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Things to Do in Redmond Oregon and Nearby

I had never heard of Redmond, Oregon before I visited. I knew I was flying to central Oregon as part of a travel adventure conference but didn’t appreciate how close Redmond was to Bend – an outdoor adventurer’s kind of town that has been on my radar for some time. Once I got out a map, everything fell into place. Redmond as it turns out has a small airport – but with plenty of flights from the big airlines like America, Alaska, Delta and United so it’s an easy city to access.

I also learned that there is lots to do in Redmond Oregon – and nearby. Redmond itself has a small and very walkable revitalized downtown – where you’ll find antique shops like Beyond the Ranch Antiques, at least a half dozen local coffee shops including Smith Rock Coffee Roasters, Proust Coffee, and Provisions Market at SCP Redmond and plenty of places for beer and spirits. Of note is Wild Ride Brewing with food trucks and fire pits and Gompers Distillery where you can enjoy tasting flights and craft cocktails featuring their gin made with hand picked Oregon juniper berries.

I didn’t have time to fully explore Redmond – so there are a few things I missed like a trip to Cline Falls State Scenic Viewpoint, just 10 minutes from the downtown and some hiking on the trails of the Maston Trail System, less than 20 minutes from downtown. Next time!

Near Redmond Oregon – any by near I mean within 60 – 90 minutes of the city, you can enjoy an assortment of fantastic things to do including a visit to Smith Rock State Park for world-class rock climbing and hiking, a visit to the second highest waterfall in the state and even a soak in a hot springs. If you have more suggestions, I’d love to hear about them.

Welcome to Redmond, Oregon – population about 37,000

Location map of things to do in Redmond and nearby


Go stargazing at Sunriver Nature Centre & Observatory 

Central Oregon ‘s Sunriver Nature Centre and Observatory boasts the largest collection of telescopes for public viewing in the US. That might tell you something about the lack of light pollution in the area. The observatory is high too – sitting at an elevation of 4164 feet, so night skies are clear and inky black when its not cloudy.

If you visit during the day, you can just walk in and have a look around but reservations for the observatory are required at night. On our nighttime visit we caught an educational talk on meteorites and passed around a few chunks of the rock. With the help of passionate astronomers, we learned about distant stars and constellations by peering through at least a dozen powerful telescopes. And we were lucky to spot Mars with our naked eye, an uncommon experience we were told by a guide.

Beautiful scenery on the way to the Oregon Observatory
Beautiful scenery on the way to the Oregon Observatory
Entrance to the Oregon Conservatory at Sun River
Entrance to the Oregon Conservatory at Sun River
Lots of sophisticated telescopes and smart people to help you appreciate the stars and planets
Lots of sophisticated telescopes and smart people to help you appreciate the stars and planets
Getting a lesson on meteorites from one of the knowledgeable volunteers
Getting a lesson on meteorites from one of the knowledgeable volunteers
We had some clouds on our stargazing night but still spotted Mars by the naked eye
We had some clouds on our stargazing night but still spotted Mars by the naked eye

Hike and rock climb in Smith Rock State Park – one of the top things to do in Redmond Oregon

I have been wowed for years by the photos I’ve seen of Smith Rock State Park, so it was a thrill to finally visit. The park did not disappoint – but my half-day of top-roping and hiking only left me wanting more. I think you need a minimum of two days to explore some of the 12 hiking trails in the park.

If it’s climbing you want to try, go with experienced guides. They’ll be able to pick a route for your level of climbing skill – and show you the sunny spots on cold days and the shady spots on hot ones. Our group went with two congenial guides from Smith Rock Climbing Guides. They had arrived beforehand and set up a couple of top-roping routes – one easy and one quite a bit more difficult. I have climbed before on the mountains around Boulder, Colorado so this experience brought back good memories. Everyone sported a smile – especially once back on terra firma. If you’re into climbing, you could probably spend a full season trying out all the routes.

The park, located in Terrebonne, just 15 minutes from Redmond or 40 minutes from Bend, is open year round from dawn till dusk. The best time to visit is in spring and fall when temperatures are cooler. There is an entrance fee of $5 per vehicle. Camping is also available year-round for just $US8 per person.

Lots of hiking trails and climbing crags to explore in Smith Rock State Park
Lots of hiking trails and climbing crags to explore in Smith Rock State Park
Trails in the park are in great shape
Trails in the park are in great shape
Smith Rock State Park hiking trail
There’s a bit of time after climbing to explore the trails in Smith Rock State Park
Some more of the beautiful trails in the park
Some more of the beautiful trails in the park
This rock face is harder than it looks but it's fun to try
This rock face is harder than it looks but it’s fun to try

Check out the High Desert Museum (and have lunch)

Located near Bend, Oregon, the High Desert Museum is a place that brings culture, wildlife and art together – so it has appeal across the ages. It has been called the Smithsonian of the West. Exhibits showcase not only the native habitat but the history and culture of the region, through both indoor and outdoor exhibits, interpretive trails and galleries. It is one of the top things to do near Redmond Oregon – especially for families.

This is a fun place for all ages to explore as their are exhibits – like otters swimming – that appeal to everyone. There’s a raptor centre – but rest assured only injured birds that can’t be released back into the wild live here. There are hiking trails with interpretive signs and even a garden ranch. Over the course of a year, there are nine changing exhibits so there is always something new to discover

I would also recommend a stop over the lunch hour. The food is delicious and the presentation is fantastic – cue the salad shown below.

Pond at the High Desert Museum
Stopping to listen for birds and see what is splashing in the pond
Checking out the rescued bald eagle
Checking out the rescued bald eagle
I have a wingspan of a turkey vulture
Love this hands-on exhibit; apparently I have a wingspan of a turkey vulture
Colourful and delicious lunch at the High Desert Museum
Colourful and delicious lunch at the High Desert Museum

Visit Odell Lake Resort

Odell Lake in the Deschutes National Forest is about a 90-minute drive southwest of Redmond. There are several public boat launches (beware the afternoon winds) along with the Odell Lake Resort. You can come here to enjoy a meal, a horse-drawn ride around the property and perhaps a swim on a hot day. There is also RV and tent camping on the pretty lake – but the biggest draw seems to be for fishing. Odell Lake is deep – reaching a depth of 282 feet, so it’s a particularly good place to fish for lake trout, bull trout and kokanee salmon.

Enjoy a Clydesdale horse-driven tour of the property
Enjoy a Clydesdale horse-driven tour of the property
Beautiful view from the dining room at Odell Lake Resort
Beautiful view from the dining room at Odell Lake Resort
A pretty spot to go camping but beware of RV generator noise
A pretty spot to go camping but beware of RV generator noise

Hike the Salt Creek Falls trail

Salt Creek Falls is the second highest waterfall in Oregon – which is saying something for a state with over 230 waterfalls. For those of you who don’t like to hike, you can enjoy a view from the observation platform just 50 yards from the parking lot (unless there’s snow). But in my view, the best way to enjoy the falls is to hike the Salt Creek Falls trail – approximately 3.2 miles round-trip. We did it as an out and back hike in late spring, starting from the Sno-Park area because there was still some snow around. 

