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Why Choose Organic Dairy Products?

Why Choose Organic Dairy Products?

Kateris Dairy Machines offers a variety of solutions for the small and medium sized Dairy Farm.

It tastes better

Many people buy organic food because they believe it tastes better than non-organic food. No one is quite sure why this should be. It’s thought it might be because organically reared animals and fruit grow more slowly and the fruits have a lower water content than non-organic ones.

It’s better for you and your family

Research suggests that organic milk is very beneficial to health and well-being. Organic milk is typically higher in vitamins and beneficial nutrients. It includes more Omega 3, vitamin E and beta carotene (which the body converts to vitamin A) than non-organic milk.

Eating organic food also means you’re reducing your exposure to potentially harmful pesticides, additives and antibiotics.

On non-organic farms, over 440 pesticides can be used. Their residues can often be found in the food they produce. The Soil Association only allows organic farmers to use four pesticides – and these can only be used as a last resort. Instead, organic farms control pests using natural predators. They maintain fertile soil using traditional methods such as crop rotation.

Non-organic animals are routinely fed antibiotics to help speed up their growth. These antibiotics are linked to bacterial resistance to the same and closely related antibiotics in humans – making any antibiotics we may take when we’re ill less effective. Soil Association standards prohibit the routine use of antibiotics.

It’s better for the environment

Organic farms have 44% more birds and five times as many wild flowers as non-organic ones, helping to preserve biodiversity.

The UK government has admitted that organic farms cause less pollution from sprays and create less dangerous wastes. They also admit they produce less carbon dioxide, the main global warming gas.

It’s better for the animals

No system of farming has higher levels of animal welfare standards than organic farms working to Soil Association standards. All organic farmers aim to keep their animals happy, comfortable and contented.

Unless they are ill, organic animals are never given antibiotics. This means that they grow at a rate that is natural and healthy. As a result they live longer and have a better quality of life. If our dairy cows are treated with antibiotics, they’re removed from the herd and their milk is not used until the antibiotics have cleared their system. Organic dairy cows produce more milk over their lifetimes than non-organic ones.

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