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How to look taller

As we are well aware that nature did not endow us with two-meter legs, it is not very easy to shop for clothes – γυναικεία ρούχα –  and combine them with each other when you are short. Most of the clothes on the market look like they are made for women over 1.75 m. Not to mention that we feel almost “doomed” to wear heels (even slippers are “forbidden” to be completely flat).

And yet, the point is not to accept the situation and inflate the hair a little more (proven, creping gives height) but to adopt those stylistic tricks that will make us look well-dressed and somewhat taller, but above all will give us the confidence we need to stand on our own two feet! Even if it is 1.63m!

Emphasize your waist

Belts, waist jackets and dresses that fit at the waist are your secret weapons. By emphasizing your waist, you help your image to gain more harmony and balance. Ideally, follow the rule of 2/3, that is, make sure that the clothes you wear do not “cut” your body in two but narrow so that the bottom represents 2/3 of the silhouette and the top 1/3 ( practically, put a belt not above the pelvis, but below the chest). See how Vanessa Hudgens (height 1.55m) uses transparency to apply the 2/3 rule:

The best styling tips for short women

Prefer high-waisted pants and skirts

It is obvious that a high waist piece immediately makes the legs look taller. Prefer high-waisted lines whether it is a skirt or pants, shorts, shorts or leggings.

Wear a mini

The longer the legs are exposed, the higher they look. If the super mini does not fit your style or everyday life, you can choose a length up to just above or just below the knee. Avoid skirts that reach to the middle of the calf. Also, if you want to wear something maxi, it is good to have a large enough slit, such as the dress chosen by Reese Witherspoon (1.57m high).

Find the perfect pair of jeans

This year you are very lucky because the flaired jeans with light bell are in fashion again and make the legs look taller, while it is perfectly combined with high heels. Choose either one in this line or a bootcut and leave the boyfriends and generally those in the bulky line for those occasions when you prefer to feel comfortable rather than look taller.

Say yes to monochrome

An outfit in a single color gives the impression of a longer silhouette. The same effect but in a more playful style are given by the ton-sur-ton sets.

Avoid exaggerations in layering

The many clothes worn on top of each other tend to “cut” points from the height – and we do not want that, right? You can let a T-shirt look under a sweatshirt or a cardigan, but it is best not to you overdo it with the levels.

Combine the oversized pieces with fitted ones

Who said you can not wear something oversized if you are short? Certainly not us! You just have to combine it with a piece in a fitted line (eg skinny jeans or a pencil skirt when it comes to a wide sweater or an oversized cardigan), if you do not want to look like a tiny rapper.

Invest in a long coat

It is the key piece that Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez choose for their appearances (all three under 1.64m). Gives a single image to the silhouette that makes it look taller, while increasing the elegance points of an outfit. And because being short has its advantages, you have more options since you can choose a midi that will be long enough on you.

Do not discard the flats completely

Yes, heels are sure to make you look taller. But you do not have to suffer over 12 pounds all day. Try kitten heels for a chic look that will not “lower” you but also the completely flat, when you want to be comfortable. The secret to putting on shoes without heels and not looking too short? Pair them with crop pants or turn the lapel on your jeans to look a little ankle, like Zoe Kravitz (height 1.57m).

Find a good seamstress

Let’s face it: the world (in general, and fashion in particular) is unfair and you will hardly find clothes cut and sewn for your body type out there – although there are many brands that have lines designed for petite women.

4 Reasons to Choose Your Dress From Discount Wedding Dresses

4 Reasons to Choose Your Dress From Discount Wedding Dresses

Your wedding dress is going to be the most vital part of your wedding event preparing process. Every bride-to-be wants to make certain that she discovers the perfect dress for this celebration. It can be easy for these soon-to-be bride-to-bes to concentrate on the most popular, most costly dresses offered.

They tend to keep away from a few of the more affordable, affordable bridal gown available at nearly every wedding dress service provider such as Fashion Kalogirou. There are several advantages that can be had by those who seek to these discount wedding dress.

Conserve You Money

Discount wedding event gowns will undoubtedly save you money. If you can find the perfect gown for your wedding event, but for less, why would you pass it up?

You Can Be Unique

One thing that many fail to believe about with the discount wedding gown is the quantity of people who own the wedding event dress. Your wedding event dress will be unique, and may actually stand out throughout the wedding event as a interesting and vibrant option.

Discounted Wedding Dresses – Is It A Designer

Designer wedding dresses will often find themselves on discount rate racks. There will be designers who have actually produced bridal gown that are not popular. They still wish to sell their wedding dresses, and will sell them to a discount bridal gown shop. You can quickly find an amazing designer bridal gown on a discount rack.

You Could Still Find “Your” Dress

Brides are consumed with their bridal gown option, as they want to make certain that they find the perfect gown. They desire a gown that makes them feel amazing, and makes them look amazing. Because they feel as though they will not be able to find the perfect gown at a discount rate, numerous bride-to-bes prevent discounted wedding gowns.

