MUSTerbation. The 5 Wrong “Musts” in Sex That Reduce Sexual Pleasure

Stop doubting your sexual performance by removing the “musts” from the sexual act.

“MUSTerbation” is a term coined by the famous psychologist Albert Ellis to describe the phenomenon in which people live with a set of absolute and unrealistic demands they make on themselves, others and the world. For most, these rules are expressed in a series of musts that we repeat to ourselves over and over again.

These do’s and don’ts make us feel bad about ourselves, because they set standards that we can not realistically meet. The key to feeling better is to recognize unrealistic statements and replace them with softer, more realistic statements and expectations for ourselves.

Much of the sexual self-doubt and suffering can be attributed to coercion and need. Indeed, due to the combination of unrealistic sexual images and messages (eg in mainstream movies and porn) and the lack of a sex education system (there is no room for combating such false messages with realistic, scientific information), many people believe in inaccurate information about sex, which makes them feel bad about themselves.

To put it another way, people project different needs on themselves and this is detrimental to sexual satisfaction and pleasure. The following is a list of the five most common sexual needs that  with the help of experts and Athens Escorts, so that you can enjoy sexual activity more fully.

The most common sexual must

1. Sex must be spontaneous

To combat this unrealistic must, imagine yourself getting ready for a date or a party where you know the person you want will be. Take a shower, wear your best underwear, maybe put on some perfume and then activate your best flirt for the whole night. You glance, touch the other person’s hand, etc. If you think about it, this is actually a well-organized sex, not spontaneous.

Once you realize this and let go of the unrealistic idea that sex should be spontaneous, the door opens for useful discussions that take place before sexual intercourse. These conversations are useful because, unlike movies, in real life, one partner may want to have sex and the other may want to read about exams, get a job done, or just sleep.

The further a relationship goes – and the more responsibilities each partner takes on in addition to the relationship – the more important it becomes to be able to talk about whether or not it is a good time to have sex. When children get into the story, this kind of conversation is absolutely necessary.

In fact, sex therapists tell couples that planning sex is the key to not ending a marriage without sex, as is the case with many after the birth of children. In short, while movies do not portray it as romantic, it is really helpful to plan your sex and talk about if and what you want to do before you do.

2. In need to feel more sexual

To combat this unrealistic must, two basic scientific facts about sexual desire are essential. First, there are actually two types of sexual desire: spontaneous desire, or the feeling of sexual desire, and receptive desire, or cognitive or emotional receptivity to sex.

An example of the latter is knowing that you will feel more connected to your partner after sex and thus seeking sex for that reason and not because of physical desire.

The second element about sexual desire is that it is perfectly normal for the bodily feelings of desire to diminish during a relationship and when we are under pressure. Many people do not know this and therefore criticize themselves for not feeling as sexual as they used to, and many stop having sex because they no longer feel sexual.

However, if they knew the two aforementioned facts about sexual desire, they could reverse the equation: they could have sex to feel sexual rather than expect to feel sexual to have sex.

3. I have to orgasm from penetration

This is a must that generally affects women who have heterosexual sex. This is probably the idea that makes countless women say that they think their vagina is damaged. Indeed, this is a harmful but so widespread and enduring myth.

To combat this myth, we need to know the real statistics on how many women peak just by penetration. Usually, research suggests that only 25 or 30% of women can reach orgasm during intercourse.

But, as one researcher who analyzed the studies that led to this statistic points out, there is a big problem: most of these studies do not distinguish between women who peak at penile penetration and women who peak during intercourse. by stimulating their clitoris as well (eg by touching it themselves or having sex in a position that allows them to rub their clitoris on their partner’s penis or pubic bone).

Interestingly, when this differentiation was made in two different recent surveys, they both found that only about 15% of women have orgasms just from penetration. The rest need clitoral stimulation, either alone or in combination with penetration.

In short, giving up the need for orgasm through penetration can help countless women feel better about themselves and make them look for the clitoral stimulation they need to have a real orgasm.

4. I have to last a long time and penetrate strongly

This is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Behind this particular must be countless porn images and popular songs depicting men who last a long time and penetrate strongly as the key to female orgasm.

Because of this must, countless men believe they have premature ejaculation when, in fact, the time it takes from inserting their penis into the vagina to orgasm / ejaculation is within average.

According to a multinational study, the average time from the onset of vaginal penetration to ejaculation is 5.4 minutes. If more men knew this and stopped putting pressure on themselves for longer, fewer would suffer from the painful stress of having sex.

5. My partner and I must have an orgasm at the same time

This must be a direct consequence of the above two myths. Indeed, many movie scenes that depict simultaneous orgasm involve a man and a woman having sex and not only peaking at the same time but both doing so by penile penetration.

While this is false because most women do not only peek at penetration, it is also false because of the caution that simultaneous orgasms would entail. In particular, to achieve this mythical goal, both partners should be more attuned to each other’s impending orgasm than to their own.

