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How to build an attic in our home


The renovation of a house includes many steps. This is something must be done in order for our space to becomes more beautiful, but also more functional.  In this try out many people thing about how to build an attic in our home.Many times, however, it is just not enough to change the layout of our home or put a new kitchen and bathroom furniture, if we want to live happily and comfortably in the house.

Another problem is the one of the available space, an issue that concerns many people, especially those living in densely populated urban centers. Thus, during the time of the renovation, there are many who think about how they can expand their home by adding one or more rooms.

A beautiful and affordable way to do this is to build an attic. With it, we make the most of the vertical space and can make a small room, such as a bedroom or office, or even an entire living room. But what is the process to do this? How will the attic be constructed in such a way that it is safe but also comfortable for the living of the tenants of the house?

Roof height

The first thing we need to see, before even starting the renovation of a house, is whether the height of the roof is enough to make the attic. Even in the smallest attic a person should be able to stand, so at least two meters are required.

In case that the height is not enough, the roof will have to be raised. This is something translates into an increases to the overall cost.

Utilization of space

The next decision in the construction of the attic is the space, which will be utilized. Generally, lofts range from 25 to 50 square meters, depending on the use that will be made of them.

Based on this, the construction point of the attic and the placement of the stairs will be determined, in order to create a functional whole between the attic and the already existing building.

Necessary studies

Loft construction is not a simple home renovation and in all cases requires specific studies, in order to meet all of the modern standards for safety and comfortable living. Thus, it is necessary to make an architectural study and a study of the statics of the building.

Also it should be done implementations of current seismic legislation, especially if you live in a seismic area. In addition, ohter studies that should be done are the hydraulic one, the electrical and mechanical installation. All of them are required, so the corresponding studies will have to be done.


The construction of the attic first includes the masonry, which is usually done with a double brick wall and internal insulation, unless the metal construction is chosen for reasons of statics and minimal structural burden of the building. The mechanical and electrical installation is also done, as well as the hydraulic works, if this is necessary.

The work is supervised by the responsible engineer, who undertakes, in addition to the study and gathering of all the necessary documents and the supervision of the workshops. To complete the attic, the insulation of the roof and the installation of soundproofing and thermal insulation frames are required. Talk with your mechanic to find out about the latest technologies in the field.

Remember that there are a variety of in the market to choose form. Always check for the best quality of the products or the mechanic team who will be responsible for the task. This is something for a lifetime and you want the best for your home. Also to avoid problems in the near future.

The engineer work

The work of the engineer is the most semantic one. He is the appropriate person to research your attic. He is laos the one that is responsible for your new construction to meet modern construction standards and also the states requirements. Some features belonging to modern construction specifications are:

  • The architectural study that comes from a qualified architect or civil engineer
  • A static study that is fully seismic, according always to current legislation
  • Project supervision by an experienced engineer
  • The exterior masonry, with double brick street wall with internal insulation
  • A complete hydraulic installation, in order to have water supply and sewerage
  • The complete electrical installation in every room, for the electricity demands
  • Complete mechanical installation in all rooms
  • Aluminum frames, with double thermal insulation windows, shutters, tilts and screens where needed
  • Reinforced roof insulation

The engineer after his work will be able to gather all of the the necessary documents for the competent town planning, so he could obtain a building permit. Remember that an important condition for obtaining a building permit, is that the square meters of the existing building do not exceed the square meters specified by the town planning.

Eventually, they will give you approval to go on with the construction or not. In case you have a negative answer, then you will have to change the construction specifications in order to meet with the local planning authorities. So, we will be possitive and assume that you will finally get your approval.

The next thing for you is to decide about the type of ladder that you want. Stairs can vary in design and also cost. Your ladder can be made of wood, steel, spiral, and more elements. Your choice will determine your budget. Finally, the time it takes to complete a loft conversion will always vary depending on the size and function, such as bathrooms, toilets, showers and the other parts of the design.