This is unfortunate, as many bride-to-bes find the best bridal gown on a discount rack. You do not need to force yourself to select from a warehouse store. But if you look around one, you might discover the ideal dress that you would have missed if you did not check out the store.

In the beginning, you may avoid discounted wedding dresses. Many will avoid these dresses due to the fact that they do not wish to ‘skimp’ on their wedding dress. Hopefully, these four benefits reveal you that you can find the perfect wedding dress through a discount provider without sensation as if you are ‘skimping’ on your gown.

You still have the opportunity to find the best gown for your wedding, but will find that dress at a much lower cost.

One thing that numerous stop working to believe about with the discount wedding dress is the amount of people who own the wedding event gown. They still want to sell their wedding dresses, and will offer them to a discount wedding event gown store. Brides are consumed with their wedding gown choice, as they desire to make sure that they discover the perfect dress. Lots of brides avoid discounted wedding gowns since they feel as though they will not be able to find the best gown at a discount.


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My Obsession with Bag BUTTONS!

My Obsession with Bag BUTTONS!

I think the image that comes to everyone’s mind when they think “Button”, is a typical plastic shirt button with four holes. But, Oh they are really so much more! Every material under the sun has been used in button production. There are even some made out of human hair! Now that’s not one I personally might choose for one of my 4Bag bags, but come on, that’s a big leap from a plastic shirt button!

You hear “Button Collectors” or “Button Societies” and you picture old ladies sitting around a table exchanging buttons. While this may pertain to some… the flip side of the coin is massive Button Conventions consisting of buttons from all over the world, from every point in time. Some are worth hundreds of dollars because of what they’re made of, and where & when they came from. Crazy when you think that we are talking about an item that is 2 inches in diameter at the MOST! For antique lovers that get caught up in where an item has been, this is an intriguing and interesting event because there is a lot of history that can be attached to that little piece.

Apparently Grandmothers are responsible for getting anyone and everyone into Button collecting. Every story I come across of how a person came to be a button collector, it always begins with “I inherited my grandmother’s button collection…”

For me, it was not MY grandmother’s, but a bunch of my best friend’s grandmother’s buttons that were given to me. She gave me a baggie full of antique buttons and some of them were just gorgeous! And they were different, which I realized was because they were vintage and timeless.

I had just started to use large buttons in the centre of the leather flower on my handbags, but I was only shopping new ones from craft stores. I hadn’t even thought to check into vintage or antiques. The buttons I had been getting from stores were really nice, but the quality of these vintage/antique vs the newer plastic or ceramic made such a difference in the look it gave the bag. So I started looking on the internet for more Antique Large Buttons, and was blown away at the massive button collector community out there! Shortly after, I became just as obsessed. I was finding ones from the 18 & 1900’s, adorable ones from the 1920’s…

They were from France, England, and all over. I couldn’t help but be enamoured by the wonder of  where they had been and who had worn them. Was it on the dress of a Queen, the lapel of a writer, the headband of a flapper?? Or maybe on a sweater that kept a woman warm who sat in protest for a week back in the 70’s? This was the beginning to realizing my handbags could tell a story based upon what they were made from, and they could represent the fact that each and every one of us has a story to tell.

I like that I’ve become obsessed in a way that I will be adding to the buttons’ life story. Not that sitting on a card with 50 other random buttons in some lady’s house isn’t a story for the button, but I like that I’m giving it a new life, another story to tell as it goes for a ride on an 4Bag bag.

It’s always fun to shop the vintage and get lost in where they’ve been, but it’s also fun to come across current artists handcrafting their own buttons. Buttons are an art-form, and like everything, there’s a difference to “hand-crafted” vs. “punched out” manufactured. These artists pay attention to how they are painted and how they are set. An item made from love and attention stands out from the rest. And that’s a quality I will proudly represent on my handbags.

Attending a button convention to collect buttons for my 4Bag bags has been added to my bucket list for 4Bag, which also consists of going to Bali and Thailand to hand-pick my Batik Fabric for my lining. In the meantime… I am grateful for the internet for making our world a smaller place and enabling me to shop from collectors and makers in the comfort of my home.

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The Only Kinds of Bags You Need to Own

The Only Kinds of Bags You Need to Own

The purse is among the most practical, hard-working devices being in our storage room, yet the amount of selection out there on what to buy– as well as what’s worth our loan– can be overwhelming. Here are the only 10 handbag types you need to own.

Purses and purses are among the most practical, tireless accessories in our storage room. They hold every one of our day-to-day things, securing our prized possessions and also not-so belongings from inclement weather, damage and burglary– and, in the majority of instances, they help finish our polished looks.

However, now even more than ever before we are overwhelmed with a lot of choices– in between designs and rates– there feels like an endless quantity of alternatives. Yet we’re right here to help. Here’s our overview to the only purses you’ll ever need, with low- and also high-priced choices.