However, the exact opposite is required for orgasm – that is, you need to be careful to stay fully tuned to your own senses of pleasure. In short, giving up this must allow couples to take turns giving each other pleasure, a technique often recommended by sex therapists.

These are just five must-haves that can hurt your sex life. There are countless other reasons, including the idea that masturbation is harmful and / or only to unmarried people, while we know scientifically that they are physically, sexually and emotionally healthy and that people who masturbate have more, not less, sex with partners. Masturbation is a healthy form of sexuality – it’s not a must.


The best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina to enjoy the summer in Brazil

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Santa Catarina is a Summer Paradise!

The coast of Santa Catarina, Brazil, is a dream destination, no doubt about it! But finding the best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina can be quite challenging, especially in the summer. Without proper guidance, it’s easy to end up lost in a sea of options or overlook some of the most incredible finds.

With idyllic beaches, exuberant nature, beautiful and charismatic people, this south region is the perfect place to enjoy summer in Brazil. As a matter of fact, it’s also great in the winter, spring, autumn… Truth is that no matter the season, traveling to Santa Catarina is a wonder, and it gets even better with the right accommodation.

Whether you’re looking for a secluded cabin, an apartment in Itapema with a sea view, a big house to enjoy a trendy beach with friends, or if you don’t even know what you want yet… In this ultimate guide to the best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina, you are sure to find the perfect option for your Brazilian holiday.

Below you will find the best accommodation in Brazil for summer with links to Airbnb and also Some properties are available on both platforms, so you can compare the prices and book the one that suits you best.

Luxury Airbnbs in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Photo of a luxurious apartment for rent in Itapema. It's one of the best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina.
Can we stay here FOREVER?!

After staying home for so long, perhaps all you want on your next vacation is to treat yourself to some days in paradise. Disconnect and reconnect in an exquisite place, put your feet up and have a drink, while watching the ocean through the window, and having some deliciously fresh seafood. If this is your case, or if you are in a larger group, these elegant Airbnbs in Brazil will fit like a (fancy) glove!

Modern apartment with sea view 📍 Airbnb in Itapema, SC

💲 Book your stay from BRL 800/night, 2-night minimum.

Apartment with sea view in Itapema for rent. It's the perfect place to stay for the summer, one of our choices for the best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina.
With this view, it’s for sure one of the best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina!

Facing the lovely Praia Central you find this awesome apartment in Itapema – a city that has become a favorite destination of celebrities like Neymar. Fully equipped, with contemporary decor and lighting, it has 2 suites and space for up to 6 guests. Wonderful mixer showers, balcony with barbecue grill, Nespresso machine, retro video game, washer & dryer and water purifier are some of the extras.

Alvorada Mountain 📍 Airbnb in Praia Grande, SC

💲 Book your stay from BRL 575/night, 2-night minimum.

Despite its name (since praia translates to beach), Praia Grande is not located on the coast, but in the canyons of Santa Catarina. Still, this Airbnb can be a unique option to spend a romantic summer in the mountains near waterfalls. The super cute chalet is pet-friendly, has a jacuzzi and even a telescope. The hosts also offer balloon rides, quad bikes, hiking trails and horseback riding.

– Private beach – Duplex House 📍 Airbnbs in Governador Celso Ramos, SC

Private beach property 

– Unique exceptional private beach property 

💲 Book your stay from BRL 250 per night/guest, 2-night minimum.

In addition to a brilliant career (being CEO of Waterdiam), host Anthony owns three of Santa Catarina’s most coveted properties on Airbnb. With a privileged location in a natural park on the shores of a private beach, these houses certainly are an invitation to peaceful days in paradise. They accommodate 4 to 8 people.

– Feet in the sand!! 4 large suites 📍Airbnb in Mar Grosso, Laguna, SC

💲 Book your stay from BRL 1350/night, 2-night minimum.

Huge apartment (1 per floor!), with all the amenities, for up to 8 people. Located in a prime area of Laguna, it has superior finishing, balcony with barbecue and sea views.

Woman in a viewpoint in Florianópolis, Brazil. You can see the Lagoa da Conceição at the back. It's one of the best places to stay in Florianópolis.
Florianópolis is magical! 💚

The best Airbnbs in Florianópolis, Brazil

World famous “Floripa” doesn’t require big introductions. Santa Catarina capital city offers a unique mix of beach and urban vibes, harboring all attributes for an unforgettable trip. And of course there are several Airbnbs in Florianópolis that are spectacular, for all tastes and budgets.

If you traveling to Floripa, read our guide to an amazing day in Florianópolis.

– Cottage, 10-night minimum

– Floripa cabin, 10-night minimum

– Gaudi cabin, surrounded by nature, 7-night minimum

💲 Book your stay from BRL 60 per night/guest.