It will take time and effort for you to build an attic, but in the end you will see that it is something that will be of the best thing you can do in your residence. Your will manage to bring up the price of your home and also give it a new style, while adding more room for your people. So go on and try it.


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Wild Pacific Trail Lighthouse Loop in Ucluelet

If you’re planning a trip to Tofino, be sure to allow part of a day to visit Ucluelet so you can hike the Wild Pacific Trail Lighthouse Loop section – a stunning 2.6-kilometre section that features spectacular ocean views. The Lighthouse Loop is a great choice if you’re short on time as you can knock it off in as little as 45 – 60 minutes. It’s fun for families – with most of the trail stroller-friendly, especially the paved section from the Coast Guard parking lot to the Amphitrite Lighthouse. (Most of it is wheelchair friendly too.) And if you’ve never spent much time on the coast, you’ll love watching the massive rollers crash into land.

John and I hiked the Wild Pacific Lighthouse Loop Trail in September on a beautiful sunny day. But believe it or not, sunshine doesn’t always offer the best experience. If you time your visit between October and March, you may catch one of the notoriously awful west coast storms – and with that monster big waves. They are intimidating but so worth seeing.

Be sure to treat the area with the respect it deserves. Stay well back from the water’s edge – as rogue waves have a nasty habit of catching people off guard. Obey all posted signs and use your common sense.

It would be hard to get lost on the Lighthouse Loop Trail

Hiking details of the Wild Pacific Trail Lighthouse Loop

To get to the start of the trail drive through Ucluelet on Peninsula Road. Turn right on Coast Guard Drive near the end of the peninsula. Park in the obvious Visitor Parking Lot. 

We hiked the trail in a clockwise direction, but it really doesn’t matter what direction you hike it. The trail starts off in the forest on a wide path. In short order you’re on the coast and it stays that way for most of the hike. What I loved about the Lighthouse Loop were the sheer number of viewpoints – and the option to get down to the beach and see the landscape from eye-level. It is also ideal in storm season as you can safely watch the massive waves roll in from numerous viewpoints scattered around the trail.

Be sure to check out a  couple of beaches on the hike. Perhaps do a bit of poking around, looking at tide pools. Enjoy a picnic lunch but be sure to pack out what you pack in.

Easy walking through the forest on the Wild Pacific Trail Lighthouse Loop
Easy walking through the forest on the Wild Pacific Trail Lighthouse Loop
Views from the Lighthouse Loop Trails
In short order we were enjoying views like this
The Amphitrite Point Lighthouse was built in 1915
This Amphitrite Point Lighthouse was built in 1915
Through the trees on an easy walking trail
Through the trees on an easy walking trail
Watching the waves roll in
Watching the waves roll in
Quite the rugged coastline
Quite the rugged coastline
One of the beaches you can access as you walk the Lighthouse Loop Trail
One of the beaches you can access as you walk the Lighthouse Loop Trail
Signage showing a sense of humour along with a warning
Signage showing a sense of humour along with a warning
You'll find lots of viewpoints along the Wild Pacific Trail
You’ll find lots of viewpoints along the Wild Pacific Trail
Its worthwhile to do the steep set of stairs to this beautiful beach
Its worthwhile to hike down the steep set of stairs to this beautiful beach
Good signage on the trail
Good signage on the trail

The Amphitrite Point Lighthouse

The squat Amphitrite Point Lighthouse, named after Amphitrite, a sea goddess and wife of Poseidon in Greek mythology, is a working one. The first version was built in 1906 – just after the tragic shipwreck of the Pass of Melfort on Christmas Day 1905. Every one of the 36 people on board perished when they ran into a ferocious storm in the Ucluelet area. Two weeks before the shipwreck, a whistling buoy that marked the reef had disappeared because of heavy seas.

This shipwreck was the reason for building a lighthouse to warn of the reefs. The initial lighthouse lasted for eight years – until a tidal wave took it out in 1914. Construction of the new lighthouse started in 1915. Sea captains were requesting an up-to-date lighthouse along with a wireless station and a fog alarm.