Fashion bags (tsantes in Greek) is the most populart accesory for every women and girl.

Must-Have Bags

  • The Natural Leather Day Pouch
  • The Day Clutch
  • The Crossbody Purse
  • The Evening Clutch
  • The Straw Basket
  • The Medium-sized Handbag
  • The Trendy Tote
  • The Informal Day Bag
  • The Famous Bag
  • The Color Bag

The Natural Leather Day Pouch

This is the essential workhorse handbag. A tool to big leading deal with bag that can hold nearly whatever like your paperback publication or tablet computer (and your pouch for makeup touch-ups). Try to select one in a neutral-color leather like black or tool to dark brownish to make sure that scuffs and also discolorations won’t be obvious, because that else has splashed their early morning coffee on their bag? Likewise attempt to avoid from bags with great deals of equipment or logo designs– those can date your bag.

The Day Clutch

A cool, customized daytime clutch is a wonderful alternative if you can handle editing what enters as well as what remains out. Smaller pouches are cute and also light, however you normally can not obtain greater than a lipstick as well as a smart device therein. Attempt to select one that has multiple pockets and a bit of dimension so you can bring your basics. This is one of those bags you can enjoy with– you do not need to invest a great deal on this style, so attempt playing with various materials as well as colors.

The Crossbody Purse

As all of us understand, this bag gives you fantastic liberty of motion while maintaining your points close– as well as it looks much chicer than a knapsack. An excellent crossbody  will certainly have a strong band that’s adjustable with a front flap that’s easy to maneuver. It should not be also hefty as well as must be a tool dimension– go as well tiny and it’s not mosting likely to be extremely functional, also big and it can overwhelm you.

The Night Clutch

A lot of us will need an evening clutch at some point, so why wait till the evening before a large, elegant event to go out as well as buy one? The most classic bag design you can own is a basic black satin coloured clutch or metallic clutch in gold or silver. This is one bag that ought to be as seasonless as feasible, because you desire to have the ability to hold onto it for years and use it for any type of event. If you want a little of shimmer, attempt to pick one with a jewel on the hold. This has a much more timeless, enduring appeal as well as goes easily with everything.

The Straw Basket

The straw basket can be your go-to bag in the warmer months. It’s an excellent summer carry-all and can and must be a little bit much more playful than your various other handbags (hint vibrant pom-poms). Load it up with treats as well as a towel for a coastline day with your buddies or with your everyday things as you commute to function.

Design symbol Jane Birkin made the straw basket popular in the ’70s when she made it her trademark bag, long before Hermes made a bag in her honor, The Birkin.

The Medium-sized Shoulder Bag

Purse have a streamlined as well as advanced yet flashy appeal– as well as are one more ideal daily go-to. Rich leather or distinctive suede are optimal, but also a cool canvas material in the summertime can be excellent for a light-weight, weather-appropriate look. The choices for this kind array dramatically, so a great deal of what deserves it is additionally established by your own personal style, taste level and also budget plan.

The Elegant Tote

Every lady needs a lug, as well as not simply a big bag to transport stuff around in but one that can likewise look refined as well as specialist. If you lug a laptop computer back as well as forth from the workplace then this is absolutely the bag for you. However if you’re not lugging a lot past your pocketbook, a phone as well as a tiny make-up bag, you can still make use of a lug, just opt for a light-weight one– like in a canvas product.

The Casual Day Bag

This is your wildcard, and also it enables you to show off your individual style. There are lots of alternatives that won’t spend a lot, from a candy striped hobo to a sporty carrier to a croc license clutch. On those days when you can have a little a lot more enjoyable with your appearance, switch things up and function this bag right into your 9-to-5 regimen. It’s a great means to kick up– as well as show off– your style.

The Iconic Bag

OK, no person really requires a designer bag– yet if you’re looking to purchase something genuinely elegant, you’ll want to see to it it can last you for many years to find. Go into the classic iconic bag, à la a Birkin bag or the extremely coveted classic Chanel bag.

These bags can depend on their own– constantly making a statement as well as outliving any type of pattern. For instance, the Chanel Standard Purse is one of the most legendary handbags ever before created. It is the LBD of purses (albeit an expensive one). Luckily, alternating choices exist for those who don’t have $5,000 to drop on this appeal.

The Shade Bag

Yes, black is always the new black (unless orange is), yet often you’ve just reached provide in to the delight of shade (particularly when it can so considerably affect your state of mind). A fantastic way to make use of a color purse is not to match it to your clothing, yet to choose a color that gets on the opposite spectrum of shades you put on to create a contrast.

If you put on a great deal of camels and beiges, attempt a yellow or red bag. If you use red typically, after that try a bag in a light shade of blue. It appears counterintuitive but it functions. As well as, of training course, you can constantly make use of shade to separate strong black, navy and white.

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