Artist Jaime’s cottage and cabins are architectural masterpieces. Fully integrated with nature, these accommodations overlook Praia Brava’s hill and the north of the Magic Island (how Florianópolis is also known). Both cabins are pet friendly.

– Couple Getaway Private Chalet 

Gothic House

💲 Book your stay from BRL 98/night, 2-night minimum.

Professional surfer Marco Polo rents these lovely chalets in Florianópolis amidst trees and natural vegetation. Comfort and peace at super affordable values. They are close to Praia Mole (a surfers’ favorite), Praia da Joaquina and Lagoa da Conceição.

– Wooden House in Vila Rosemary, best view!, 2-night minimum

– Rustic house in nature near the sea, 3-night minimum

💲 Book your stay from BRL 150/night (the rate increases up from the 3rd guest).

Vila Rosemary rustic houses are located in Barra da Lagoa. They have panoramic views of the beach and access to mountain trails. Inside, lovingly designed details complement the experience. Pets are allowed upon prior contact.

Stylish Loft with Stunning Lagoon/Sea View

💲 Book your stay from BRL 250/night, 3-night minimum.

An impressive loft surrounded by nature on the slope of Lagoa da Conceição. It’s in the Airbnb Plus program of accommodations recognized for their high quality. A haven decorated with a fabulous view to elevate any couple’s energy in the heart of the island.

– Pool-House at Casarão das Palmeiras 

– Enchanted Creek Forest Chalet

💲 Book your stay from BRL 400/night (rates increase up from the 3rd guest), 3-night minimum.

If you want to vacay very close to water, these accommodations from biologist Lérida can be a good idea. From the pool house to the chalet with jacuzzi, the properties are well located, in Canto dos Araçás and Lagoa da Conceição, surrounded by nature. Both allow pets.

– The BirdHouse in Mole 

💲 Book your stay from BRL 590/night.

This spacious and colorful home accommodates 4 people in a unique tropical paradise on the island. It has a deck for sunbathing and panoramic views. Considered by many guests a magical place, BirdHouse is located on a small hill in Lagoa da Conceição. It is a 5-minute walk from Praia Mole.

Photo of a tropical beach in Santa Catarina, Brazil. You can see the emerald green sea and the lush green vegetation by the beach.
Santa Catarina is a state full of natural wonders.

Airbnbs in Santa Catarina to go whale-watching

The southern coast of Santa Catarina has a roots vibe and is well known for its natural beauty – which includes the whale mothers that visit every year to enjoy this glorious nursery. Whale-watching takes place from July to November, but the charms of this region last all year. Naturally, there are lots of incredible Airbnbs to spend the summer there.

– Wonderful studio with air conditioning 📍 Airbnbs in Praia do Rosa, SC

– Beautiful and complete cabin with a/c

💲 Book your stay from BRL 150/night, 4-night minimum.

The ElCa couple has seven other B&Bs in Rosa, but this studio and cabin are especially cute and cozy. The cabin accommodates up to 4 guests, has a trampoline and a children’s playhouse on the property. The studio has an area with a barbecue and wood oven.

– Studio by the sea 📍 Airbnbs in Barra da Ibiraquera, Imbituba, SC

– Villa Sayuri 1 – Oceanfront

Casa Thai next to the beach

💲 Book your stay from BRL 200/night, 2-night minimum.

Mevlana Garden Inn studios and houses have the Responsible Tourism seal for cleaning practices. The selected options accommodate 2 to 8 people, with access to the beach and beautiful surroundings. In addition to being pet friendly, the Inn has a game room and offers kayaks/stand up, meditation, spa, bistro and pizzeria.

Ombak Bagus Surf Villa – Barra de Ibiraquera 📍 Airbnb in Imbituba, SC

💲 Book your stay from BRL 230/night (rate increases up from the 3rd guest), 2-night minimum.

Stylish bungalow comfortably equipped, with easy access to the beach. Mixer shower, electric fireplace, outdoor grill and hot tub complete the amenities. An overall feel good experience.

Cool House 📍 Airbnb in Imbituba, SC

💲 Book your stay from BRL 430/night (rate increases up from the 4th guest), 2-night minimum.

The name doesn’t do justice to this accommodation that is definitely one of the best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina for the summer. A sophisticated and creative architectural project, with breathtaking views. It is close to the Dunas da Ribanceira, the peaceful Ibiraquera and the popular Praia do Rosa. Accommodates up to 4 guests and allows animals. There is no TV, but from the window you can see whales!

– Studio Gea Front Sea – Barra da Ibiraquera 📍 Airbnb in Imbituba, SC

💲 Book your stay from BRL 500/night (rate increases up from the 3rd guest), 2-night minimum.

Glass windows with 360º view of the dunes, Ibiraquera’s lagoon and the sea (which you can see even from the bathtub!). Accommodates up to 3 guests and accepts pets. It has a private balcony and an outdoor patio with space for a fire pit and a path to the beach.