The present 1915 lighthouse is 20 feet tall and flashes a white light every 12 seconds. It may not be the most beautiful of lighthouses, but it works and keeps boats safe.

The western shore of Vancouver Island is called The Graveyard of the Pacific
The western shore of Vancouver Island is called The Graveyard of the Pacific
The lighthouse built in 1915 is still standing
The lighthouse built in 1915 is still standing

The Bog Woodland Loop

There is the option to do the Bog Woodland Loop at the start/end of the Lighthouse Loop Trail. It will only take you 10 minutes at most to walk it – a little more if you read all the interpretive signs. It may not offer all the glorious views of the Lighthouse Loop, but it is surprisingly interesting to walk.

Don't miss the short interpretive walk on the Bog Loop
Don’t miss the short interpretive walk on the Bog Woodland Loop
Take the Bog Challenge and count how many plant
Take the Bog Challenge and count how many plant species you find
The bog Loop might be short but it is educational and interesting
The bog section might be short but it is educational and interesting

Nature videos to inspire

The Wild Pacific Trail Society founded in 1999 has had trail development as its biggest focus for years. But they want to do more by connecting people with nature and as such have trail-based educational programs, lots of interpretive signage (which we found very helpful) and a series of highly informative videos with titles like What’s That Smell? Follow That Slime, For Peat’s Sake and Remarkable Ravens. These are great learning tools for kids who can’t be there in person.

Location map of Ucluelet’s Wild Pacific Trail Lighthouse Loop


Know before you go

  • This can be a busy hike in which case you’re not likely to run into wildlife – but its always possible. Be aware that black bears, cougars and even wolves can on occasion be seen along the trail.
  • Always dress appropriately. Even though the trail is short, carry water and an energy bar or two.
  • On rainy days, you will need full rain gear – tops and bottoms and a hat that will stay on in the wind, if you want to remain dry.

More reading on things to do on the west coast of BC

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An easy hike on the Wild Pacific Trail Lighthouse Loop in Ucluelet, British Columbia

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How does an oil boiler work?

Oil boilers operate in a very similar way to gas boilers as the company καυστήρες Μπότης explain us. The fuel – in this case oil – is ignited in the combustion chamber, and a heat exchanger heats cold water – either from the mains in a combi system or from a cold water tank in a conventional system.

Heated water can be used in radiators, faucets and showers to provide heating and hot water to your home.

An oil boiler should have the same efficiency as a gas boiler. According to building regulations, oil boilers must have an energy class of at least 86% or A +. Condensing oil boilers will usually have an efficiency of 90% or higher.

This is due to the fact that oil boilers use almost all the heat and additional gas generated by the combustion of oil, converting it into additional heating energy, so that there is less waste. In addition, oil is a more efficient fuel than natural gas. This means that you will have good efficiency for each unit of energy.

What is the difference between a gas / oil boiler?

The main difference between a gas boiler and an oil boiler is the way the appliances store their fuel. A gas boiler does not need to store gas because it is connected to the mains, which means it has a constant supply of fuel. Instead, an oil boiler requires a tank to store the oil until needed.

About the oil tank

The oil tank must be located on your property and there are certain installation regulations that must be followed. The base of the tank must be strong enough to withstand the weight of the tank and its contents.

The tank must be supported on solid ground, either concrete or paving slabs at least 42 mm thick, extending at least 300 mm beyond the perimeter of the tank. If the tank is close enough to your home, a firewall should be placed between the tank and your home.

Modern oil tanks are usually made of plastic and are relatively easy to maintain. The tank should be refueled as needed to ensure that you do not run out of oil at any point. For some people the tank only needs to be filled once a year, however for larger homes with more radiators, you may find that the tank needs to be filled a few times each winter.

You need a thermostat

As with a gas heating system, your home should have at least one thermostat that tells you the room temperature, the weather compensation (maybe even smart controls). A thermostat should be placed away from a radiator and away from direct sunlight to provide accurate measurements.