Those that are sure-footed can go to the base of the falls, but there’s a viewing platform close to the base that also offers excellent views. This is a particularly delightful spring hike when the rhododendrons are in bloom. April through to August is the best time to visit because of the water flow.

Salt Creek Falls is the second tallest waterfall in Oregon falling 286 feet
Salt Creek Falls is the second tallest waterfall in Oregon falling 286 feet
Hiking through rhodos and snow to Salt Creek Falls
Hiking through rhododendrons and snow to Salt Creek Falls
Salt Creek Falls is one spectacular waterfall
Salt Creek Falls is one spectacular waterfall

Visit Oregon’s longest covered bridge in Westfir

Head to Westfir and walk or drive on Oregon’s longest covered bridge, built in 1944. Named the Office Covered Bridge, it’s 180 feet long and spans the North Fork Williamette River. If you’re a mountain biker you might want to stay a while as the Alpine Trail, called the “crown jewel of the Oakridge Trail System” ends just feet from the bridge.

Also just feet from the bridge is a wonderful B&B called Westfir Lodge that I’d highly recommend. They sell food and drinks and will help with mountain bike shuttles in the area. At lunchtime, homemade silky perogies are often featured.

The Office Covered Bridge in Westfir
The Office Covered Bridge in Westfir
View along the North Fork Williamette River from the Office Covered Bridge
View along the North Fork Williamette River from the Office Covered Bridge
Grab a bite to eat or drink from the Market Market at Westfir Lodge and enjoy the covered bridge view
Grab a bite to eat or drink from the Market Market at Westfir Lodge and enjoy the covered bridge view
Westfir Lodge is a lovely place to spend a night
Westfir Lodge is a lovely place to spend a night

Soak in McCredie Hot Springs

When an unexpected spring snow forces the cancellation of a kayaking outing at Larison Cove, you might be bummed. Our group was not. Tracey Sunflower, co-owner of Westfir Lodge had let slip that there were hot springs nearby that one could hike to. It was an enthusiastic yes on everyone’s part to spend some time relaxing in McCredie Hot Springs under a gentle drizzle.

You do have to hike about a quarter of a mile to get to the hot springs, once part of a historic resort in the Williamette National Forest. There is one log you must cross over Salt Creek – but it’s wide so it was easier than I expected. A short distance later the steam from the hot springs comes into few – and one loan woman soaking. This is a popular spot because it’s close to the highway but for the hour that we were there, no one else visited.

The temperature in McCredie Hot Springs fluctuates with the season. It can be anywhere between 98 and 115 °F. There is the option to run into Salt Creek which is way cooler – and then run back to the hot springs which we did once. It’s also worth checking out a couple of the massive trees in the area.

The hot springs are free to use. Apparently clothing is optional.

Walking through the forest to McCredie Hot Springs
Walking through the forest to McCredie Hot Springs
Crossing Salt Creek on a large log
Crossing Salt Creek on a large log
This is one heck of a log to walk!
This is one heck of a log to walk!
The soothing waters of McCredie Hot Springs
The soothing waters of McCredie Hot Springs- note the stone wall from the time the springs were part of a resort
Be sure to check out teh giant fir trees near the hot springs
Be sure to check out teh giant fir trees near the hot springs

Where to stay in Redmond Oregon

The place to stay in Redmond is the SCP Hotel Redmond. The new Redmond Hotel was rebuilt in 1928 after the 1906 two -story structure burned to the ground. The present day SCP Hotel Redmond (SCP stands for Soul Community Planet) is a four-storey modern version of the original. It features The Rooftop – a beautiful place to get a drink and enjoy a view of the Cascade Range, including Mount Bachelor.  The main common area is a welcoming spot for both locals and guests. And the minimalist bedrooms outfitted are decorated with regionally sourced materials

You can book a stay at SCP Hotel Redmond here

The common area at SCP Hotel Redmond
The common area at SCP Hotel Redmond
The cafe attached to the hotel is a great place to hang out and the food is delicious too
The cafe attached to the hotel is a great place to hang out and the food is delicious too
My room at SCP Hotel Redmond
My room at SCP Hotel Redmond

More reading on things to do in the Pacific Northwest

A big thank you to Visit Central Oregon and the Adventure Travel Trade Association for hosting me. All thoughts as always are mine alone.

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Things to do in Redmond, Oregon & nearby


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46 Best Would You Rather Questions for Couples

There’s nothing at all pretty like sitting down to a intimate dinner, snuggling up on day night, or aching to have a riveting textual content convo, only to understand you just…never have significantly to say. It does not make a difference if you have been collectively endlessly or are just embarking on a situationship-style of relationship: Dry conversations and (ugh) uncomfortable silences transpire to even the most well-recognized partners. That’s where by owning an easy-to-use-in-scenario-of-an-unexpected emergency established of discussion subjects and video games can be handy. And a person of our preferred methods to spark a stimulating chat is with some very carefully picked “would you somewhat” issues for couples.

Get Accessibility to *All* of Cosmo

Certain, you could constantly just whip out a checklist of concerns (and that is not constantly a bad thought), but occasionally that can really feel a very little far too a lot like an job interview. And even though participating in “truth or dare” is one more pleasurable alternative, it does not depart as significantly space to have deep conversations. “Would you rather,” on the other hand, is an suitable mix of humorous, inquisitive, and yup, supremely attractive. Moreover, it is effective just as very well in particular person as it does pretty much or around textual content, so it really is wonderful for prolonged-distance relationships.

In case you have in no way played the game, it is pretty much as easy as game titles can get. Just just take turns answering each and every question aloud (and don’t neglect to explain your reasoning). We’ve carried out the really hard component of finding the finest concerns, so now you can just sit back again and talk to absent! Skip just about anything you really don’t truly feel like speaking about, and if your partner decides not to answer one thing, permit it go. The stage is to have enjoyment, not strain anyone into debating a topic they really don’t come to feel like diving into.

This is also a person of people moments when going on a long-winded tangent about something fully unimportant is certainly okay. So go on, reveal in passionate detail why becoming itchy is significantly exceptional to getting sticky. In fact, we persuade it.

Minimal-Stakes “Would You Relatively” Queries

It is really a excellent plan to warm up with a several casual Qs just before obtaining into more serious topics, so check with some significantly less-intense WYR issues to get the artistic dialogue juices flowing.

  1. Would you rather be rich or be famed (not equally, sry)?
  2. Would you relatively give up bread or give up wine?
  3. Would you relatively only be able to discuss on the mobile phone or only be in a position to textual content?
  4. Would you instead constantly be 30 minutes early or 30 minutes late?
  5. Would you rather know how you’re likely to die or know when you’re going to die (thirty day period and calendar year, not day)?
  6. Would you rather have your searching historical past or your texts published?
  7. Would you instead be really funny or really intelligent?
  8. Would you instead be more outgoing or a lot more introspective?
  9. Would you alternatively be equipped to converse to your pet for just one hour (they react and almost everything) and drop a calendar year of your everyday living, or just go about your not-chatting-to-your-pet-life as common?
    1. Deep “Would You Rather” Queries to Question Your Companion

      Once you might be in the WYR groove, it is time to get a lil a lot more major. The under are assumed-provoking and emotion-inducing, so both choose out a handful of of your favorites or ask them sporadically involving questions in other types. This will help you keep away from a day exactly where you are each sobbing hysterically on the sofa (until which is what you happen to be on the lookout for, ofc).