– Loft in a condominium with beautiful view of the Lagoon 📍 Airbnb in Garopaba, SC

💲 Book your stay from BRL 500/night, 2-night minimum.

A private loft in a gated community. It is located on the top of the mountain next to the Atlantic Forest, close to Praia da Silveira, Praia da Ferrugem and Garopaba. A tastefully equipped accommodation to live special moments with your loved one. The deck is perfect for watching the sunset.

– Glass house with beautiful view on Ferrugem Hill 📍 Airbnbs in Garopaba, SC

Pontal do Galo – House from above

💲 Book your stay from BRL 750/night, 2-night minimum.

The lawyer and photographer Heloísa rents two jaw-dropping properties in Praia da Ferrugem. With charming furniture, glass walls that let the natural light in, balconies with barbecue facilities and large decks with a cinematographic view of Lagoa da Encantada. The house upstairs also has a heated jacuzzi. Both accommodate 4 guests and allow animals.

Wonderful house facing the sea 📍 Airbnb in Garopaba, SC

💲 Book your stay from BRL 5500/night, 4-night minimum.

Accommodating up to 14 guests, Silveira Beach House is a mansion worthy of a magazine cover. It has an infinity pool, jacuzzi, gym, sauna, fireplace, wood stove, exclusive access to the beach and an organic garden. A high-level structure to live royal days in Brazil with friends and family.

Experience Santa Catarina, Brazil!

Photo of Itapema Beach, a hotspot for summer in Brazil. It's packed with hotels and good options for Airbnbs in Santa Catarina.
Itapema Beach is one of the famous spots for Summer in Brazil.

With so many amazing options to choose from, it’s hard to resist that voice telling you to pack your bags and throw yourself to Santa Catarina beaches, right? Now that you know the best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina for the summer (or any time of the year really), you may decide your destination based on the accommodation that shook your heart the most. ❤️😎🏖️

We hope we have helped you to transform your Brazilian travel dream into your next holiday. And when you make your reservation, don’t forget to say that you got there thanks to Love and Road tips. If you loved this post or have any questions, leave a comment below. Bon Voyage!

For more tips on how to find and book the perfect place to stay for your next trip, have a look at our Accommodation Guide here.

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The ultimate guide to the best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina, Brazil. We listed the most beautiful, luxurious, and unique accommodation on Airbnb on the best beaches in Santa Catarina. This Southern Brazilian state is famous for its nature, great food, and European heritage, an exciting destination still unknown from mass tourism.

Maria Carolina and Leonardo Gonçalves, authors of this article about the best Airbnbs in Santa Catarina for summer in Brazil.

Authors: Maria and Leo

Passionate about traveling, gastronomy, the universe and arts, when not dreaming of the next destination or binge-watching a show, Maria and Leo are multitasking between projects, among which Minuto da Terra stands out. They love to share their experiences and recommendations, as well as to meet people and new cultures. Born in Itajaí, the couple has lived and visited several cities in Santa Catarina, currently having Itapema as their home sweet home.

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I Had Sex in a London Telephone Booth

I swiped correct on Jake* a couple of weeks right after transferring to London for a study overseas trip. He was absolutely my style: a smidge taller than me, not searching for anything at all significant, and goofy plenty of to have a banana peel as his whatsApp profile picture.

Immediately after stalking him on Fb and seeing he experienced a Queen Elizabeth meme as his header and numerous group images with usual-seeking people, we determined to go to a wine bar afterwards that evening.

Jake and I satisfied at a practice stop so we could walk to the bar together. In man or woman, he reminded me of a British Adam Sandler. I was remarkably into it?

We talked about his profession (a starving comic), his type (any girl who likes him very first), and why he was on Tinder (to satisfy men and women, of study course). Talking to him designed me really feel like I was on an episode of Adore Island—and I beloved each and every second of it.

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Following two hours of banter, and loads and tons of wine, we remaining the bar and made a decision to wander close to the streets of London.

Suitable as we had been about to simply call it a night, Jake leaned over to kiss me. But because neither of us preferred it to stop there, we kissed once again, then once more, and suddenly we had been up versus a random brick setting up in an alleyway making out towards it. (So very hot. So, so hot.)

Then, with 1 hand keeping my body against the wall, he took his other hand and tugged on my pants, relocating his fingers down to my clitoris. I enable out a several moans amongst kisses.

Though I was wholly shed in the moment, I swiftly understood that we were being virtually in community wherever anyone could see us. And even while it was 2 a.m. and dim, I wasn’t about to get arrested for indecent publicity in a international nation.

“Should we go someplace extra personal?” I questioned Jake.

With a smirk on his experience, and his hand still in my underwear, he suggested we go into a cellphone booth. Like, just one of these legendary London telephone booths.

Now I know what you happen to be pondering, and certainly, they are rather filthy, they’re really smelly, and they certainly were not made for two people today to fuck in. But mainly because I had never had community sexual intercourse before, and realizing how horny it made me, all of a sudden I was running with him to the closest telephone booth. (When in London, am I ideal?)

