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4 reasons why your roof is leaking

4 reasons why your roof is leaking

Roofing is a good choice for homeowners who are environmentally friendly or choose the long-term energy savings solar panels provide. A common hesitation in installing solar panels on the roof of your home is the concern about roof leaks. Initially, working with qualified solar and roofing professionals is one of the best ways to ensure that your roof does not leak when you have solar panels installed. But as with most anything related to a home, every once in a while, there may be a problem with the installation or natural aging of your home or one of its systems and it needs to be repaired. If you have solar panels installed on your roof and you have a leak, it is time to contact solar installers or roofing professionals to determine the cause of the leak. In this blog post, we discuss four reasons why your roof can leak from solar panels.

If you have undergone a roof inspection by your Gikas Roofing specialist and Montclair Roofer to determine where and why your roof is leaking from your solar panels, the reason will probably fall into one of these four categories.

1. Poor installation

Although leaks are rare with a good solar panel installation, your panels may have been installed by someone you did not hire. If your roof starts leaking near your solar panels, be sure to find a reputable solar panel company to make repairs to your solar panel installation. The repairs required can range from repair, re-sealing or minor adjustments to even the need for a new shingles section.

2. Old Roof

If your solar panels were placed on top of an older roof, you could certainly create problems. Make sure you have your roof inspected by a professional roofing company before solar panel installers install a new solar panel in your home. An old roof is prone to leaks in general. Adding more drills, holes and upcoming weather could cause you to fail.

3. Roof construction

If you have wood, ceramic or clay tiles on your roof, you may have problems with a solar panel roof leak. Solar panels may not fit properly in this type of roof arrangement. Again, you should have a review from both contractors and talk to them about whether your current roof shingles are suitable for this type of solar installation.

4. Damaged

Existing damage to the roof before installing solar panels is never a good idea. Solar panels will not provide protection from the weather and wind – a good roof will do that. Make sure you have a sturdy, well-constructed roof to mount your solar panels.

Installation after solar panel

Once your solar panels are installed and operational, consider returning your canopy to Gikas Roofers for a final inspection and review of your roof. This can go a long way in ensuring that your investment is well-established and that you can avoid worrying about it in the future.

With the least chance of noticing an immediate leak, reset the solar panel and roof installation teams to give a thorough look and make any quick roof repairs. Gikas Roofing strive to bring you the best on rooftops in Montclair, New Jersey area. They provide decades of experience, training and knowledge in in roofing services. They are a leading roofing company in roof repair and home roof replacement. They will not ask for a deposit for work or materials as a reliable way to stand out from the competition, while offering you the best roofing products and services in New Jersey.

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Eco-Friendly painting tips for a more sustainable home

Are you looking for painting information on Eco-Friendly paints? The environment continues to send us messages and it is precisely the case to listen to them.

Both for us in Gkikas Painting in Montclair and for all the people who populate this beautiful planet and the planet itself. Man has abused nature’s indulgence for far too long and it is time to get back in line. To bring out the sensitivity on the subject that is within us and cultivate it.

But how is it possible to give a concrete hand? Isn’t that a responsibility that the authorities and the most influential people in the society should bear? This is without a doubt. At the same time, however, it is good to take action in the first person, with conscious choices, daughters of respect.

Don’t think that you are left out because there are some simple steps to take. Let’s say he intends to repaint the house. On the market, many illustrious brands offer ecological painting.

A solution designed with the aim of having as little impact on the ecosystem as possible. The concept of the sick house, which we will present to you below, is linked to the discourse.

Why painting your house with ecological paints?

Often our attention is focused exclusively on the choice of technique and the shade of paint. Yet two types of problems arose when making a decision:

  1. excess of volatile emanations in the environments
  2. reduced breathability of the walls.

Although it may seem incredible to you, domestic (or indoor) pollution can be much more harmful than that present outside. The fumes present in a confined space (of home, work, leisure) are considerable.

We don’t realize it, yet the internal conditions of a building are often worse than those outside. And remember: in confined places we spend most of the hours of the day.

Researchers have established the link between the onset of human pathologies and conventional products for the treatment of walls. It is mainly the brain, liver, and nerves that are exposed to the risks in the event of inhalation.

The articles normally on the market create a dangerous protective barrier

In general, paints consist of a binder, a pigment, and a solvent. Now, the articles typically on the market create a real protective barrier. That is, they prevent the natural breathability of building materials.