The initial time of the few seconds that the fan blows without the supply of oil is of great importance. Firstly, the fan manages to perform completely after a while and secondly, it cleans the boiler from any dangerous oil fumes.

If after some unsuccessful attempts to turn on the burner the boiler is hot, then the oil sprayed from the injector and because it comes in contact with the hot parts of the boiler evaporates, thus creating a dangerous gas cloud.

When these gases come in contact with the flame an explosion ensues. So there were a lot of explosions because, some people thought it good instead of replacing a damaged electromagnetic oil valve, to remove it.

From the above it appears that the burner does not light up when:

1. There is no power supply to the burner electronics.

2. There is light from a flame or other cause inside the boiler before the electromagnetic oil valve opens.

3. No spark is created because

(a) the transformer is damaged;
(b) the electrodes are damaged or dirty;
(c) they are not placed correctly,
(d) the electronic is damaged.

4. No oil is sprayed because

(a) there is no oil,
(b) the oil electromagnetic has failed;
(c) the injector or oil supply pipe is clogged;
(d) the electronic has broken down;
(e) from other causes (icy oil, water in oil or garbage, etc.).

5. The air is much more than required (poor tamper setting or incorrect diffuser mount).

6. The photocell does not see light after opening the oil valve, because it is probably dirty or damaged or the electronics are to blame. However in this case, if the burner turns on and off then the photocell is probably to blame.
7. The electronics are damaged.

In all the above cases, the electronic blocks the operation of the burner by turning on the reset button on it. To turn on the burner, we have to press this button after a few minutes. If the burner still blocks after two or three resets, we should start looking for which instrument is damaged.

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Venus Retrograde in Capricorn 2021 Meaning and Horoscope by Sign

Each and every calendar year and a 50 % or so, Venus, the world of ~adore~ and romance, turns retrograde. You know Mercury Retrograde, correct? Very well, Venus Retrograde is kinda like that, but in its place of messing up your vacation strategies, technologies, and communications, it is really heading straight for your lurve everyday living.

A swift clarification: We say a world is retrograde when it seems to transfer backwards in its orbit from our POV in this article on Earth. In astrology, it’s s a time when the locations of existence that specific world rules—for Venus, which is love, pleasure, attractiveness, and money—come up for review and get a tiny wonky.

The Astrology Deck: Your Manual to the Meanings and Myths of the Cosmos

Venus’s rotation is the natural way reverse Earth’s and the world is virtually *proper up coming to us* in the solar method, so this planetary slowdown will undoubtedly be felt when it begins on December 19 in Capricorn. In fact, you may possibly currently come to feel that pre-retrograde shadow, which began on November 17.

Right up until the retrograde finishes on January 29, 2022, we will hear from our favored or not-so favourite-exes who are resurrected them selves from the grave to say “Boo!” (or “Joyful New Calendar year!”) one extra time. They may be wanting to hook up, to discover closure, or just to lead to some drama. All this retrograde-y action will go on to reverberate right up until the write-up-retrograde shadow (aka retroshade) ultimately ends on March 1, 2022.

Which is suitable: We’ll be working with this electricity for a looonnnggg time. Get utilized to declining calls from your ex. If that does not get the job done, then hit that block button and really don’t appear again.

Browse your Venus Retrograde horoscope:


You have been imagining about your former boo extra than you would like to admit. And you would like to reconcile—maybe even get again together??? Having said that, you happen to be apprehensive they don’t reciprocate your emotions. You are going to never ever know until you consider a leap of religion and start the dialogue.


A likelihood come upon could direct to an awkward operate-in with your ex, ending with them asking you out for a coffee day. Meditate on no matter whether or not you seriously want to open up that door prior to you acknowledge (or decrease!). TBH, it’s best for you to concentrate on sinking your teeth into a person new.


There is a likelihood that you are included in a major electricity enjoy with an ex. And this pent-up rigidity could lead to a significant make-out sesh that you did not see coming. Delight in the minute although it lasts…prior to you determine that they are not value the pressure.