I walked into the mobile phone booth 1st and Jake adopted closely guiding. We continued our intense make out, and he instantly pulled down both equally of our trousers. I went to jack him off as he began fingering me, although our kissing only acquired sloppier.

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“Soon after we obtained a rhythm heading, Jake leaned down and kissed my neck, sending shivers down my backbone.”

Jake managed to get a handful of good thrusts in even though I held my leg up against the wall, but it was impossible to keep the place, so I ended up turning around.

I set each my fingers on the windows and arched my back again as considerably as I could so he could enter me from behind. And just after we bought a rhythm going, Jake leaned down and kissed my neck, sending shivers down my spine.

His fingers roamed my entire body, all when telling me how captivating I appeared. He saved stating items like, “you like that?” and “tell me what you want,” and TBH, I really don’t even feel I reported something in return because his accent alone was more than enough to maintain me turned on.

Just after a gradual, past several pumps, Jake pulled out and completed into the condom. He turned me all-around and grabbed me by the midsection to pull me nearer to him and seductively kissed me.

Once we put our garments back on, we walked back to the practice station jointly and claimed our goodbyes. When we parted approaches, I understood I would by no means see him again—and while that was flawlessly high-quality by me, the sexual intercourse still life in my intellect lease-free of charge, child.

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Tofino to Ucluelet by Bike Via a New Multi-Use Trail

One of the best things that has happened to the Tofino – Ucluelet corridor in years, at least in my opinion, is the building of a new 25 km multi-use trail called ʔapsčiik t̓ašii (pronounced: ups-cheek ta-shee and meaning going in the right direction on the trail) through Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

The trail in the park is bookended by a multi-use trail in Tofino along with another multi-use trail in Ucluelet, providing an almost seamless 76-kilometre return bike ride. What is missing right now is a short stretch of trail near the intersection of Highway 4 on Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District lands. There are also a few kilometres in the park that are still under construction so in the short term you need to cycle on the road – but the trail will be formally finished sometime in spring 2022.

Years ago, I cycled from Tofino to Ucluelet by bike to celebrate a birthday. Tofino wasn’t as busy at that time, so I didn’t feel unsafe biking on the highway. But in the 14 years since I did that bike ride, the highway traffic has increased to the point that it just isn’t a lot of fun biking the road.

Not only does the trail provide a family-friendly safe alternative, but it’s also a beautiful one as it weaves through temperate rain forest, on boardwalks over second-growth bogs and past some of the most beautiful beaches in Canada.

A section along the Tofino multi-use pathway

This post includes some affiliate links. If you make a qualifying purchase through one of these links, I will receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

ʔapsčiik t̓ašii – a cultural and environmentally sensitive trail

The idea of a trail linking Tofino and Ucluelet has been discussed for years by locals, visitors, and First Nation communities alike. After consultation with stakeholders including the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation and Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ First Nation, construction began in 2018 and will be completed in spring 2022. The trail has been designed to be both environmentally and culturally respectful. 

For example, an Elders Working Group chosen by The First Nations offered crucial project guidance. According to National Parks Traveler, not only did this group select the trail’s name but “it has already blessed the path site, determined a route that doesn’t disturb culturally sensitive sites, and identified opportunities for economic benefits for First Nations.”

When it came to the environment, issues around sensitive salmon habitat was fully considered and planning and timing of the work was integrated into the building of the trail. What I hadn’t appreciated while I was biking the trail was that there are amphibian trails under the highway to help species like northern red-legged frogs that breed in the bogs. Those are just two of many environmental concerns that the trail designers and builders have taken into consideration.

Tofino to Ucluelet by bike – our experience

John and I cycled on a late September weekday from the Tofino Bike Company building where we picked up rental bikes (located in the complex with Tacofino, Live to Surf and Tofitian on the Pacific Rim Highway near Mackenzie Beach) to Zoë’s Bakery Cafe in downtown Ucluelet. 

We were in no rush, so we stopped often to take photos and explore some of the interesting spots like accessible sections of Long Beach along the route. We happened to time our ride to coincide with the snow geese migration – so we made lots of stops to listen to their honking and watch them go by. Along the way we met a helpful Parks Canada employee who told us that cackling geese and white-fronted geese were also on the move. Craning our necks, it was hard to tell the difference between them all.

A map of the route with some of the highlights
A map of the route with some of the highlights

The multi-use trail out of Tofino sticks to the left-hand side of the highway as you head for Ucluelet. It’s bumpier than the new trail because roots of nearby trees are causing the pavement to buckle.

In fact, just 2 km shy of the bike shop I crashed at the end of the day – something I rarely do. I hit a wet raised area at speed and next thing I knew I was in the ditch – with the biggest bruise of my life and a cracked rib. Oh well – it will teach me to slow down under less-than-optimal conditions. 