And, therefore, they inhibit the creation of a positive living microclimate. The plastic resins and paints that coat the walls ensure that each toxic particle produced remains inside.

For every kg of paint applied, from 250 to 800 g of solvent evaporate; it is a matter of a moment to understand the number of harmful vapors inhaled. Solvents are found mainly in paints, varnishes, paint strippers, and impregnating products. In oil paints, they sometimes reach 50%, in washable murals 15%.

The most common solvents contained

Among the most common solvents, we remember benzene, one of the most dangerous. It can severely irritate the mucous membranes, lead to changes in blood composition, damage to the kidneys, liver, and spleen.

Synthetic turpentine and carbon tetrachloride have a carcinogenic action. Prolonged breathing causes nausea, irritation, and fainting. Dichloromethane can act on the nervous system. Acute poisoning causes nerve palsy. In short, there is very little to be calm and serene about!

In light of what we have just told you, you will wonder why you shouldn’t resort to ecological painting. And you do well!

The architectural tradition has allowed us to know the lime putty finishes; they are highly resistant to the formation of mold and breathable. It is not essential to aim for a 100% natural product at any cost; however, it is certainly essential that it be as much as possible.

It is essential to aspiring to concrete objectives such as the drastic reduction in the level of volatile harmful substances (the so-called VOCs).

Ecological paint for the “Third Skin”

Secondly, it is crucial to allow the transpiration of the walls, which must act as a humidity regulation filter. To refer to it, insiders use an interesting term: “Third Skin”.

If the “First Skin” is the epidermis and the “Second Skin” is given by the clothes worn; the “Third Skin” is the house in which we live. As such it must also be breathable. Simple.

Painting the walls with ecological paint is not revolutionary at all, if anything it is an ancient practice to be rediscovered. A decisive philosophy to ensure the healthiness of the air and protect from humidity.

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10 Modern ideas for living room painting

10 Modern ideas for living room painting

Why choose the best modern ideas for living room painting? If a man’s house is his castle, then the living room is the great hall. It is the room where he can gather with his own people, drinking a cup of coffee. It is the main room that one sees when entering the house after a long day. So isn’t it worth a little more attention and care?

The decoration, but also the colors for the living room is definitely a complicated affair. And because buying new furniture every time the fashion trend changes is not at all advantageous, the simplest solution is a change in the color of the walls. Then, here are 10 modern and timeless ideas for painting a living room. Trust Montclair Painting for your living room painting project!

1. White painting color

It is timeless, simple and elegant. It is always in fashion for beautiful lounges with style and signifies the classic. Also, the white color on the walls is very important because it tends to highlight the surrounding space and make it look bigger. This means that even if the living room is not too big, it can easily make it look more spacious. This property is also offered by other light shades, such as ocher, mint color, even light gray and beige.

2. Yellow painting color

According to the principles of color therapy, the color yellow stimulates self-esteem and helps fight phobias. It symbolizes joy, creativity, and even wealth. It can stimulate a good mood and most importantly, illuminate the space.

It is not necessary to choose a strong shade of course, because a soft shade of yellow can create a wonderful atmosphere of calm in the living room. Indeed, an intense shade of yellow can be tiring. You can also combine it very nicely with orange, painting the walls with the two colors alternately. The result will be happy, lively and special.

3. Beige painting color

Beige gives moderation and stability. It is a color that expresses a friendly mood and reliability. Combine it with brown elements in the space, to create a unique living room in earth tones. You can choose a light shade of it, to evenly illuminate the space and make it look bigger. Even if the furniture does not have earthy shades, they hardly do not match harmoniously with the beige.

4. Gray painting color

The king of industrial style. It is a distinctive color, which depending on the shade can be highlighted, or disappear. You can choose a light shade of gray, to illuminate the space more harmoniously and to highlight the look of the furniture.

On the other hand, choosing a darker shade, the walls will not go unnoticed and will be a piece inextricably linked to the decoration of the living room. It also combines harmoniously with most colors and offers different results, depending on its shade.

5. Blue painting color

If you need calm and relaxation at home, light blue is an excellent choice. The blue helps to concentrate the thought, relaxes and stabilizes the mood. A wall painted in light shades of green, such as lime, can have similar effects. Especially if the living room furniture has shades of white, gray, beige and brown, these colors can highlight the space.