Most cancers

Like most of us, you panic placing your self out there and want to protect your heart at all costs. Rather of working absent from the past, experience your ex and have a really hard discussion about what went incorrect. Odds are that you’ll the two wander absent as buddies.


Following many flirty texts, you may possibly turn out to be EWB (exes with rewards) or have a a person-night time stand with your ex. TBH, that is ok with you! You are not seeking for strings, and you never want to complicate things with the new man or woman you happen to be crushing on/courting. Continue to keep it gentle and have enjoyment!


A love triangle is forming between you, your ex, and your existing boo…primarily simply because you want to have your cake and take in it far too. Ahead of jumping into this scenario, glance at all the angles to ensure that you are not the one particular who loses in the conclusion.


Although you are likely to recycle exes, you’re opting to set this reunion on ice. You just are not in the mood to listen to the excuses and rehash everything. As well as, you’re entirely around the gaslighting. So when you get a DM, bench them instead of partaking with their strength.


You will find a massive chance that you are going to be acquiring back alongside one another with your previous flame for the very long haul. The emotional roller coaster journey you have been on will hit a high, sparking passionate sentimentality and an rigorous relationship when you both equally get nostalgic more than the following months.


You hardly ever appear back, but Venus Retrograde may well reconnect you with an ex who’s been obtaining issues transferring on. Give them the probability to categorical their feels and allow them have the closure that they have to have. Imagine of it as your holiday getaway present to them!


You really feel an urge to ship a welcoming textual content to your ex. But be forewarned, there will be absolutely nothing pleasant about their response. The minute they get the message, you’ll be in a struggle. Really don’t worry, you know what emoji to text them in response.


A couple of late-evening beverages and some top secret rendezvous can lead to a low-critical fling with a previous lover. Engage in it great and go gradual. Just before you make strategies to reunite forever, figure out your feelings. Are they severe, or is this just bodily attraction?


Your ex will infiltrate your pal team to try to dig for data on your current romantic relationship status. Rest assured, your crew won’t share any deets. However, that does not necessarily mean your former boo is going to prevent there. Get all set for them to depart a remark or five on your vacation ‘gram.

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Laos eVisa – How to apply for Laos online visa [easy & quick guide]

Some of our backlinks are affiliated, we will receive a fee when you buy a provider or product or service. This will have no further cost for you. For additional information be sure to refer to our Privateness Policy

Touring to Laos? So hold examining due to the fact this write-up is all about making use of for Laos on-line visa, and how to get your Laos eVisa in an simple, speedy, and harmless way. 

Laos has been gaining momentum in the traveling group as a simply cannot-miss location for rather some time. Positioned in Southeast Asia close to other, probably additional established international locations on the tourism trail this sort of as Thailand and Vietnam, Laos has been getting much far more attention—and visitors—in current years. 

Viewpoint and gorgeous landscape in Luang Prabang, Laos.

As is typically the case with vacation trends, many individuals hear about the most current hotspot by looking through blogs or maybe from a close friend who has lately been. Then, just about without having pondering about what it is about that desired destination they are captivated to, they decide to go.

The initial move in preparing a excursion to Laos is investigating visas. The most straightforward way to find out if you will need a vacationer visa to Laos is by wanting at their embassy web-site (lookup on the web for the Laos embassy in your nation). The second is applying for a vacationer visa, which can be really basic.

Just as numerous other nations around the world all around the globe are opting to do, Laos has moved a substantial phase of its visa-distribution procedure on the net. The so-termed Laos online visa or Laos e-Visa (digital visa). To continue to keep up with the increased need from travelers, Laotian officials have current the way travelers can apply for Laos on-line visa, producing it an even more enticing vacation spot to take a look at. 

So, read on to study additional about how to use for a Laos eVisa ahead of traveling and also a couple matters you should really know prior to you go on vacation to Laos. 