Slow down at these gates as they can be a bit tricky to get through if you're moving quickly
These gates as they can be a bit tricky to get through if you’re moving quickly so slow down
On Tofino's multi-use trail there are signs naming the salmon creeks
On Tofino’s multi-use trail there are signs naming the salmon creeks

Eventually you end up crossing Highway 4 onto the 3.5 m wide ʔapsčiik t̓ašii trail. It is beautifully built with lots of curves to keep you interested in what lies around the next corner though I’m not sure that was intentional or it was simply being environmentally sensitive. The boardwalk sections are covered with a metal mesh that is good for traction – whether on foot or bike. And there’s plenty to see along the route – from beach stops to rainforest hikes. 

We stopped at two places 16-km long, Long Beach and the Ancient Cedars Loop Trail in Ucluelet. Other stops we didn’t have time for include the Canso plane crash site where the wreckage of a WWII bomber is visible, the Kwisitis Visitor Centre located at the south end of Wickaninnish Beach and the Rainforest Trail in Pacific Rim National Park.

John biking towards Long Beach in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve
John biking towards Long Beach in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve
Lovely biking on well-designed boardwalks over sensitive bogs
Lovely biking on well-designed boardwalks over sensitive bogs
Morning light on the bike trail
Morning light on the multi-use trail
We had less than 5 minutes of rain on a day with a rainy forecast
We had less than 5 minutes of rain on a day with a rainy forecast
One of the massive trees we saw along the trail
One of the massive trees we saw along the trail
Skinny trees on either side of the trail
Mostly skinny trees on either side of this section of trail

Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park

Pacific Rim National Park came into being in 1970. The Park is famous for sections of temperate rainforest interspersed with beautiful beaches on wild sections of the Pacific Ocean. Parts of the park have an otherworldly feel to them, partially on account of swirling fog and the combination of monster big trees and crazy big waves.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy the park. But if you’re traveling by bike, I do recommend getting off and exploring at least a couple of the beach areas that are easily accessible from the multi-use trail. They are all well marked.

We stopped at Long Beach at two different locations, on the way to and from Ucluelet. On the way there, I left John with my bike and headed off on foot to explore a giant rock with a view. A plaque on the rock told the story of the two types of whales you’re likely to see – the Pacific Gray whale, weighing in at 40 tons, that feeds on the sandy bottom and killer whales, often seen as part of a pod.

This spot on Long Beach is easy to access from the bike trail
This spot on Long Beach is easy to access from the trail
Moody views from the rock on Long Beach
Moody views from the rock on Long Beach
Beautiful Long Beach in Pacific Rim National Park
Beautiful Long Beach in Pacific Rim National Park
We were biking bystanders on Long Beach as we couldn't ruin the gearing with sand
We were biking bystanders on Long Beach as we couldn’t ruin the gearing with sand; you can rent beach cruisers and cycle on hard-packed sand

After you finish cycling through Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, it’s roughly 8 km to get into Ucluelet from the Highway 4 intersection. The trail into town is surprisingly hilly so be prepared for more of a workout than anywhere else on the bike ride. When you get close to town, be mindful of cars as there isn’t any barrier between the trail and the road. Reach the Ancient Cedars Loop Trail on the outskirts of Ucluelet.

Ancient Cedars Loop Trail

It’s worth the 15 minutes or so that it takes to hike the Ancient Cedars Loop. Add 5 – 10 minutes to the loop and hike down on the Wild Pacific Trail to see the crashing waves. It was called an EXTREME wave day when we did this hike and what a thrill it was. Sets of massive waves roared in and then crashed onto the beach.

There are some dandy big cedar trees on the hike too – so lock up your bike and be sure to do this quick side trip.

Beautiful easy walking on the Ancient Cedars Trail
Beautiful easy walking on the Ancient Cedars Trail
Don't forget to look up
Don’t forget to look up
Awe-struck again by giant trees
Awe-struck again by giant trees
Watching the waves roll in from the vantage point of the Wild Pacific Trail
Watching the waves roll in from the vantage point of the Wild Pacific Trail

Where to eat

If you started in Tofino and have made it to the end of ʔapsčiik t̓ašii, then you might be getting hungry. For those of you comfortable cycling the shoulder of a highway for a short distance (about a kilometre), keep going towards Ucluelet. At the intersection with Highway 4 where the highway takes off to Port Alberni there is a food truck serving sandwiches and UkeePoke – serving from what I understand fantastic poke. You can’t miss either of them.

If you can hang on, there is lots of choice once you reach Ucluelet – but you will have to climb some hills to earn your lunch. Snag a picnic table at Zoë’s Bakery Cafe and dig into one of their soups or sandwiches. Baked goods are excellent too.

Once you’re back in the Tofino area there are loads of restaurants and cafes. Tacofino, a stone’s throw from where you drop your rental bike, is one of your best bets.