6. Petrol painting color

Petrol is a special combination of blue and green. Petrol, although soothing on the face, is a dark color that can darken the space, if used extensively. Its main advantage is that it matches a wide range of colors and furniture and can have many combinations.

Combine petrol with beige on the walls of the living room for harmony in the space or petrol with ocher for a more modern result. Also, if you want to have a romantic and chic image in the living room, try the so-called dusty pink as a candidate match for petrol.

7. Green painting color

According to Feng Sui it is the color of renewal. Its shades are really endless and can suit any space. From mint or olive green to cypress, choose the right shade depending on the brightness and size of your living room. In addition, combine it with earth tones to make a warm and bright living room.

8. Orange painting color

If your living room needs a sense of joy and warmth, then orange is the choice for you. As a warm color, it offers light and warmth to the room, while at the same time giving a sense of vitality to family members.

Especially if your furniture has dark shades, your living room with the orange color on the walls will gain brightness. As already mentioned, the combination of orange with light yellow can also offer brightness at the same time as the feeling of joy in the space, breaking the monotony.

9. Purple painting color

The purple color expresses balance and calm. Especially in light shades, such as violet, it highlights the elegance of the space. It is ideal if your furniture has light shades, such as white, beige, light yellow, light green. However, it will be difficult to combine with dark elements of the space, because it can limit the brightness. Choosing a lighter, or darker shade of purple, will bring completely different results for the aesthetics of the living room.

10. Coffee painting color

Brown is a color that indicates stability and warmth. As a basic earth color, it promotes comfort and confidence. In order not to reduce the brightness of the space, try a balanced painting combination of coffee with other colors. Indicatively, you can paint the walls of the living room brown with gray, beige or white.

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Tips for choosing your exterior paint color

Are you looking for advice on exterior painting and tips for choosing your exterior paint color for your house? You must first know the rules of your  municipality and then follow some ideas on the colors to prefer.

Here’s how to decide the color for the exterior walls of the house, practical tips to avoid making mistakes. Not everyone knows that it is not always possible to choose the color that we like best, especially if it is very bright and lively, because nowadays there are rules to be respected in almost every municipality of residence and which greatly limit the choice.

On the other hand, those who are lucky enough to live in a place like Montclair where there are no restrictions in this regard must still evaluate the colors for exterior houses that best match the high shades of the surrounding landscape.

In general, light shades such as beige, cream, and sand are used to increase the external brightness of the building, especially if it is small, while dark shades such as brown, burgundy, and green are used to suggest a containment idea.

Another factor to take into consideration, and which can help you determine which color is most suitable for your home, are the colors of windows and shutters.

If you have no intention of repainting them, in fact, it is good to choose a paint that matches well, otherwise, you risk creating a contrast that is too strong and unpleasant to the eye. A tip that should not be underestimated is to proceed with the color simulation of the exterior painting of the house.

Just paint a very small part of the facade and try to look at it from afar. This will make it much easier to see if it is to our liking.

But what is quartz painting? Many of you will have heard it before, others will completely ignore the subject, but some will be able to perfect their knowledge, while the second will be able to answer their own questions about it in this paragraph.

The quartz paint is a paint characterized by the presence of small grains of quartz in its interior, very fine grains, the thickness of which and whose consistency is more or less that of the flour.

It is also made up of synthetic resins and water, as well as these grains, which makes it a type of paint that is very easy to apply and very resistant to atmospheric agents and stresses, whether chemical or physical.

In addition to this, its composition allows this paint to be very opaque, therefore very pigmented, and to anchor well to the support, as if to become one with the latter, especially if it is a plaster made of bastard mortar. .

Another characteristic of this type of paint is that it is also suitable for imperfect surfaces, as it is a paint capable of filling the imperfections of the surface so that it appears completely homogeneous and perfectly regular.

As if that were not enough, this painting still has other very attractive characteristics, which mostly concern the functional side, after the practical and aesthetic ones to which the previous characteristics concerned.

In fact, this type of paint prevents the formation of algae, bacteria, and mold, so it is suitable for those places where there is a high level of humidity in the air. Remember, that molds are in fact enemies of health, as they carry bacteria, so it is always good to prevent them.

In addition, it washes very easily, and even when it is dirty if washed, it comes out as new, it is water-repellent and breathable, so it is suitable for any external surface, even exposed to a lot of atmospheric agents.

Advantages and disadvantages of quartz paint

But what are the advantages of quartz painting?