Implementing for a Laos visa on the internet: how to do

There are several excellent journey hacks for Southeast Asia. Even so, most likely the most helpful “hack” you will listen to about, is not a trick at all but it is something significant you should know before going to Laos. Find if you are eligible for getting a Laos visa on the web and apply for it in advance.

Implementing for a Laos eVisa rather of jeopardizing a extended wait around at your port of entry for a visa on arrival – or using time and work out of your week to utilize in particular person at a consulate or embassy – is the easiest and finest travel “hack” you can benefit from. No question your journey to Laos will commence smoothie and inconvenience-free of charge.  

Photo of a passport and other travel documents you might need to apply for Laos eVisa.
Implementing for Laos on the internet visa is effortless and rapid.

By getting your Laos tourist visa on-line, you will be saving time, energy, and preventing uncertainty, and genuinely, what could be far more significant than that when scheduling your journey?

Thankfully, the eVisa for Laos is about as uncomplicated as it gets. Candidates will need only to fill out a uncomplicated variety that requests the info and journey document they would commonly expect to supply to authorities in the course of an in-particular person visa application.

Soon after filling out the sort with their name, data of a legitimate passport, phone range, e mail deal with, etc, and paying out the visa payment, the Laotian vacation officials will assessment the software system and offer a timely reaction inside of just a couple enterprise days. 

Once authorized, vacationers acquire their Laos vacationer visa and should really print out a tricky copy of the affirmation electronic mail and have it with you to your port of entry in situation border officers request to double-look at their records from yours. 

Entering in Laos with a Laos eVisa

Determining wherever to enter a nation usually will come down to several elements. That is particularly accurate in a nation like Laos, which borders so several amazing and intriguing Southeast Asian international locations that tourists may also want to visit. 

Border Crossing between Thailand and Laos at the Third Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge
Border Crossing between Thailand and Laos, make sure your entry point accepts your Laos eVisa.

It can be tempting to journey with the wind and hop by these nations as your whimsy can take you. Whilst that is an astounding way to travel, it is most effective to be aware of the best and most secure border crossings to employ while getting into Laos. Specially if you are having in Laos with an eVisa.

With that in head, the eVisa for Laos only will allow people today to enter Laos as a result of a constrained quantity of border crossings. So, for case in point, if you are touring to Laos from Thailand overland rather of flying, you will have to do so via either of the two Laos-Thai Friendship Bridges (I&II). 

You can examine the selling prices and routes for buses to Laos from Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia on these two web sites: Bookaway and 12Go. When exploring, you can see which border the bus will cross and prepare your trip according to the very best moving into place for your Laos on-line visa.

The other readily available entry ports for Laos for holders of the eVisa are the Wattay Worldwide Airport, Luang Prabang Global Airport, and Pakse Worldwide Airport. You can research for flights to Laos listed here.

Curiosities about Laos you must know

It is normally helpful to be as knowledgeable about a place as you can be in advance of touring. Even though it may well appear to be like it can get some of the exciting out of the thrill of getting a place, there is a equilibrium that vacationers ought to strike to make positive they get the most out of their getaway time. 

For instance, any individual who is heading to Southeast Asia to take a look at the pristine beaches should maintain in mind that Laos is a landlocked country. How then, without entry to the heat seas that its neighbors boast, does Laos have over 4,000 islands within its borders? 

Due to its amazing network of freshwater and one of a kind topographical makeup, Laos can nevertheless supply its guests a calming watery vacation. 

A remaining issue to preserve in head is that you need to try Laos foods and its normal cuisine. While there are influences from other cultures in the region, vacationers to Laos can hope to locate foodstuff with spices and flavors like nowhere else in the earth. Eating is a single of the true marvels of viewing Laos. 

Traveling to Laos quickly and want to maintain this Laos on line visa info safe and sound? So Pin it!

An easy and quick guide for applying for Laos online visa. How the Laos visa online works, what is the Laos eVisa, how to apply for it, and at which borders you can enter the country with your Laos online tourist visa.

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