UkeePoke is housed in this building
UkeePoke is housed in this building
The colourful food truck will grab your attention
The colourful food truck will grab your attention
Count on a line-up at Tacofino
Count on a line-up at Tacofino in Tofino

Where to rent a bike in Tofino

We were provided with two complimentary bikes from the Tofino Bike Company, located just off Tofino’s multi-use trail. (Thank you.) Rentals come with a lock, helmet, and map. Rates are in the order of $35 per half day and $45 per full day. They do not rent e-bikes, but you can rent one in town from Tofino Electric Bikes.

The Tofino Bike Company rents all types of bikes from cruisers to geared bikes and accessories like surf racks, and chariots
The Tofino Bike Company rents all types of bikes from cruisers to geared bikes and accessories like surf racks, and chariots

Getting to Tofino

If you don’t live on Vancouver Island, you’ll need to take one of the BC Ferries to Departure Bay or Duke Point in Nanaimo, Swartz Bay in Victoria, Port Hardy or Comox depending on where on the mainland you’re starting from. The drive from Nanaimo to Tofino is normally three-hours long via Highway 19 North and Highway 4.

However, there is a major construction project at Kennedy Hill that closes the road every day from 5 AM – 7AM and 11 AM – 3 PM Monday to Friday. Even at that, it’s only one lane so it can be slow going. Plan accordingly and check Drive BC for updates.

You can also fly to Tofino from Vancouver.

On the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay in Nanaimo
On the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay in Nanaimo

A few things that might come in handy for your bike ride

In this part of the world, it can rain A LOT, though summers can be amazing. Still if you don’t want to be stopped by the rain, it would be a good idea to dress for it.

Being the fashion queen that I am, I would recommend a hotel shower helmet on top of your bike helmet if it starts to rain. You can also buy one like this that would make you look a little sportier.

Long fingered bike gloves could come in handy on cool days.

Carry a few layers. I love arm warmers and leg warmers that are easy to slip off and on. If you stop at Long Beach for any length of time you’ll probably also want a raincoat or wind breaker.

For more information and to keep current on the trail status visit the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve website.

Such beautiful biking on ʔapsčiik t̓ašii
Such beautiful biking on ʔapsčiik t̓ašii

Further reading on things to do on Vancouver Island

Click on the photo to bookmark to your Pinterest boards.

Cycling Tofino to Ucluelet on a new 25 km multi-use trail through Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island

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Traveling with a Laptop – All you need to know in an easy and practical guide

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Traveling with a laptop is handy and also easy 😉

Laptops enable us to perform and connect regardless of our site, so they are the best vacation companions. If you have never traveled with a laptop, rest confident it is a lot easier than you believe. Taking a notebook for vacation usually takes a minor bit of preparing, but you will get to acquire your beloved gadget together with you with out any issues. Here is every thing you want to know about traveling with a laptop computer:

Strengths and drawbacks of touring with a laptop on a position

Most of us feel that a smartphone can do the exact same task as a laptop, but which is not automatically correct. It all is dependent on what type of journey you are finding you into. Let us study some pros and downsides:

Benefits of touring with a laptop computer

  • Individuals who do the job when touring need to have a notebook. A computer is way additional impressive than a smartphone, the screen is bigger, and end users can be additional productive.
  • Laptops are not cumbersome as they employed to be, and you can quickly have them all around. If you are worried about the fat of your baggage, a solitary laptop will not make a considerable big difference.
  • Backpackers often guide flights and accommodation on the go, and laptops offer a improved user working experience when filling out distinct types.
  • You can use a notebook for leisure, specially in the course of lengthy bus rides or flights. Or binge Netflix displays inside a resort place if the temperature is bad.

Negatives of touring with a laptop computer

  • Going by way of an airport with a notebook could be a bit aggravating when not ready for it. You have to get it out of your laptop computer vacation bag, along with a charger, and let it be examined. 
  • When touring to a perilous metropolis or region, depart most of your valuables at property. If you have to take your notebook with you, the resort space really should have a risk-free or a locker.
A woman going up the stairs in an airport link station in Bangkok. She is carrying all her stuff and a laptop in a carry-on suitcase.
Carrying all my things and my laptop computer in have-on luggage.

Boarding a airplane with a laptop

We usually hear the query: Can you bring a notebook on a plane? There is no purpose why you should not acquire your laptop computer with you on a plane and use it on a aircraft. However, you have to stick to the principles through the safety processes. There are two strategies of using a laptop inside of a airplane – check out-in baggage and have-on luggage.

But are laptops permitted in checked baggage? Yes, but most vacationers pack their laptops in a backpack since it is safer over-all. Check out-in baggage is not dealt with carefully, and your unit could get weakened through transportation. The suitcases are typically thrown all-around by the airport officers considering that they really do not know what is inside of.