The advantages of this type of paint are those that derive from the characteristics described above, obviously:

– quartz paint is in fact a paint capable of resisting mold and preventing the formation of unhealthy bacteria, which could be a danger not only for the aesthetics of the house but also for the health of the people who live there;

– it is water repellent, therefore it is resistant to atmospheric agents much more than common paints, which makes it very suitable for external walls;

– it is long-lasting, which means that it does not need continuous maintenance or, in any case, additional and close costs;

– it is very easy to apply and homogenizes the surface on which it is applied, which means that everyone can use quartz paint, even when the surface on which it is applied is uneven, successfully, even if you are a beginner.

As for the disadvantages, it must be considered that this type of paint is water repellent, therefore, if used indoors, if poorly used, it could cause the formation of condensation in the presence of a fairly high humidity level, or it could be a problem if you wanted to eliminate since it is very resistant. For the rest, it is a painting that can bring numerous advantages.

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The most romantic things to do in Southern Spain

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Spain’s southern location, Andalucia is 1 of the most intimate locations in Spain and not with out a reason. With a magnitude of charming white villages and romantic towns, wine yards, very long coastlines, and coastal views, there are so several romantic factors to do in southern Spain. 

Andalucia is the great vacation place for partners all year round no matter if you are foodies, like the gradual life, or are an adrenaline junkie couple.

Browse on to get thoughts for the most romantic points to do in Andalucia for partners!

Romantic items to do in Andalucia

Sunsets in Andalucia, a spectacle like no other.

Check out the sunset from the mountain

Southern Spain is jam-packed with mountains with a coastal perspective and even if you are new to hiking, there are a good deal of good trails for rookies with lovely views of the sunlight placing around the Mediterranean. Just one of the top climbing ideas for beginners when heading on a sunset hike is to often provide a headlamp so that you do not get caught in the dark. Relying on the time of yr, you may also need to bring extended pants and a windbreaker even even though it is warm in the daytime, it can get chilly when the sun commences going down. And you do not want to ruin a intimate instant by acquiring cold!

Some of the finest hikes in southern Spain for sunset are the mountains over Nerja, Mijas, and Marbella. But also in the Sierra Nevada, a person of the most popular mountains in southern Spain, there are a ton of astounding climbing routes, primarily if you are a seasoned hiker.

Wherever to stay near these mountains in southern Spain? 

Below are a couple alternatives of accommodation in this region of Andalucia that are shut to the mountains and lovely beach locations:

(click on on the city’s identify to see the resort checklist)

A white village in Andalucia. White houses scattered on the top of a hill in Southern Spain.
Which is what we simply call a passionate place.

Go on a highway trip to see the white villages of Andalucia

This is without the need of a doubt one of the most intimate factors to do in Andalucia. There are so numerous charming villages, and a southern Spain street vacation signifies you can cover very a several of them. Commit a evening in the ones you like the most and love wine and neighborhood tapas together.

Some of the most romantic villages in Souther Spain include Frigiliana above Nerja in Malaga, Mijas Pueblo above Fuengirola, also in Malaga, and Salobreña on the coast of Granada. Head to the Cadiz coastline wherever you can love picturesque villages like Arcos de la Frontera and Vejer de la Frontera.

If you want to get off the coast, head to Zahara de la Sierra and Setenil de Las Bodegas. There are numerous charming villages nearby Ronda that are truly worth a go to. In Seville, you can visit San Nicolas del Puerto wherever you can stroll via Sierra del Norte de Sevilla Natural Park and take pleasure in glittering waterfalls by means of lush forest or chill at the village’s synthetic seashore.

As we are conversing about heading on a street journey in Spain, never forget to browse this manual about how a great deal does it charge to travel to Spain

Best destinations to keep at Andalucia white villages? 

Right here are a handful of selections of lodging:

 (simply click on the city’s name to see the resort list)

One of the main attractions in Granada, Southern Spain.
The intimate attractiveness of Granada!

Handle you at a spa resort in Granada

Granada is palms on one particular of the most intimate towns in southern Spain (jointly with Andalucia’s money, but we will get again to that later.) Overlooking the Alhambra Palace, it is hard to defeat a several times with your superior 50 % in Granada.

