of the day and buy 15% more material to meet the need and future needs.



On the balconies (if they are large) leave a large joint such as 7-10mm. In this case the putty must be coarse-grained to avoid sorting tiles and to be mixed with a waterproofing emulsion. In floor skirting joints, pass under a silicone cord tile and pay close attention to the plastering of the skirting board on the wall because it is a sensitive point to moisture.

You can avoid the plaster in the bathroom by making shadows around the ceiling or stop the tile below. This also applies in the case of a loft.

Create a layout of all the bathroom items after you reach the size of the tile. Prefer intermediate colours on the floor and tone shades on the walls.

The bedroom should be kept quiet, so is good to have warm materials. So probably the protagonist is wood. Oak, beech, chestnut, shower, iroko, maple and pine. Of course, many times the floor stays covered with carpet most of the time. What we prefer for the bedroom are the fibers, the cork which is also a good insulating material but also the linoleum in a similar colour because it is also ecological. As for the carpet, pay attention to the accumulation of dust and particles and buy anti-allergic quality. You can also add inserts to the floor to make it durable.

Trust the best team of carpentry experts and watch your floors become better and better every day!

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Can Toilet Paper Clog Your Toilet?

Does your toilet gets clogged frequently? It’s a messy, unpleasant, inconvenient experience, and you probably would be glad if it never happened again. In order to prevent clogs, you make sure to never flush anything that could be damaging, like food, feminine hygiene products, or trash. But what if the clogs keep forming?

As strange as it sounds, toilet paper may cause your constant clogs. Not all toilet paper is made the same, and some things may get stuck in your plumbing (apofraxeis Kallitheas). This post can help you figure out why toilet paper might clog your toilet and what to do about it.

Why Does Toilet Paper Form Clogs?

You would think that since toilet paper is designed to go into the toilet, it wouldn’t cause any problems. However, that isn’t always the case – there are a few reasons why toilet paper clogs form:

  • Low-flow toilets. You may have chosen a low-flow toilet for its efficiency. After all, you care about the environment, and you don’t want to waste water. You also want your water bill to remain low. However, because low-flow toilets use less water, the water pressure isn’t as high. Therefore, the thickness of the toilet paper used is something to be aware of.
  • Rough pipes. New pipes are smooth and clean, which means that waste goes through them easily. However, the pipes get coated in grease and waste over time, and the edges may get rougher. All of these factors can cause toilet paper to become stuck more easily. Older cast iron pipes can be more at risk for clogs.
  • Too much toilet paper. As you have doubtless observed, too much toilet paper can clog your toilet. Generally, adults tend to know how much toilet paper is too much, so this probably isn’t an issue for you. However, if you have a child who is still learning, you may have to deal with clogs frequently.
  • Toilet paper that doesn’t dissolve well. You may love getting ultra-plush toilet paper-you want a product that is soft, absorbent, and strong. However, if you get a toilet paper that is too thick, it may not dissolve very well, which means that it can get stuck in your pipes and cause clogs. If you eliminate other reasons why your toilet is clogging, your toilet paper itself might be to blame.

Your clogging problem may be caused by one issue or a combination of problems. You may have to do some experimenting to get rid of the problem.

How Can I Stop Clogs?

The annoying part about toilet paper clogging your toilet is that it’s 100% preventable. Some countries may not flush anything, including toilet paper. In Canada, we like to flush our used toilet paper with our waste. The most important thing you can do to prevent clogs is to limit the amount of toilet paper per flush, even if it results in multiple flushes. 

Plumbing and Drainage Contractors – Αποφράξεις Αθήνας – also suggest that you be more scrutinizing in terms of toilet paper selection. While toilet paper companies market their ultra-soft, ultra-thick toilet paper, it’s actually not ideal for your plumbing system. The thicker the toilet paper, the longer it takes for it to dissolve. Your three criteria in toilet paper selection are:

  • Soft to the touch.
  • Strong enough so that it does not fall to pieces when you use it.
  • Has a fast rate of dissolving.

To keep yourself from going cross-eyed while strolling the aisles at the supermarket, put the plunger down and spend a little time on the Internet. Research a good toilet paper that fits your needs and your plumbing system. Compare one, two, and three-ply versions and check out other categories, such as:

  • Absorbency
  • Softness
  • Strength
  • Clog-ability

There are many brands on the market, so one is bound to fit the bill! Constant plumbing repairs can now be a thing of the past.

A Not-So Definitive Solution

As it turns out, this issue isn’t black and white. It is the amount and volume of toilet paper that dictates no matter whether or not a clog and more plumbing repairs will result. Using a minimal amount of rest room paper amongst flushes will maintain your system healthy and free from injury. On the other hand, if you use fifty percent a roll at a time, be geared up to suffer the effects!

Any toilet paper made with 100% recycled paper will dissolve almost completely. It is the best toilet paper to use.

Instead of being made up of long, strong fibers, recycled paper has short fibers that easily break apart into short little pieces.

The tinier the pieces are, the less likely they are to get caught on the edges, rough spots, or corners in your plumbing. No getting caught means no clogging means no running from the bathroom being chased by a lava-like flow of poo.

What exactly is recycled toilet paper made of?

Recycled toilet paper isn’t made up of used toilet paper. It’s made up of post consumer recycled content (PCR). The bad part of that is the fact that this includes papers that have BPA in them. 

Things like credit card printouts and lottery tickets are made with paper that has BPA. Those things are then added to the other papers that consumers recycle (like cardboard) and end up getting BPA into the recycled paper.

HOWEVER the amount of BPA is minimal (we’re talking parts per billion) and if you’re going to weigh pros and cons, the pros of using recycled toilet paper far outweigh the cons. The BPA in recycled paper is insignificant compared to what we come into contact with daily.

What About When I’m Away From Home?

Did you know that in many countries, you aren’t supposed to flush the toilet paper? Generally, Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and the US all flush toilet paper, but much of the rest of the world doesn’t-and if you try to do so in those areas, you might clog the pipes. You probably don’t want to cause or deal with a plumbing emergency while on vacation.

If you plan on travelling in an unfamiliar country, make sure to look up how they handle toilet paper before you leave. However, if you are travelling now and you aren’t sure, just check the bathroom. If there is a waste-basket that has toilet paper in it already, you should probably throw the paper away instead of flushing it.

If your toilet keeps clogging just from waste and toilet paper, make sure you are using a small amount of the right kind of toilet paper. However, if you have further problems, contact Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου Καλλιθέας . We can help you address the problem and discuss your options, including replacing the toilet fixture.

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