      1. Would you rather know how you die or when you die?
      2. Would you instead be ready to see the long run or read minds?
      3. Would you rather be remembered in record for carrying out some thing awful, or be fully neglected just after you die?
      4. Would you rather satisfy your biggest would like or take care of your largest regret?
      5. Would you relatively eliminate all the funds you gained this 12 months or get rid of all the reminiscences you created this 12 months?
      6. Would you rather believe in every person or belief no a person?
      7. Would you alternatively do much too substantially and sense burned out, or have tons of absolutely free time but get main FOMO?
      8. Would you relatively go by means of daily life not able to forget nearly anything or go via lifestyle unable to don’t forget anything?
      9. Would you relatively give up all technologies (phones, computer systems, and so forth.) or give up all art (tunes, publications, and many others.)?
        1. Foolish “Would You Instead” Inquiries to Question Your Spouse

          After likely deep, it can be time to lighten up the mood with some much-fetched, thoroughly random “would you instead” inquiries. Some of these are gross, some of these are goofy, and all of them are exciting to explore mainly because they’re, frankly, so damn bizarre.

          1. Would you somewhat be itchy or sticky for the rest of your life?
          2. Would you instead be in a position to speak and (!) realize each and every current language or know how to chat to animals?
          3. Would you relatively give up cheese or give up acquiring oral sexual intercourse forever?
          4. Would you somewhat have legs as lengthy as your fingers or fingers as lengthy as your legs?
          5. Would you somewhat accidentally deliver a nude to your parents or accidentally *gag* acquire a nude from your mom and dad?
          6. Would you somewhat operate naked via your office environment getaway bash or by means of your significant other’s prolonged relatives getaway get together?
          7. Would you rather by no means be in a position to pet a doggy again or never ever be in a position to have an orgasm all over again?
          8. Would you somewhat it rain slugs or snow mayo?
          9. Would you relatively get The Circle on Netflix and get 50,000 followers or get still left at the altar like on Enjoy is Blind on Netflix, but get 500 thousand followers.
          10. Would you alternatively have on anyone else’s dirty lingerie or use their toothbrush?
            1. Romantic relationship-Relevant “Would You Relatively” Concerns to Ask Your Associate

              Study a lot more about your S.O. or possible spouse with these really like-linked “would you rather” concerns. Just recall to hold the traces of communication open if you disagree on a question—this is about speaking, not judging.

              1. Would you relatively dedicate a significant criminal offense with your lover or convert them in for a severe crime they committed?
              2. Would you instead obtain out just after the point that your S.O. slept with your bestie or with your worst enemy?
              3. Would you alternatively get married immediately after one month of courting or in no way get married?
              4. Would you fairly outlive your spouse or your lover outlives you?😥
              5. Would you fairly nonetheless be pals with an ex or under no circumstances converse to them once more?
              6. Would you fairly have seven youngsters or no children?
              7. Would you relatively have a huge marriage or elope?
              8. Would you alternatively run into your most modern ex or both equally sets of mothers and fathers on a very first day?
              9. Would you relatively only be in a position to kiss Spider-Man type (upside down) or The Notebook design (in the rain)?
                1. Alluring “Would You Alternatively” Issues to Inquire Your Husband or wife

                  Warmth issues up with the sexiest WYR queries all over. Who knows? These may just spark the most popular sex of your everyday living. You will never know except if you inquire!

                  1. Would you somewhat go to an erotic sex club or have an ultra-passionate day night time in?
                  2. Would you instead only have vehicle intercourse or only have shower sexual intercourse for the rest of your life?
                  3. Would you rather never ever be equipped to have sex with yet another man or woman ever once again (solo is wonderful) or in no way be able to orgasm yet again?
                  4. Would you fairly be dominant or submissive in the bed room?
                  5. Would you rather usually be on major or generally be on the bottom?
                  6. Would you instead give or acquire oral sex?
                  7. Would you rather use a cock ring or a wand vibrator throughout sex?
                  8. Would you instead have a threesome or swap companions with one more pair?
                  9. Would you relatively experiment with temperature engage in or experiment with ability dynamics?
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            How to get from Cancun to Playa del Carmen – Best transportation options

            Some of our links are affiliated, we will earn a commission when you buy a provider or merchandise. This will have no added charge for you. For additional details make sure you refer to our Privacy Plan

            Cancun turquoise waters.

            Just one of the most common thoughts when traveling to the Riviera Maya is how to get from Cancun to Playa del Carmen. There are numerous options readily available, and which one you decide on will depend on your finances and agenda. This guidebook about traveling to Playa del Carmen from Cancun will go over the various transportation choices obtainable and help you make your mind up which is finest for you!

            Initial of all, Playa del Carmen is a person of the most effective places you can check out when browsing Mexico it is located on the coastline of the Caribbean Sea, far more specifically in the condition of Quintana Roo. If you want to go to any desired destination of the Riviera Maya (Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Akumal, etcetera.), or all of them, it is critical to know the ideal transportation solutions in the location.

            Most folks check out Playa del Carmen for the reason that it is a attractive place located on the coastline of the Caribbean Sea. For those people who want to begin this visit in a clean way, knowing the options of acquiring from Cancun to Playa del Carmen ahead of your vacation will aid you program your itinerary and spending budget.

            So let’s dive into the Riviera Maya transportation choices readily available and why you should really select or keep away from any of them.

            Length from Cancun to Playa del Carmen

            Cancun to Playa del Carmen length is 68 kilometers, so if you vacation by car, it will take you to get to Playa del Carmen from Cancun is 1 hour and 7 minutes.

            People queuing at Cancun Airport waiting for their transportation from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen.
            Cancun Airport may be your excursion commencing point.

            How to get from Cancun to Playa del Carmen?

            When arriving at the Cancun Airport, you will discover distinctive means to get from the Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen:

            • Bus
            • Taxi
            • Shared shuttle
            • Personal transportation
            • Automobile rental

            Cancun to Playa del Carmen bus service

            The Cancun to Playa del Carmen bus price varies from 40 to 50 pesos, relying on your place.

            These buses run 24 hours a working day and have a few distinctive routes: one particular goes to Playa del Carmen a further goes to the city heart of Cancun (Ruta 1) and the 3rd route goes to Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum (Ruta 2). To catch the bus from the airport, you require to go outdoors the constructing.

            The journey will take about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

            You can purchase your tickets at the airport or invest in them in progress online.

            Taxi Support to Playa del Carmen

            A single of the fastest means to get from Cancun Aiport (or metropolis) to Playa del Carmen is by taxi, but it might not be the most inexpensive just one. Also, we do not suggest this transportation option since the range of passengers is confined to no more than 4 people and you will have to healthy all the luggage in the trunk of the car. A further unfavorable facet of receiving a taxi from Cancun to Playa del Camen is that there is no base value (it can be something from 60 USD) because the cab drivers on their own control the selling price.