Occasionally you have to pack your notebook in checked baggage, and that is okay. Just make positive it is well padded from all sides. Use a display protector and a sleeve initial. Your laptop should really be in the center of a suitcase, surrounded by as many dresses as attainable. Put smooth merchandise all around to avert scratches.

The security course of action for check-in baggage could be inconvenient because you need to have to choose all your digital units out or a suitcase. At the time you get rid of all the padding, test if the laptop computer is off, place it on a tray, and go on the treatment as standard.

Bear in mind to continue to keep an eye on your laptop computer throughout the scan. Theft is not unusual right here, even though there is loads of stability all around. Of program, you ought to get all the padding back as soon as the scan is total, which is not fun to do in an airport.

Photo of an open backpack showing the compartment for carrying the laptop. It's a carry-on backpack for laptops.
Obtaining a fantastic notebook vacation bag is essential.

Having your laptop in carry-on baggage is a way safer selection, but how to carry a laptop properly? 

All you have to have is a very well-padded backpack created for laptops. These generally have compartments for numerous other items and gadgets this sort of as electrical power financial institutions, headphones, wallets, etc. Listed here is a review of our favored carry-on backpack that has a pc compartment. If you are seeking for some thing smaller, have a glimpse at Rob’s daypack for travel that matches a laptop properly.

Investing in a higher-top quality laptop backpack is an fantastic thought if you tend to be on the transfer. Stay clear of using a laptop computer sleeve only since it will not thoroughly secure your laptop or computer in transport. A further possibility is to get a laptop computer touring scenario.

Carry-on luggage does not call for a lengthy safety procedure in advance of boarding a plane. The officials will weigh your bag, dependent on the airline and their regulations. It is crucial to observe that you can consider a number of laptops with you when touring domestically. The exact same goes for intercontinental flights as prolonged as the laptops are for particular use.

A woman is using a laptop at the airport. She is using the airport wifi to connect to the internet to work online. This is one of the advantages of traveling with a laptop.
Whilst traveling continue to keep an eye on your things and generally use a harmless world wide web connection.

How to use your laptop computer in an airport or a airplane

Airports typically have open up Wi-Fi networks that are hassle-free but also unsecured. Cybercriminals know travelers use Wi-Fi, and not absolutely everyone has solid security. Down load VPN for Mac or Personal computer before you connect to airport Wi-Fi.  

Traveling with a notebook also needs some awareness. Once you board a plane, place your notebook backpack on the ground, around your ft. Stay away from overhead compartments due to the fact they can fly open if your flight is a bit bumpy. Really don’t pull out your laptop as soon as you sit down. Alternatively, wait for the formal announcement. The pilot will remind you to switch to airplane manner.

If you want to do some do the job during a flight, scoring a seat upcoming to the window is the finest option. You will be able to defend your laptop display from the sun when needed. Also, think about acquiring a privacy display screen cover.

Applying the internet while abroad

Really don’t forget about cybersecurity after you arrive at your place. Considering that you will be using general public Wi-Fi in your hotel, places to eat, and cafes, try to remember that these connections are notoriously unsafe. Use your VPN for Mac or Computer system routinely.

VPN for Mac or Laptop will encrypt your relationship and make facts you send out or get impossible to crack by a 3rd particular person. This application is a travel necessary that could let you entry to geo-blocked sites much too.

Vacationers who want an online relationship all working day extended will reward from a system called pocket Wi-Fi, examine our evaluation about Tep Pocket Wifi in this article (we have been employing it for decades). It is a compact modem you can carry all over with you. Feel of it as a lesser variation of your home router. Pocket Wi-Fi does not have an tremendous vary, but you will be capable to hook up your laptop computer and other gadgets you have with you.

A woman working on a laptop from a café in Brazil. She can do so because she brought her laptop on a plane with her.
When you journey with a laptop computer you can do the job and perform from all over the place.

Items to keep in mind when traveling with a notebook

The sockets are not the similar all all-around the environment. Just before you embark on your journey abroad, make investments in a common adapter to make positive your battery is comprehensive all the time. The adapter really should also have security against power surges. For occasion, South East Asia is regarded for electrical power issues, and you do not want to harm your laptop for the duration of a journey.

Touring with a laptop could be risky simply because it could get stolen or misplaced in transportation. You could invest in a new laptop or computer when you get property, but you will eliminate all the facts. Backups can enable out with that. Preserve all your information on an external really hard travel or cloud storage of your selection. And try to remember to established up a password on your laptop as effectively.

At last, having travel insurance policy could make your excursion extra satisfying. Of system, it is not obligatory, and it is up to you to make this decision. The insurance policy addresses nearly anything that gets shed or weakened though touring, which include your electronic equipment. 

So our last piece of guidance is to examine our Journey Insurance Tutorial. We assess insurance policies for long-expression travelers, but you can use the exact ideas and recommendations to get your travel insurance for days, months, or months. The important factor is to maintain you and your valuables secure.

Now that you know that you can convey your laptop on a airplane, go forward and plan your following adventure.

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