9 Signs You are Compatible

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Everyone knows there are a few things that every new couple should *def* have in common: Plans for the future, similar hobbies/interests, and—I cannot stress this enough—the same texting speed. (If I’m texting you back *as soon as* you send me something, I expect you to not take five hours to respond, ya feel?)

But, according to Susan Trombetti, celebrity matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, there’s one basic thing that could determine if you are in sync with a potential S.O.: Your fitness and eating habits.

“In my practice, I see that eating and workout habits are more important to my clients than religion was to their parents. People are conscious of their eating habits, and it’s really a top priority that they find someone who is their equal in this area,” Trombetti says.

So, hey, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an avid picker-upper of heavy things or you’d prefer to bring in your groceries bag-by-bag, you should probably find someone who also does the same things in the name of compatibility and love.

“Couples today don’t constantly want to be arguing over the choice of restaurant. You can’t have a foodie mesh well with someone that sweats out everything they put in their body. It’s a constant battle,” says Trombetti. “So to achieve a relationship where two people work out, they should enjoy the same lifestyle.”

For the sake of ~love~, here are some fun, spit-fire Qs to run through with potential online dating matches pre-date to see if you’re compatible. Honestly, you’re welcome, because this just might save you precious hours/days/months/years.

  • Do you spend your Friday night vegging out on the couch, or hitting the gym because it’s “not crowded?”
    • Is your drunk snack a slice of pizza, or nut butter on an apple?
      • Is your idea of working out lifting heavy weights, or walking to the nearest ice cream shop two blocks away?
        • Do you go to Whole Foods for the fresh produce or the bangin’ chicken strips in the hot section?
          • Is your idea of a good IG post a couple’s workout video or a thirst trap on the beach?
            • When someone orders soft pretzel sticks for the table, do you grab the biggest one before anyone else can, or decline because it’s not your cheat day?
              • Are you gluten and/or dairy free, or just consume a lot of Tums?
                • Do you actually like tacos, or do you just not want to be in an argument with your partner for “not suggesting something other than tacos”?
                • How do you feel about bread baskets?

                  Do you and your crush’s answers line up? Then there you have it, guys. The true test for compatibility.

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