The charming aged city boasts of history so normal for Andalucia, a melting pot for diverse cultures environment their imprint all through historical past. Verify out down below the unique experiences we select for you:

Granada is perfect for sightseeing interrupted by tapas and sangria stops along the way. Make certain you remain at 1 of the major-notch spa motels in the metropolis (checklist below) and you and your associate will feel so peaceful and joyful! Another possibility is to go to a conventional Hamman and indulge yourselves in the very hot and cold steam rooms and even go for a soothing therapeutic massage. Ebook this Hamman Knowledge in Granada right here. 

Where by to remain in Granada?

For the top intimate holiday break in southern Spain, have a look at these remarkable motels in Granada:

(click on on the resort identify to see the details)

Photo of the iconic bridge in Ronda, Southern Spain.
Ronda is like a fairytale city in Southern Spain.

Go on a wine tour in Serrania de Ronda

Most of Malaga’s finest wines derive from Serrania de Ronda and there is no questioning you will have an unforgettable romantic getaway in Spain heading to these wine yards with your partner. 

You can get in touch with the wineries instantly to organize a go to, or you pick out one of the quite a few organized excursions to explore Ronda and the location, and of course, go wine tasting. Here are three tours we’ve chosen for you:

That reported, it is an spot where by you will have to have a motor vehicle to get to, so an structured tour will be the most simple as it is not authorized to drink when you generate in Spain.

Wherever to stay in Serrania de Ronda? 

Below are a number of choices of motels in Ronda that are best for couples:

(simply click on the lodge name to see the particulars)

Photo from a secluded beach in Cabo de Gata in Andalucia, Spain.
Cabo de Gata Organic Park has stunning shorelines for you to discover.

Picnic at the beach

It is challenging to argue that a picnic at the beach front is tremendous passionate. Spain’s southern coast is lined with mesmerizing beach locations. If you want to take pleasure in a romantic picnic (with cava) outdoors the town seashores, head to Cadiz and Huelva coasts as they have some of the most effective shorelines in southern Spain.

But if you select any of these places, make sure you examine out the wind forecast simply because on a windy day you will not be equipped to delight in the beach front or a picnic.

Then head to the shorelines of Cabo de Gata All-natural Park in Almeria as a substitute. They are preferred, but the truth that they are so significant and lots of of them involve a bit of walking to get to, means you continue to get a great chunk of beach front to your self.

Finest destinations to continue to be near the seashore? 

Very well, the beaches in southern Spain are magnificent and so are the accommodations and resorts you can discover there. You will obtain beneath a connection to the most effective sites to keep in Cadiz,  Huelva, and Cabo de Gata, so you can have a search and pick out the best beach & resort combo.

(click on the city’s name to see the hotel checklist)

Photo of Plaza de España – also known as Seville’s Venice,
Plaza de España – also recognised as Seville’s Venice.

Fall in adore all around all over again in Seville

I consider we can all agree that Seville is a person of the most passionate towns in Europe. Wandering the streets with your a person really like admiring historical architecture is tough to defeat. Acquire a boat trip at Plaza de España – also recognized as Seville’s Venice.

Stroll the intimate gardens in the Alcazar Palace or share a bottle of Cava in the Maria Louisa Park. There are so quite a few tapas and cocktail bars in Seville that you can invest a week and not return to the similar a person twice. 

If you like to be lively you can go paddleboarding or kayaking in the Guadalquivir river and if you do not, just cuddle up by the river bank and watch as the boats go by.

It is hard to envision performing everything in Seville that will not flip out romantic!

In which to keep in Seville, Spain? 

Listed here are a few options for all kinds of partners and budgets:

(click on the lodge title to see the details)

Caminito del Rey walking trail and via Ferrata through the canyon in Southern Spain.
Caminito del Rey strolling trail and through Ferrata.

Do a Via Ferrata in Malaga or Granada

Adventurous couples will really like to do a Via Ferrata collectively to increase some spice to their travel recollections. There are so a lot of unbelievable By way of Ferrata’s in Southern Spain, significantly in the Malaga and Granada provinces. 

Just one of the most famed locations is Desfiladero de Los Gaitanes, the place the well-known Caminito del Rey goes. But you can also locate other interesting routes for diverse concentrations.

A lot of businesses are giving By way of Ferratas as guided tours with a experienced information and all the vital devices provided.

All you want to convey is a superior temper and a Go Professional. Oh! And leave your vertigo at property, due to the fact these routes are exhilarating, steep, and you will climb up higher!

Where by to stay in Malaga soon after a working day of journey? 