            Even so, if you are traveling by itself or with a few persons, this choice can be beneficial, but you can find other options for the very same price. 

            Shared Shuttles Cancun to Playa del Carmen

            A shared shuttle is a good option if you are traveling to Playa del Camen on a funds. You can e book your Cancun to Playa del Carmen shuttle in progress online. The Cancun – Participate in del Carmen shuttle cost is around $US 20 for each individual.

            This selection is composed of being transported in a passenger van, which normally takes an average of 1 hour and a 50 percent to Playa de Carmen. You also need to maintain in head that you could not be dropped off exactly at your lodge, so you will have to stroll a bit. 

            This option can be helpful if you are traveling by yourself or with just one extra man or woman. If you are touring with additional than 2 individuals, then our subsequent Playa del Carmen transportation choice can be much more handy.

            Personal Transportation from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen

            This is the most advisable option for traveling to Playa del Carmen from Cancun, specifically if you are traveling with family members or friends since the price tag is for each automobile and not for each person.

            The ordinary charge of this provider is $US 50, and it usually takes about 1 hour and 7 minutes. You can e book your transportation in progress online.

            Note that if you e-book your spherical-trip transfer from Cancun to Playa del Carmen, you can preserve a couple of bucks.

            Which are the most effective transportation vendors in Cancun and Playa del Carmen?

            Cancun Airport Transportation is one of the favorite corporations which features Cancun Airport Transfers providers all-around Quintana Roo.

            One more excellent alternative and a beloved for lots of tourists is eTransfers Cancun, which has years of experience supplying good quality service at an cost-effective price tag.

            Photo o gas station in Quintana Roo, a place you will probably encounter when traveling from Playa del Carmen to Cancun.
            Driving to Playa del Carmen is a different selection to get about Quintana Roo.

            How to rent a Car in Cancun?

            Lastly, another option that may be helpful dependent on your wants is to hire a automobile. Even so, suppose your plans involve visiting diverse spots all over Playa del Carmen or touring to a different state this sort of as Yucatan or Campeche. In that scenario, this option can be much more affordable because you will have the auto out there.

            A single of the ideal motor vehicle rental businesses is Metropolis Motor vehicle Rental, and it has places of work all about Mexico and features transportation from its offices to the airport at no added charge. You can also look at the price tag of renting a car or truck in Cancun on the Rentalcars web-site to have a lot more possibilities. If you need to have extra facts to system your journey to Mexico, go through our Journey Arranging Guideline.

            As you can see, there are numerous choices offered for Cancun to Playa del Carmen transportation. We hope this guide has aided you choose which choice is greatest for you!

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            Cottage Grove Covered Bridges Bike Tour, Oregon

            Cottage Grove in Lane County, Oregon is a historic former gold mining hub that is now home to some 10,000 residents and a whole lot of covered bridges. In fact, Lane County is home to more covered bridges than any other county west of the Mississippi River. It’s a great destination if you’re into cycling because of the Covered Bridges Scenic Bikeway – a route that follows the well-signed Cottage Grove Bridges Tour.

            All it takes is half a day to bike the 38-mile loop – or less if you’re speedy. There are also options to do and out and back if you prefer to avoid the roads. The biking is mostly flat, easy, and scenic. Along with covered bridges, there is a charming town to explore (Cottage Grove) and a pretty lake to enjoy at the base of the Cascades. Some of the route is in the forest, while other sections are in farm country. The bike ride makes for a great day trip from Eugene, just 30-minutes away.

            A very green section on the Row River Trail – note the yellow paint marking cracks in the pavement

            Cottage Grove Covered Bridges Bike Tour details

            Total distance: 36 miles but you can shorten it

            Number of covered bridges: Six including Centennial Bridge, Swinging Bridge (not covered), Chambers Bridge, Mosby Creek Bridge, Stewart Bridge, Dorena Bridge and Currin Bridge.

            Time needed: 2.5 – 4 hours

            Best for: Almost all ages including families though some road sections should be avoided if kids are very young

            Start: Bohemia Park, the Community Centre, or the Mosby Creek Trailhead if you want a car free bike ride

            Facilities along the trail: 4 bathrooms, 7 parking areas, and 3 picnic areas 

            If you have more time: Check out some of the wineries in the area including Saginaw Vineyards, Iris Vineyards, and King Estates.

            Fun fact: The charming town of Cottage Grove has been in a number of Hollywood movies including The General in 1926, Animal House in 1978 and Stand By Me in 1986. Look for markers along the bike way indicating filming locations.

            Stand by Me plaque near the Mosby Creek Bridge
            Stand by Me plaque near the Mosby Creek Bridge
            Check out the Animal House plaque in Cottage Grove
            Check out the Animal House plaque in Cottage Grove

            Route description of the Cottage Grove Covered Bridges bike tour

            Park at Bohemia Park where you’ll find lots of free parking. Hop on your bike and head for the paved Row River Trail – a dedicated bike /pedestrian path that travels for 17 miles along the north side of Dorena Lake. There are long sections of smooth pavement but do watch out for yellow paint highlighting any bumps or cracks in the pavement. And when its wet, pay attention to the slimy green bits at the edge of the pavement – unless you’re interested in ejecting from your bike.

            Over the 17 miles on the Row River section of trail, enjoy truly lovely forest, home to some very large trees, wildflowers, and  the odd peek a boo view of Dorena Lake. This is a fast section as its on an old railbed with a gentle grade. In no time you’ll feel immersed in nature where the only thing you’ll hear is your breathing and perhaps the odd bird call. When the landscape opens, as it does on occasion, check out the foothills of the Cascades to the east.

            You’ll probably want to stop at all the bridges you come to. Each one is photogenic and all have history attached to them. Reportedly Dorena Bridge is popular for weddings – and I can see why as its in a lovely location on a scenic section of river. 

            The official Bikeway route takes you back to Cottage Grove via Shoreview Road on the south side of Dorena Lake. It isn’t difficult cycling but there are a few small rolling hills. Most of the time we didn’t see cars but on two occasions logging trucks passed us – so you need to be comfortable with the odd large vehicle. Fortunately, there’s a good shoulder. After several miles on the road, turn left following the Cottage Grove Bridge Tour sign and begin the only major climb on the route. After stopping to catch your breath at the top, enjoy the fun downhill past a pretty farm to reach the intersection of Garoutte Road and Mosby Creek Road.

            If climbs aren’t your thing, you can bypass Garoutte Road and take Shoreview Drive back to the Row River Trail. 

            At The Mosby Creek Trailhead pick up the trail that takes you right back to your starting point – but I would recommend cycling through historic Cottage Grove and checking out two more covered bridges and one swinging bridge.

            The following photos will give you a good idea of what to expect on the Cottage Grove Covered Bridges bike tour.

            Map of the Cottage Grove Covered Bridges tour
            Map of the Cottage Grove Covered Bridges tour
            Fast family-friendly biking on miles of dedicated bike trail
            Fast family-friendly biking on miles of dedicated bike trail
            Cycling to the first covered bridge on the loop
            Cycling to the first covered bridge on the loop
            There is a mix of signage along the Cottage Grove Covered Bridges loop
            There is a mix of signage along the Cottage Grove Covered Bridges loop
            Sections on the road were quiet
            Sections on the road were quiet
            Interpretive signage along the Row River Trail
            Interpretive signage along the Row River Trail
            Peek a boo views of the distant hills
            Peek a boo views of the distant hills
            Wild Camus lilies make an appearance in May
            Wild Camus lilies make an appearance in May
            I liked the side windows in the Dorena Covered Bridge
            I liked the side windows in the Dorena Covered Bridge
            A view of Dorena Lake
            A view of Dorena Lake
            Good signage along the route
            Good signage along the route
            View from the top of the only hilly section along the bikeway
            View from the top of the only hilly section along the bikeway
            Cycle through pretty farm country
            Cycle through pretty farm country
            The Stewart Bridge was built in 1930 and restored in 1996 but there is no access to it
            The Stewart Bridge was built in 1930 and restored in 1996 but there is no access to it
            Cycling on quiet Mosby Creek Road
            Cycling on quiet Mosby Creek Road
            Looking through the Mosby Creek Bridge
            Looking through the Mosby Creek Bridge

            Cottage Grove

            While I didn’t spend much time in Cottage Grove, I did enjoy cycling down Main Street in what is called the Downtown Commercial Historic District. This part of the town is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. If I’d had more time, I could have stopped in at one of the cute restaurants on Main Street or quenched my thirst with a beer at Coast Fork Brewing and Feed Store.

            There is a bike ride through the downtown that is well worth doing. If you continue to the western end of the downtown, you pass two more covered bridges (Centennial and Chamber Bridges) and the Swinging Footbridge. The Chambers Bridge is the only covered railroad bridge west of the Mississippi that is also included on the National Register of Historic Places. The bridge was completely rebuilt for both bikes and pedestrians in 2011.

            Should I get a chance to return to this pretty town, I’d check out some of the local antique shops, take in a show at the theatre and do a self-guided walking tour to see the 10 murals that tell the town’s story from early settlement days, to the Gold Rush and then the Hollywood period. 

            A small pedestrian covered bridge in Cottage Grove
            A small pedestrian covered bridge built in 1987 to celebrate Cottage Grove’s centenary 
            Biking through the Chambers Bridge in Cottage Grove
            Biking through the Chambers Bridge in Cottage Grove
            Interesting plaque by the Chambers Bridge indicating that the last trail passed through it in 1951
            Interesting plaque by the Chambers Bridge indicating that the last trail passed through it in 1951
            Riding across the Swinging Bridge on route back to the downtown
            Riding across the Swinging Bridge on route back to the downtown
            This is one of ten murals in the historic Cottage Grove downtown
            This is one of ten murals in the historic Cottage Grove downtown

            More useful information

            If you want to enjoy more of the area after the Cottage Grove Covered Bridges tour, visit the Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce.

            Several of the area parks offer services. Schwarz Park near Dorena Lake has a campground and restroom facilities. Bake Stewart Park and Wilson Creek Park have restroom facilities.

            There are tours and rentals available from Cog Wild in Oakridge, just 40 miles southeast of Eugene. 

            Peddling through the Dorena Covered Bridge
            Peddling through the Dorena Covered Bridge

            Where to rent bikes for the Cottage Grove Covered Bridges Tour

            In Eugene, you can rent e-bikes from Pedego

            In Cottage Grove, close to the Row Trail and Cottage Grove covered bridges you can rent from Rainy Peak. They have a small fleet of bikes. Check out their informative Facebook page here.

            Location map of the Cottage Grove Covered Bridges bike tour


            Further reading on bike rides

            A giant thank you to Bicycle Adventures for leading me on the tour (they might be offering it in 2023) and to Eugene, Cascades & Oregon Coast for hosting me. This is a bike ride I’d recommend to anyone who loves to get out and explore new countryside.

            Click on the photo to bookmark to your Pinterest boards.

            Cottage Grove Covered Bridges bike tour in Oregon
            Cottage Grove Covered Bridges bike tour in Oregon



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            40 Male Arousal Triggers – A Man’s 40 Sexiest Erogenous Zones

            Let’s talk about arousal. You probably already know there are tons of different ways to set the vibes before sex. Your sex playlist, where you go at it, and how you go about touching your partner(s) all play a major role in your overall sexperience. But what turns one person on might not do the job for another, which is where things can get complicated. The good news is, even though everyone’s different, when hooking up with a guy, some general male arousal triggers might really be able to turn them on. Like, really turn them on, which means you’re gonna wanna try them, like, yesterday.

            First thing’s first, though: It’s important to remember that “man” doesn’t necessarily = penis. While there are some general penis-related male arousal triggers, there are even spots more that can be found on all body types. This is because many erogenous zones—areas on the body your brain deems pleasurable to the touch—are universal. And these universal hotspots are kind of like arousal shortcuts, dating coach and author of Dating Sucks But You Don’t, Connell Barrett, says. If you find your partner’s e-zones, “You can take them from zero to Oh my god! in a matter of seconds,” he explains.

            Granted, you could argue that any zone on someone’s body could be an arousal trigger if treated appropriately, but there is evidence that some specific areas are worth paying more attention to than others when it comes to pleasure. That’s because some of these spots are full of nerve-endings (like your ears), while others are hot because they’re so often easily overlooked (when was the last time you kissed the *front* of your partner’s neck?).

            Get Access to *All* of Cosmo

            And even though many people have similar erogenous zones and arousal triggers, Barrett notes that everyone is different, so what makes your toes curl might not do the job for your partner, and vice versa. “That’s what makes discovering male arousal triggers so much fun,” he explains. “It’s like unearthing a tactile treasure that your partner might not have even known about, which just makes it even hotter.”

            To help you on your pleasure quest, we’ve rounded up 40 expert-backed areas to pay attention to when trying to find your S.O.’s secret feel-good spots. Barrett suggests just exploring the different areas stress-free, because no matter what, if your partner has a hottie like you touching them, they’re gonna be having a good time. But if you feel stuck, try the tips we’ve included for each male arousal trigger that’ll help you truly go above and beyond.

            1. The Foreskin

            Some people are circumcised (which is when the foreskin of the penis is cut off) and some people aren’t, and neither is better than the other. But for those who are uncircumcised, there’s a benefit: The foreskin amounts to around 15 square inches of bonus e-zone. “The foreskin is packed with nerve endings, and stimulating the thin skin in this area lends a highly pleasurable experience,” says Mia Sabat, a sex therapist at Emjoy. There’s also sensitivity on both the outside and inside surfaces of the foreskin.

            Try this: Use a hand to move the foreskin up and down over the head of the penis itself, suggests Sabat. During oral, you can also focus on it by using a combo of your hand, tongue, and lips. Because of the sensitivity on both the outside and inside of the foreskin, a rolling motion on the foreskin during sex can also be quite pleasurable.

            2. Lower Stomach

                Another nerve-filled area is the lower stomach, says Sabat, which becomes more and more concentrated closer to the genital area. Give the area right below their belly button but above their pubic bone or genitals some extra love to show them your affection and attention.