In this article are the most effective motels in Malaga, a excellent metropolis to use as a foundation to investigate Desfiladero de Los Gaitane:

(simply click on the hotel name to see the aspects)

Scorching Air Balloon experience in Seville or Granada

A sizzling air balloon experience is likely one of the most passionate actions to do in Andalucia and you can do that each in close proximity to Seville and Granada. The warm air balloon tour requires you more than the lovely countryside at sunset and it is pure magic floating earlier mentioned the earth hunting down. Cuddle up in your partner’s arms and you will have a memory for a life span! 

In situation possibly of you demands a tiny trace: It is tremendous passionate to suggest in a sizzling air balloon!

Exactly where to stay in in Southern Spain for a hot air balloon experience? 

We’ve previously outlined the best areas to stay in Seville and the very best lodges in Granada, on the topics above. Go back a little bit and decide on your preferred lodging. 

Young woman dancing flamenco in traditional flamenco dress and a man playing the guitar
It simply cannot get a lot more intimate than this. 🥰

Consider Flamenco lessons in Seville

Why not get transferring and discover a little something new with your associate? There are various superior-quality Flamenco colleges all through Andalucia, but if you want to go authentic, make absolutely sure you head to the Triana community in Seville for classes.

This is a thing that can be a lot of exciting alongside one another as effectively as you develop and study anything together. Some thing that will be your thing for the relaxation of your life. So check out out the Flamenco classes and demonstrates in Seville we’ve picked for you:

Traveling in southern Spain – Simple Strategies

There is no doubt southern Spain is best for a passionate getaway no subject what tastes you and your associate have. There are towns and character, adrenaline actions and comforting pursuits, and all this with a good selection of tasty tapas and awesome regional drinks.

Now that you know what to do in Southern Spain, let us start out organizing your vacation to Andalucia. 

Modern train to Seville waiting in a train station in Southern Spain. Traveling to Spain advice.
Touring to Southern Spain is uncomplicated, just stick to our guidelines.

Having to and about Southern Spain

There 2 intercontinental airports in southern Spain (Malaga and Seville), and 4 domestic airports (Amería, Cordoba, Granada and in Jerez de la Frontera). An additional selection to get to Andalucia is to journey by coach, bus, cruise or auto. 

Spain’s coach and bus programs work quite well, you will uncover companies from main metropolitan areas to small villages. There is also the highspeed train (AVE) to Cordoba, Seville, and Malaga. All the details about trains and busses in Southern Spain you can uncover listed here.  

Touring by auto is a good way to discover quite a few concealed metropolitan areas in southern Spain. After you arrive in Andalucia you can lease a car or truck (evaluate the rates in this article) and check out the region at your have pace. But in advance of commencing your road journey, have a great appear at the map of Southern Spain to have an notion of your route and the places to take a look at in Andalucia, normally, you can get dropped between so numerous amazing destinations you will come across on your way. 

Intimate lodges in southern Spain

When arranging your passionate getaway in Andalucia, you have to just take into thing to consider which style of knowledge you want to have. Then you can opt for in which to keep in southern Spain. 

We have mentioned a couple of great inns and resorts in every activity, so you can have an concept of what to be expecting from the metropolis, the working experience and the lodging there. But in situation you still want to have a glance at the finest lodges in Andalucia, our suggestion is to search and reserve through or Agoda, they have the best selection of destinations to continue to be and superior charges. 

Weather in southern Spain

Andalucia has a heat Mediterranean local weather, so anticipate incredibly hot summer time and gentle winters. The very good news is that they have an regular of 300 sunny days per 12 months. So does not subject which year you resolved to journey to southern Spain, the odds are that you will have sunshine. 

Although it is a sunny place, the weather conditions can change if you are being by the seaside or going up to the mountains. Exploration about the areas to visit in Andalucia and choose the places and period that suits you greatest. 

Picking southern Spain as your subsequent intimate place will not be a disappointment!

Like this guidebook to Southern Spain romantic attractions? Preserve it for afterwards!

Your next romantic getaway must be to Southern Spain. The Andalucia region is packed with stunning cities, white villages, secluded beaches, and delicious food. Here is a list of things to do in Southern Spain that will keep you and your loved one busy for days. An itinerary that mixes nature, food, adventure, history & romance. Andalucia attractions paired with the best hotels in cities like Granada, Seville, Ronda, Cabo de Gatas and more.

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