                Try this: Teasing and stimulating this area can feel v pleasurable through kissing, gentle biting, and temperature play, says Sabat. You can even experiment with some light pressure play, “but be warned: it’s best to try [pressure play] with an empty bladder,” Sabat adds.

                3. Inner Arms

                    The thin, soft skin of the inner arms makes this area ultra-sensitive, according to Sabat. Think about it—how often do you really give attention to your inner arms?

                    Try this: While most of these erogenous zones can be stimulated through kissing or your tongue, the light, controlled movement of your fingers is especially great for inner arms. Stroke the skin from just inside their inner shoulder and move gently down to the inner elbow, says Sabat. If you and your partner are both into BDSM and have spoken about trying it out, pulling this move when your partner has their arms tied up (either in a fixed T-shape or just with their wrists above their head), can be really sexy too, Sabat adds.

                    4. Inner Wrist

                        Moving down the arm, stimulating the sensitive, thin skin of the inner wrist can also be incredibly pleasurable for your partner. Not only that, Sabat adds, but feeling your partner’s heart rate increase as you get closer to their pulse point can be both a turn-on and extremely empowering.

                        Try this: The inner wrist is a great erogenous zone you can stimulate while both of you are in public (in a non-gross) way. Simply stroking or kissing your partner’s inner wrist is a great way to show that you’re feeling sensual, Sabat says, and it’s just a pretty sweet move overall.

                        5. Palm of Their Hands and Fingertips

                            Fun fact: Hands are actually some of the most sensitive and responsive areas of the body, says Sabat. This area is full of nerve-endings—a fact you probably already know if you’ve ever been bodied by a teensy paper-cut that somehow feels like someone cut your whole finger off.

                            Try this: “Take your partner’s palm in your hand and gently trace along the edges and lines of their palm with your fingertips,” says Sabat. Then, turn it up by “kissing their palms and fingertips, or gently taking one finger into your mouth to suck, swirling your tongue around their finger and moving your lips along its length.”

                            6. Behind the Knee

                                Not only is the skin thin and sensitive, but it’s also nerve-packed, says Sabat. Plus it gets points for being highly overlooked because truly, have you ever considered paying extra attention to the under-knee area? I know I haven’t.

                                Try this: The area behind the knee can be a super versatile erogenous zone as it can be teased without being gross in public, but also focused on during sex when, y’know, you’re back in private. Sabat says to try gently running your fingers over the area, or engaging with this bodily real estate during penetrative sex with touching, stroking, or dialing the intensity up a bit by applying pressure.

                                7. Anus

                                While you might’ve heard about the prostate being wowza-levels of pleasurable for those with penises, even without the prostate, backdoor play can still be something pleasurable you engage in with your partner. There are tons of nerve endings in the anal region, says Sabat, and once you’ve discussed and okay-ed anal play, it can be a really hot experience for you both. Remember, as with all things butt play, the importance of lube, patience, and ongoing consent cannot be stressed enough. The anus doesn’t self-lubricate like a vagina, so lots of lube is a must for this situation.

                                Try this: For those who want to explore anal play but aren’t sure if they want to give or receive anal penetration quite yet, don’t worry, you can absolutely stimulate the anus without penetration. Sabat recommends starting with massaging your partner’s buttocks. “Stroke the entire area and place your hands on the folds where the legs and buttocks meet, then slide your fingers across the fold from the inner thigh to the outer area, before starting to caress the outside of the anus,” she suggests.

                                After that, if you and your partner have spoken about anal penetration as something you both want to do, then that’s when you can start thinking about moving towards penetration with either your (well-lubed!) finger or toy.

                                8. Outer Thighs

                                “Some of the best erogenous zones are places we can innocently caress in everyday life, and the thighs are an excellent example,” says Sabat. Thighs are similar to the groin or inner thigh, but much less intimate, so you can interact with the area in public without a hitch.

                                Try this: Sabat recommends lightly touching or squeezing and gently massaging the area while sitting next to your partner. Specifically, zone in on the space between their knee and halfway up the thigh, Sabat says, as this teasing movement will make them want more. When you are in private, you can, of course, cover this area with gentle licks, kisses, and even small bites, if that’s something you’re both into.

                                9. Inner Thighs

                                Relationship therapist Eboni Harris says that since the inner thigh is so close to the penis, “even without the sensation of touch, just being in that area is sure to get your partner anticipating what’s next.”

                                Try this: Harris suggests taking your time to kiss and lick your partner’s inner thigh before going to touch their penis when performing oral. Tease and experiment with your lips, going from light fluttering kisses to harder sucking.

                                10. Groin

                                    “Similar to the inner thighs, this region is so close to the genitals that having your partner tease this area can be equally frustrating and satisfying,” explains Sabat. The groin, aka where your abdomen transitions into the lower body and legs, is packed with nerve endings, and it just gets bonus points for being adjacent to the genitals.

                                    Try this: To really tease your partner, have them keep their underwear on while you run your fingers over the area slowly, before eventually moving to touch their skin, says Sabat. Once undressed, she suggests kissing and caressing the area, and especially doing so if you’re giving oral, as this can make things even more intimate.

                                    11. Ears

                                    Ears are hypersensitive to touch as there are tons of sensation receptors along the inside and outside of the ear, says sex and pleasure educator Luna Matatas.

                                    Try this: Suck the top part of your partner’s ear and then run your tongue along the inside, says Matatas. The beauty of ear play is that when you’re that up close and personal, your hands are also free to roam the rest of their bod.

                                    12. Ribs

                                    “Anywhere on the body that has thinner skin is going to have more sensitivity to sensation and more possibility of blood flow during arousal,” Matatas explains. The ribs are one of these areas, and because they’re usually covered up by clothing, there’s a touch of taboo involved.

                                    Try this: In case your S.O. is ticklish, test the area out first with a teasing touch. Matatas recommends slowly dragging your hands and fingers down the sides of their body or leaving a little breadcrumb trail of kisses or light nibbles on their ribs.

                                    13. Armpits

                                    Another sensitive spot that can also be ticklish, armpits are often overlooked but can still be super pleasurable for people. While the pits don’t have any special nerve endings, they can still be quite intimate because of their under-serviced status as an erogenous zone, says Matatas.

                                    Try this: Go for some sucking, licking, or light, teasing touching says Matatas. Armpits can also be mutually beneficial spots to pay attention to during sex since they secrete scent—great for feeling primal when you’re getting hot and heavy.

                                    14. Fingers

                                    What better place to start than the receptor points for experiencing touch? Just because you use them and they’re well, there, in every sex act doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from having the spotlight turned onto them as well.

                                    Try this: Matatas suggests massaging their fingers (because how great is that massage part during a manicure, right?), kissing your partner’s finger pads gently, dragging your teeth along the side of them lightly, or putting them in your mouth and dragging them out slowly. All the better if you turn up the eye contact during the last part.

                                    15. Their Beard

                                    If your partner has facial hair, you can really work it to your advantage. Think about how sexy it feels when someone runs their fingers through your hair, says Kate W., co-founder of Pleasure Better. “For some reason,” she adds, “We never think about someone’s beard being the same way.” Shame, isn’t it?

                                    Try this: Kate says to start at the base of your partner’s neck and trace your fingers up slowly through their beard, eventually running over their scalp. This trick feels so good that it won’t be long before their fingers are eventually entangled in your hair as well.

                                    16. The Base of the Shaft

                                    The penis actually extends further into the body than you might see at first glance, says Matatas, which means it’s a great place to play with pressure and increase blood flow.

                                    Try this: Using your fingers, find the base of the penis and explore with pressure. “At the base of the penis, explore putting pressure around the shaft with your index finger and thumb in an ‘ok’ symbol, pushing back towards the body,” says Matatas. While your fingers are getting to work, use your other free hand or mouth to stimulate the head of your partner’s penis.

                                    17. The Back of Their Neck

                                    This is a hot spot because of the many nerve endings there, explains sex expert Antonia Hall. It’ll also give you some “under-utilized hot spot” points because it’s often overlooked when it comes to getting it on.

                                    Try this: Hall recommends licking a trail just below your partner’s hairline, down their neck, and along the sides. You can also start with slow, sensual kisses, eventually easing your tongue to turn up any sensitivity.

                                    18. Their Hair

                                    You know how good it feels when someone plays with your hair? The same thing goes for guys, y’all. “Men have nerve endings on their scalp that are attached to the rest of their body, and when their hair is gently pulled when they are kissed or held, it sends stimulation to the rest of their body,” says sex and relationships therapist Tammy Nelson, PhD.

                                    Try this: While kissing, try running the tips of your fingers through your S.O.’s hair, gently over their scalp, then a bit harder with a tug. “If they react with small sounds and pleasure moans, pull harder, then let go before they want you to,” says Nelson. This playful tease will drive them legitimately wild.

                                    19. Their Toes

                                    Shrimpin’ anyone? Yes, this is what it’s called when you suck on your partner’s toes (or they suck on yours). “This is so erotic because feet are a nonconventional hotbed of sensation just waiting for some stimulation,” says sexologist Megan Stubbs.

                                    Try this: During sexy foreplay, move your kisses teasingly down their body until you’re all the way down at their feet. Stubbs suggests sucking on your partner’s toes or even gently biting each little piggie. Just maybe have ’em take a shower before?

                                    20. Between Their Toes

                                    You’ve already got their toes in your mouth, so while you’re there, Barrett says to pay extra attention to the area between the toes. “The skin between our toes is quite sensitive and thin,” he explains, making this spot an underrated erogenous zone to zero in on.

                                    Try this: “Use your pinkie—not a thumb or index finger—to caress the area between the toes,” Barrett suggests. “Odds are, your partner’s never once been touched there, and they’ll be both aroused and surprised when you hit this overlooked spot.” Try switching up the pressure—like with your fingernail—to see what sends your S.O. over the edge.

                                    21. The Bottom of Their Feet

                                    The bottoms of the feet tend to get the most attention during foot rubs and pedicures, and for good reason. This area is covered in pressure points and arousal zones, explains Barrett, which makes the arches a super popular place people like to be touched, no matter their gender or sexual preferences.

                                    Try this: Okay, so while this is a super sexy place to touch, it also has major tickle potential, Barrett notes, so you’ll want to avoid fast movements that flicker along the skin. “You want them moaning, not giggling. So instead, use a soft, slow, steady stroke with the tips of your fingers,” Barrett suggests. Try varying up the pressure to really get the blood flowing.

                                    22. The Feet in General

                                    ICYMI, the feet are kind of major when it comes to erogenous zones. Besides just feeling good, there’s a reason why reflexology massages are so popular: “There are so many nerve endings in the feet,” says sex therapist Rhoda Lipscomb, PhD—which makes for a great area to stimulate.

                                    Try this: Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a foot fetishist to ace this. “Start by using some massage oil and massaging your partner’s feet,” says Lipscomb. Pay attention to all the areas we mentioned (toe, between the toes, the arch, the ankle dip), as well as the heel pad and the outer edge of the foot for all-over euphoria. And if you want to add some tongue and kisses to the mix, do it—just don’t forget to switch positions and make it your turn afterward.

                                    23. The Dip Under Their Ankle

                                    Yes, the spot that always gets fucked up when you wear new shoes! Between your person’s heel and ankle is a fingertip-size pressure point that holds “enormous passion potential,” says Laura Norman, author of Feet First. “This spot is linked to the sex organs” and “pressing it releases energy, producing feelings of pleasure,” she explains.

                                    Try this: While in reverse cowgirl, grab your partner’s feet and pulse each pressure point in rhythm with your thrusts. Try this right before your S.O.’s about to climax to really blow their mind.

                                    24. The Prostate

                                    Introducing: The most underrated part of a penis-haver’s body. “The prostate gland is a huge erogenous zone,” says Lipscomb. “If properly stimulated, this can bring intense pleasure to your partner.” Think of this as your penis-having partner’s clitoris—it’s their most sensitive spot.

                                    Try this: Run a lubricated finger around your partner’s anus to begin. This stimulation by itself may be enough, but if they’re down for more (and once the muscles have had a chance to relax), insert your index finger about two inches inside—where you should be able to feel the prostate. “Bend your finger up toward their abdomen and stroke it,” says Lipscomb.

                                    25. Their Imagination

                                    Okay, so maybe this isn’t a tangible thing you can touch, but trust: You can absolutely stimulate your partner’s mind, and it’s sexy as hell. “Let them have some time to consider your touch before your fingers arrive on their skin,” says Nelson. The ultimate tease.

                                    Try this: “Whisper in their ear softly and tell them all the things you are going to do without touching a hair on their body,” says Nelson. No idea WTF to say? Just pretend like you’re sexting and say those things IRL.

                                    26. Their Butt Cheek

                                    Ah, the “sweet spot” of the bod. “Your partner’s going to be extra sensitive here,” says Good Vibrations staff sexologist Carol Queen, PhD. “Striking their butt cheek, even lightly, tends to stimulate the whole area.” Think of it like a slow vibration flowing through your S.O.’s insides.

                                    Try this: If your partner is open to a little spank-y play, this is great to do while they’re on top of you in any variation of missionary. Squeeze their booty when they’re hitting just the right spot, or give ’em a quick spank if you’re both into it. “Don’t be afraid to grab or stroke there,” says Queen.

                                    This content is imported from embed-name. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

                                    27. The Philtrum

                                    Sexologist Jess O’Reilly, PhD, explains that the philtrum—aka the small groove above your lips— has long been considered an erogenous zone. In fact, she explains, the word itself, “philtrum,” translates from the Latin word for “love potion.”

                                    Try this: To stimulate your partner’s philtrum, O’Reilly suggests planting a very soft kiss on this area right before running your tongue down the groove to meet their upper lip.

                                    28. The Raphe

                                    O’Reilly explains that the raphe is the dividing line that runs across the middle of a penis-haver’s genitalia. This line goes from the anus to the tip of the penis, down over the perineum, scrotum, and shaft.

                                    Try this: O’Reilly suggests using your tongue to trace over the line. To take things a step further, she suggests incorporating a lubed-up bullet vibrator to trace along the line as well while you breathe, lick, and suck in conjunction with the vibrator.

                                    29. Bottom Lips

                                    Harris says lips in general are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Take your time while kissing—there’s a reason nibbling and variation in pressure can drive you over the edge when done correctly.

                                    Try this: Harris suggests nibbling their bottom lip and possibly even going for a harder bite (if they seem receptive to it). “The sensations of going from a tender kiss to some teeth will surprise your partner and excite their brain.”

                                    30. Those V-Lines

                                    Besides being hot and fun for you to look at, the V-zone is a hotbed of pleasure for your partner, clinical sexologist and psychotherapist Kristie Overstreet, PhD explains. Not only is it a turn-on that your partner gets front-row tickets to watch you stimulate them, but it’s an easy pit stop to make on the way to bone-town.

                                    Try this: Have your partner lay on their back while you get on top, straddle style. Starting from their belly button, use your fingers and nails to trace a line down from their happy trail stopping before you hit their groin. Then retrace your steps, but use your tongue to trace a V shape from their hips to right above their penis. Repeat as desired and draw it out to really tease them.

                                    31. The Outside of Their Lower Lip

                                    You know that spot between your lower lip and your chin where you usually break out? Yeah, the one that one hair always sprouts out of? That’s an erogenous zone! Certified sex educator Lou Paget, author of The Big O, says this tiny, delicate curve is actually packed with extra sensitive nerve receptors.

                                    Try this: Suck your partner’s lower lip into your mouth the next time you’re making out and use the tip of your tongue to stroke this under-lip area. “That motion stimulates the whole erogenous zone in a teasing way, which will put your partner on the erotic edge,” says Paget. “And by keeping their lower lip inside yours, you magnify the sensation. It’ll feel as if electric currents are shooting from their mouth straight to their member.”

                                    32. The Front of Their Neck

                                    I bet you’ve never thought about your partner’s Adam’s apple as an erogenous zone, huh? In reality, the sexy area isn’t one to skip when stimulating the body, especially because the attraction to throat fruit stems from how the thyroid (just below the Adam’s apple) is “closely linked to the sex organs, according to ancient Chinese medicine,” says reflexologist Mantak Chia, author of Sexual Reflexology.

                                    Try this: Have your partner lie on their back and lightly suck their Adam’s apple. Keep your tongue flat and light, and don’t apply too much pressure. Simply massage the area with wide circular motions to ensure you’re hitting that T-spot of the thyroid.

                                    33. Their Nipples

                                    While all nipples are fundamentally the same, men might experience more nipple sensitivity since they aren’t usually as used to having them touched. “For a lot of men, their nipples are uncharted territory—an erogenous zone they haven’t experimented with,” explains clinical sexologist Patti Britton, PhD, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sensual Massage.

                                    Try this: Britton suggests having your partner lie back and slowly lick from their areola inward (like an ice-cream cone), but never actually touch your tongue to their nip. Get closer and closer until you flick their nipple with your tongue and then gently bite it. If you wanna be really extra, you can suck on an ice cube beforehand for more sensation.

                                    34. The Perineum

                                    The perineum—which is the patch of skin located between a penis-haver’s testicles and anus—is right above the prostate gland. And ICYMI, this whole area has “major orgasmic power.” In fact, Tracey Cox, author of Supersex, says a few soft strokes here will drive your partner to the brink.

                                    Try this: Press your knuckles gently into this spot and start massaging. Right as your partner’s about to orgasm, push your knuckles a little deeper to extend the fireworks.

                                    35. The Shaft

                                    This sex organ is, naturally, a huge part of sex for penis-havers. And while you may have mastered the typical handy and blow job, try to spice things up with something totally uncharted like a reverse finger job.

                                    Try this: Make two tight rings around your partner’s penis with your thumb and index finger (like you’re doing the okay hand symbol 👌), stacking them one on top of the other in the middle of the shaft. Twist the rings in opposite directions moving from the middle to the top with one hand, and the middle to the base of the shaft with the other hand, both at the same time. It’s kinda like patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time, but if you can master the “torrid twist,” as Cox calls it, your partner will def thank you. Remember to use lube though!

                                    36. The Head of the Penis

                                    As the most sensitive part of the penis, the head can be a fickle area to master. Barbara Keesling, PhD, author of The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex, says it can be tricky to get the right level of pressure to send your partner soaring into ecstasy without recoiling in sensory overload.

                                    Try this: Give your S.O. a lipstick blow job—aka where you brush your closed but relaxed lips against the head of their penis like you’re applying lipstick. Hold their shaft with your fingers, but not in a fist (avoid holding their penis like a microphone, but do approach it with the same blind confidence of a mediocre stand-up act). Keesling suggests varying the sensations by opening your mouth a bit and rubbing the penis head between them.

                                    37. The Seam of Their Testicles

                                    You know how socks always have a seam in them? Well, your partner’s penis has one that separates their testicles that keeps them from becoming one big testilump. Cox says it’s a nerve-rich pleasure trail that runs top to bottom along the scrotum and is vastly under-appreciated.

                                    Try this: Cradle your partner’s balls in one hand while gently pressing the first two fingertips of your other hand into the top of the crease (close to where the testicles connect to the base of his penis). Then trace downward with your fingers until you reach the bottom of the scrotum. Don’t forget to be gentle!

                                    38. Their Frenulum

                                    The F-spot is the little nubbin of flesh underneath the crown of the penis that connects the head to the shaft. It’s often overlooked because it’s part of the undercarriage, but Britton says there’s actually a bundle of nerves at this point that when touched “set off an amazing chain reaction of rapture.”

                                    Try this: The next time you’re going down on your partner, hold their penis steady with one hand while really giving their crown your all. Each time you circle your tongue around to the frenulum, flick it a few times with your tongue stiffened, and then relax and go back to licking the crown.

                                    39. Their Lower Back

                                    If you’re looking for a way to turn your partner way TF on without even taking their pants off, look no further. As Overstreet explains, the pudendal nerve that stimulates all the areas of the groin is located here, at the bottom of the spinal cord.

                                    Try this: Have your partner lay on their stomach with their shirt off and their arms by their side. Hot tip: Keep their pants on, but pull them down a few inches for a tantalizing never-nude experience. Lightly run your fingers down across their lower back, stopping before you hit butt cheek.

                                    40. Their Earlobes

                                    We already talked about the ears, but this sensitive lil pocket of skin deserves its own section because it’s *that* erotic. Just think about how jumpy you get when someone whispers in your ear! Now take that sensation to the next level by incorporating earlobe nibbles and below-the-belt multitasking.

                                    Try this: Overstreet suggests kissing your partner across their shoulder, up their neck, and stopping right before you hit their ear. Do this to both sides, because asymmetry is for the lazy. When they get real squirmy, start kissing their earlobes, then play around with gentle nibbles, tongue, etc. If you want to start talking dirty, now’s the time. But be warned: Only use this move if you want a quickie because very few folks can last long in bed when earlobes are incorporated.

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